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Rounding the Horn in Winter - World Cruising News

Leaving in Autumn - Is Tony crazy?   .
Today's the day that Blackwattle crosses the Panama Canal. Maybe as you are reading this a very nervous crew, augmented by several extra line handlers and an ''Adviser'' from the Canal Authority, will be in one of those giant concrete prisons called locks, dwarfed by a ship just metres away, with tons of water pouring in and boiling the surface beneath us. I don't want to think about it – a storm in an open ocean would be far preferable.

A virtual riot of news this week.

Tony Bullimore sets off from remote Tasmania on Sunday – Autumn - to break Dame Ellen MacArthur's solo record of 71plus days non-stop round the world. Sail-World asks if he's crazy or super clever. He's certainly confident - he's only taken 70 days worth of food!

We regret the commercial (only commercial remember) demise of Sir Chay Blyth and wonder whatever happened to the other entrants in that very first round-world solo race in 1968.

Lots of practical news and info too – security solutions for cruisers, the viewing bucket, an article about Windguru, some new Ronstan block systems, and if you don't know about Line 7, read why you should!

There's sailing holiday news about Croatia and New Caledonia, and the incredible growing popularity of catamarans on the world cruising scene. Finally if you think you can take a mean sailing photo, think of entering a 2007 competition!

Read on, enjoy, and,,,

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

Bullimore – Crazy? or Ahead of the Crowd?
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sunday is the Day! Tony Bullimore is on ''orange alert'' to leave Hobart this Sunday to break the existing non-stop solo round the world record, currently held by Dame Ellen MacArthur at 71 days and some hours. But why so late?... [more]

Panama Canal - the Great Meeting Place
By Nancy Knudsen,
There’s a constant buzz in the air in this huge harbour on the eastern side of the Panama Canal - the grand meeting place of everything from giant container ships to tiny sailing boats. Unless you are prepared to round Cape Horn the ‘wrong way’ against the wind and currents, then there’s no escape – transit the Panama Canal you must!... [more]

New Gulets for Croatia

The number of Turkish gulets heading north to Croatia is increasing with some brand new vessels recently delivered. Gulets are a great way to cruise with the ability to accommodate up to 6 couples in great comfort. Many of our Charter World clients have found they are willing to trade the sailing thrill for the extra room and comfort... [more]

New Caledonia - by cabin or berth
By Media Services,
The mainland of New Caledonia is approximately 400 kilometres long and a coral reef (second only in size to our own reef) encircles the whole mainland. Said to be the largest lagoon in the world, it includes some of the best tropical anchorages in the world. The mountainous wooded coastline of the mainland contrasts with the idyllic Isle of Pines, an enormous outcrop of coral almost completely made of limestone.... [more]

Knox-Johnston and Blyth's Madmen-Where are they?
By Des Ryan,
The sad news that Sir Chay Blyth's Challenge Business couldn't get a buyer at any price, and will now be sold off by the liquidator is in start contrast to the great news that his old competitor Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, is well on the way to finishing another round-world solo race as I write.... [more]

Security Solutions for the Cruising Sailor
By Sail-World Cruising,
Cruisers who travel far from home can sometimes feel very vulnerable in strange surroundings with questionable security. Prevention is always better than cure, and the problem of security is one that concerns yachties in many corners of the world.... [more]

Announcement: 2007 Photographic Competition
The 1st Annual Photographic Competition is now officially open. We are now accepting entries on-line of your best ‘Yachting’ photographs... [more]

Line 7 Marine to Launch New Line
By Helen Hopcroft,
Off shore sailing is like sitting on an out of control mechanical hobby horse, wearing a garbage bag, while some bastard regularly throws buckets of water at your head. That’s why you need decent wet weather gear. Even if you scrimp on everything else, good protection from the weather is essential. A cold, wet sailor is miserable company and a poor decision maker. S/he is simultaneously sad and dangerous. This is not a great combination.... [more]

Great Weather Information

A large part of a holiday afloat is the weather, and while not always predictable we find ‘Windguru’ a great tool to research areas. Just plug in your set of dates and area and you can archive several years of data including rainfall, cloud cover, wind speed and direction as well as temperatures on a three hour basis each day.... [more]

America 'sCup shock as lawyers stop sailing
By Breaking news - courtesy Scuttlebutt Europe,
In a development that Michael Bonnefus called 'devastating', the descendants of King James I of Aragon (1208-1276) have obtained a restraining order on America's Cup management and the city of Valencia, preventing any 'commercial use of waters' claimed by the Montpellier family. That includes the entire sailing area for Act 13, the Louis Vuitton Cup, and the America's Cup.... [more]

Catamarans Surge in Popularity
By Sail-World Cruising,
They used to be a rare sight on any waterway or ocean, but the day of the catamaran is fast approaching, as both sailors and manufacturers adopt the multi-hull as a smart way to go for the cruising sailor.... [more]

Ronstan announces new Orbit Block™ systems
By Kylie Wilson,
Ronstan’s revolutionary lightweight Orbit Block™ systems are the new force in hardware technology that is giving the winning edge to the heavyweights of the sailing world.... [more]

German Hanse Buys UK’s Moody
By IBI News/Sail-World Cruising,
If you sail on a Hanse yacht, you’ve just found yourself a new step-brother by the name of Moody. Germany's HanseYachts has revealed that it has purchased Britain’s Moody brand from the UK's Premier Marinas for an undisclosed sum.... [more]

This Week’s Great Little Boating Idea: The Viewing Bucket
By Sail-World Cruising,
The weather’s too cold, maybe there are too many crocodiles, or you just don’t like swimming. With the viewing bucket, you can check your anchor, see the integrity of your mooring buoy, watch the fish - or search for your lost boat keys –it costs almost nothing and stows to almost nothing.... [more]

The Pirates of the Hauraki Gulf!
By Jane Pares, International Marine Brokers,
Just when you thought it was safe to go sailing on the Gulf, thirty 'pirate ships' converged on Kawau Island at the weekend, swashbuckling their way to the annual Bavaria Yacht regatta. The conditions were perfect with a steady 18 - 25 knots from the ENE, blue sky and fluffy white clouds.... [more]

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