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Bob Wonders


Gold Coast Marine Precinct – Marine Showpiece
By Bob Wonders,
Coomera, at the northern end of the bustling Queensland Gold Coast, could rightly be termed the ‘beating heart’ of the Australian marine industry. Here, on a massive 250 hectare parcel of land set aside by the Queensland Government, more than 400 marine businesses operate and employ in excess of 3900 personnel.... [more]

Australia's Trask Brothers set for more F1 success
By Philippe Stiernon,
One of the big questions going into the 2007 U.I.M. F1 World Championship tour is if the Australian XPV Racing Team was a 'one year wonder' in 2006, or whether they are for real and ready to take it to another level and become real players for the battle in this season’s championship?... [more]

Earthrace heading for San Diego
New Zealander Pete Bethune and his crew aboard the bio-diesel powered Earthrace trimaran reached Acapulco Mexico a few hours ago, after a second round of boat repairs. She is now en route to San Diego.... [more]

Harbour ferry hits powerboat
By Bernard Lagan,
It began as an after-dinner cruise aboard a 10 metre powerboat to view the actor Russell Crowe’s waterfront apartment.... [more]

2007 Sydney International Boat show a must
Preparations are underway for the running of the 2007 Sydney International Boat show. Domenic Genua, the events marketing manager says, ' Early indications are that we will fill the halls and surpass last years record of 305 vessels on the marina. Being our 40th birthday, we are working to make sue that this event is one to remember.'... [more]

Water Police are flying
By Bob Maxwell,
The Water Police RIB pictured here, is based in Rosslyn Bay, eight kilometres from Yeppoon on the central Queensland Coast. It covers an area from the Keppel Group 180 nautical miles north up to the Percy Islands on the Great Barrier Reef.... [more]

Australian Marine Industry Report important tool
By Bob Wonders,
The first volume of the Australian Marine Industry Report (AMIR) was release a few months ago and it has had a very enthusiastic reception from marine industry. Liam Daly from Nautical Media Partners talked about the report to this week.... [more]

Earthrace team head for Acapulco
By Bob Maxwell,
New Zealand skipper Pete Bethune and his crew found innocent of any charges have left Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala after a fatal collision involving their Earthrace biodiesel-powered vessel and a fishing boat. The radical wave piercing trimaran was 14 nautical miles off the coast heading north on their round the world race record attempt when the incident occurred.... [more]

Steber selects Yanmar Marine Diesels
It’s highly significant therefore that Alan Steber selected a pair of Yanmar 6LY3-STP marine diesel engines to power Steber’s 60th anniversary new release model, the Steber 3800 Sportsfisherman.... [more]

Australian Offshore Powerboat Round 2 Images
By Bob Maxwell,
Round Three of the Australian Offshore Powerboat series will be raced on April 21/22 in Newcastle.... [more]

Stowage and the Vacuum Machine
By Nancy Knudsen,
Whether you want to stow a spare motor, the lamb chops or keep the weevils out of your cereal, the Cryovac or Vacuum Pack Machine is a brilliant way to guard against the intrusion of salt air or bugs both visible and invisible.... [more]

Cartagena the Unexpected
By Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising info picked up in the Mediterranean says ‘Don’t go to the mainland of Venezuela – it’s too dangerous. Even the islands are getting dangerous.’ The further idea of going to Colombia was seen to be an outrageous and irresponsible one for the Sundowner Set in the anchorages of Greece and Spain.... [more]

Top Boat Names of 2006 - Is Yours There?
By Sail-World Cruising,
BoatU.S., the United States' largest recreational boat owners association, announced today its '2006 Top Ten List of Most Popular Boat Names.' None of the bad news that made national headlines during the year seemed to prevent recreational boaters from selecting 'feel-good' names for their vessels.... [more]

Teenager found clinging to capsized dinghy
By Powerboat-world,
A 15 year old boy who went missing from a commercial fishing vessel in north Queensland overnight has been found hanging on to the side of a capsized dinghy, 10 nautical miles away.... [more]

Earthrace skipper under guard but family settles
By Earthrace's Peter Bethune,
Earthrace skipper Peter Bethune reports that the families of the Guatemalan fishermen, one of whom was killed and another severely injured after a collision with the powered trimaran have accepted an insurance pay out.... [more]

Superboat Series set to rocket in 2007
By f1boat media,
Whilst the series was ready for the traditional Taree opener in January, it seems some of the teams were caught snoozing after a shortened Christmas break. They are now prepared and eager for the season launch at Lake Budgewoi over the weekend of 14th – 15th April.... [more]

Getting your Club news to a wider audience
By Bob Wonders,
Once upon a time, most boaters read the latest boating news in boating magazines. Not any more, boaters are on-line and onl-ine there are no space restrictions, no printing costs, no delays, so we can run you’re news NOW.... [more] names Founding Editor
By Al Constable,
Bob Wonders, one of Australia's best-known boating journalists, has been appointed founding editor of, the new marine news site, launched by TetraMedia, who run the highly successful site... [more]

Hobart Tours with 750 hp Wild Thing
By Media Services,
Sedate Hobart, the capital city steeped in tradition and tales of sea faring mariners is one of the last places that tourists could expect to find 750hp of Yamaha four stroke power, bolted to the transom of a tour boat.... [more]

F1 Powerboat Championship takes unexpected turn
By Event media,
The Cacadu F1 Powerboat Grand Prix, round 6 of the 2006/07 F1 Powerboat series set in the thrilling Port Alfred Marina, saw a number of highly unexpected spanners thrown into the championship points log mix.... [more]

D'Albora will add 178 Berths to Docklands
By Special services media,
Located in the heart of Melbourne Australia, Victoria Harbour is the latest marina complex to be built in Melbourne’s world renowned Docklands. One of five different marina projects in the area, Victoria Harbour was quoted by Mark Haycox, urban designer for the government authority VicUrban, as being the 'the best so far.' The new marina at Victoria Harbour was designed and constructed by Bellingham Marine Australia, Pty Ltd. and features the company’s patented Unifloat® pontoon system.... [more]

Bugs on Boats – the Seven Quick Rules:
By Lisa Mylchreest,
'Shock horror! Not bugs on the boat again!' Anyone who has owned a boat has probably been through the difficult process of trying to rid the boat of bugs, once they are there. Of course, some bugs are worse than others.... [more]

Three weeks until China International Boat Show
By CIBS media,
About 200 domestic and 150 international companies will be taking part at Asia's largest trade show for the yachting industry, staged at Shanghai Exhibition Center, April 5th - 8th.... [more]

Boat Books staff waylaid by Oyster Shooter
By Helen Hopcroft,
Contrary to what you may think, a Tasmanian Oyster Shooter is not a crazed gunman with a pathological hatred of shell fish. It is something rather special. Four or so plump Tasmanian oysters in a chilled shot glass with a nip of vodka, tomato juice, a dash of Tabasco, cracked black pepper and sea salt, and a squeeze of fresh lemon.... [more]

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