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Diary Dates


Our cruising editor is having a G&T in late afternoon sun in the San Blas Islands right now.

But some of us are still working, this weekend is the Celebration of the Coathangers 75th.

A great report on the Lagoon 500 coming to Australia from Europe.

Nancy had a fun time in Columbia, make sure you read her stories and listen to her report.

The Sail-World Team

Cruising to Panama
By Sail-World,
Having sailed from Cartagena in Columbia, Nancy Knudsen, our Sail-World Cruising Editor and husband Ted Knobs are just a few days away from Panama, from where they will transit the Canal to the Pacific Ocean.... [more]

Why is it so peaceful in the San Blas Islands
By Nancy Knudsen,
A satellite phone report from the San Blas island group off the Panama Coast... [more]

Team Mowbray negotiates Patagonian Channels
By Team Mowbray,
the journey here continues. What else have we been up to of late? Negotiating the Patagonian Channels has been chock full of one great experience after another for all of us on board and a great learning process about this part of the world.... [more]

Hamilton Island Marina and Resort
By Helen Hopcroft,
As the weather gets colder, pictures of tropical islands look better and better. There’s something about a grey sky and office air conditioning that makes people long for sun, white sandy beaches and dazzlingly clear aqua water. As winter descends, the smell of sunscreen assumes strangely aphrodisiac qualities. There’s a good chance that Hamilton Island has everything you crave.... [more]

Across the Atlantic — Las Palmas to Antigua
By Irene Bates,
The Lagoon 500 Sailaway IV is on a delivery passage from France to Australia, Irene Bates and Maurie from Macquarie tell of their transatlantic passage.... [more]

Sail-World's Blackwattle-Cartagena the Unexpected
By Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising info picked up in the Mediterranean says ‘Don’t go to the mainland of Venezuela – it’s too dangerous. Even the islands are getting dangerous.’ The further idea of going to Colombia was seen to be an outrageous and irresponsible one for the Sundowner Set in the anchorages of Greece and Spain.... [more]

Sydney Harbour Bridge's 75th Anniversary 18 March
Sunday March 18 2007 is a going to be a huge day in Sydney's calendar! Join this historic celebration! Get family and friends together, dress your boat and take it out on the Harbour. Toot your horn to signal the start of the day's celebrations - watch for the tiger moths fly over.... [more]

Team Mowbray enjoys scenery and local hospitality
By Team Mowbray,
Well here we are anchored in another magnificent anchorage. We are deeply embedded within another incredible fjord about 4 miles from the entrance and surrounded by such natural beauty that neither words nor photos would do it justice.... [more]

Colourful Wooden Boat Festival at Geelong
By Teri Dodds,
The Wooden Boat Festival ended on Sunday with more than 60 colourful, historical and lovingly restored wooden boats assembled at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club's Marina for all to see. Craft took part in the two passage races on Saturday starting from Melbourne and Portarlington and the major viewing day on Sunday.... [more]

Amphibious Dinghy a Winner for Sailors
By Des Ryan,
If you just can’t DO with the hassle of driving your car to the shore, then launching your dinghy to get to your boat – or some version of that – you could think of a Sealegs amphibious boat as a solution. Imagine leaving home and driving straight to the stern of your anchored or moored sailing boat!... [more]

Celebrate 237th anniversary of Cook’s landing
By Shirani Aththas,
Sunday 29 April this year marks the 237th anniversary of the day Lt. James Cook and his men first stepped on Australian soil… and the National Maritime Museum is offering an adventurous opportunity to mark this significant moment in Australian history.... [more]

Distressed Solo Sailor Won't Leave Yacht
By Sail-World/Radio New Zealand,
It was interesting to note that New Zealand authorities will NOT be charging the cost of a rescue mission to a lone sailor who called for help when he had food poisoning. Some sailors and many landlubbers have long called for rescues to be charged back to those who hit the distress button. The other interesting aspect to the story is that, as the yacht wasn’t sinking, the good seaman refused to get off. Read on..... [more]

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