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Carnival Fever Grips Trinidad

Costume makers are working seven days a week, nights as well.   .
On Blackwattle we’re just about to leave Trinidad, where the preparation for the annual Carnival(19-20 February) has the island already gripped in a high fever of excitement. Seven days and nights a week steel bands are practising and the costume factories are buzzing. A pity not to stay, but Panama calls!

We are following the delivery of the cruising catamaran Sailaway IN from France to the southern hemisphere. Now she's on her way to Lisbon.

The mystery of the greatly publicised disappearance of famed San Francisco computer scientist Jim Gray, while on a day sailing trip, has stumped searchers family and friends alike - and after another crewman has lost his life in the English Channel because of a keel which fell off, we ask some pertinent questions.

Yet another disappearance, that of Englishman Donald Crowhurst while in the first round world solo race more than 40 years ago, has dominated headlines off and on ever since, and been the subject of several books and a movie. But now, finally, son Simon Crowhurst tells his own inside story.

There’s the unlikely news of some Africans who tried to sail 6,000 miles to New York on a catamaran, story of ‘pirate’ practice in the Bay of Bengal, the next episode of our Lagoon cat heading across the Atlantic, and for the practical minded, a great piece of gear for preparing for a storm.

In the Caribbean, a discussion about the security issues, how the home of the ARC – St Lucia – is about to be transformed, and Blackwattle’s photo memories of the wonderful wonderful Windwards.

And just for fun...a rare picture from the Equator by a southern hemisphere cruising sailor.

Read on, enjoy, and…

Sail safe!

By Nancy Knudsen, Cruising Editor

The first 680 miles—from France to Lisbon
By Irene Bates - Crew,
.... [more]

Silver Spirit crosses the Equator
By Ken Gourlay,
Tasmanian sailor Ken Gourlay, is now half way through his solo circumnavigation aboard Silver Spirit. He reports on his crossing of the Equator from the North Atlantic.... [more]

Mystery of the Missing IT Scientist
By My Fox WGHP,
The Coast Guard searched the waters off San Francisco Northern California on Wednesday for an award-winning computer scientist missing since a weekend sailing trip to scatter his mother's ashes at sea.... [more]

Rating System for Boat Rentals Give you a Say
By Des Ryan,
Didn’t like the performance of the boat you rented? Didn’t like the service of the company? – or alternatively, were so impressed you want to tell someone? Now there’s a boat-renting agency that has introduced a rating process where you can pass on your impressions directly to others who want to rent a boat.... [more]

Storm Anchoring System - Product of the Week
By Sail-World Cruising,
If you are placing your boat on an anchoring system in preparation for a storm then this product, by Colligo Marine and available by ordering on the web, might be just the thing you need. It allows you to place 3 anchors and couple them together with a swivel and then run two or three lines back to your yacht or catamaran.... [more]

Yachts in the Caribbean - the Security Issues
By Nancy Knudsen,
It began with warnings while we were still in the Mediterranean. Cruisers, among other things, are great gossips, and give advice freely – which is the way we educate each other about future ports, and how we first heard about the 'security problem' in the Caribbean.... [more]

Why DO Keels Fall Off?
By Sail-World Cruising,
An investigation is being launched into an English Channel yachting tragedy in which a man died on Saturday. The crewman was believed to be in his twenties, said the police. Four other crew were rescued in a major operation when the 35 ft Solent-registered yacht, Hooligan V, capsized off the south Devon coast after losing its keel.... [more]

A Cruiser's Life-Memories of the Windwards
By Nancy Knudsen,
Three weeks cruising the Windward Islands in the Caribbean has given us on Blackwattle an idea of why people come here year after year to spend their winters cruising. Here is our photo gallery of memories:... [more]

'Pirates' in the Andaman Sea
By Associated Press,
The Malaysian police helicopter appeared suddenly, banking sharply over the Japanese ship. As a bomb exploded on the deck, spewing wasabi-green smoke, five commandoes slid down a rope from the hovering aircraft.... [more]

Donald Crowhurst’s Son Tells his Story
By The Sunday Times/Fiona Wingett,
'My father was hell bent on his voyage into madness: nothing could have stopped him.' Some say Donald Crowhurst could have been talked out of his tragic attempt at deception on a round-the-world yacht race. But his son Simon tells Fiona Wingett the die was cast before he left.... [more]

14 Fleeing Africans Rescued from Catamaran
By David B. Caruso, AP/Sail-World,
They escape as stowaways, in leaky open boats, in drifting rafts. They try to get to Europe or America. But not many desperate Africans try to sail from Africa to the United States in a sailing catamaran.... [more]

Rodney Bay St Lucia to Become Mega-Yacht Haven
New year and new ownership for Rodney Bay, St Lucia, (hosts each year of the ARC) and who better than Island Global Yachting (IGY), the leading developer of luxury marina facilities who announced their latest nautical purchase in the first week of 2007.... [more]

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