Two Australian boats in the ARC, Mergui Archipelago and Seawind


Diary Dates


Our Crusing Editor Nancy Knudsen’s Petersen 46 Blackwattle is still standing by Mike and Jos Franklin’s distressed yacht Mary Constance as she creeps toward St.Lucia.

Both of these ARC Boats are from RPAYC, a long way from home. You can read Nancy’s latest logs.

Today we’ve heard from Mike sister Sue Franklin who is cruising her own Petersen 46 in Northern Borneo who has been following Nancy’s reports via Sail-World Cruising.

Wonderful pictures and information from Paul Johnson who has a charter boat operation that goes into the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar, just four hours from Phuket. This seems like an adventure NOT to be missed.

The first ever Australian Marine Industry Report is now available for downloading. It provides very comprehensive date on the marine industry nationwide. Credit to all the Government agencies involved and to Andrew Powell and his Nautical Media Partners team who has put the project together. If your company is the Marine Industry, this is compulsory reading. Go to

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Rob Kothe & the Sail-World Team holding the fort while Nancy closes on St.Lucia.

Log from SV Blackwattle mid-Atlantic
By Nancy Knudsen,
His voice is ragged on the VHF, uncertain. The controlled tone is still there, but changed, he sounds frayed. ‘Yes I said port. Yes, that’s right. No, yes, on starboard. Did I say port? O sorry I meant starboard. Of course.’... [more]

Arrivals slowing down as wind lightens - ARC Rally
By Sue Richards,
Arrivals are slowing down now in Rodney Bay Marina as the remaining ARC yachts still sailing are suffering very light conditions. For some this is a respite after two and a half weeks of barrelling along, however others prefer to just 'get there' and are resorting to using their mechanical sails.... [more]

Tsunami detection buoy for Indian Ocean
With funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development, NOAA built and provided the DART station on behalf of the U.S. government. The buoy will be maintained by the Thai Meteorological Department and National Disaster Warning Center. The station's data will be available to all nations through the World Meteorological Organization Global Telecommunications System and will be part of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems.... [more]

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma)
By Paul Johnson,
Imagine a charter destination that has more than eight hundred tropical islands spread over fourteen thousand square miles of Indian Ocean. Imagine mountainous, jungle covered islands that teem with wildlife, spectacular waterfalls that tumble directly onto white sandy beaches fringed by pristine coral reefs. Imagine no tourists and indigenous hunter gatherer tribes with an exotic culture who live nomadic lives aboard their tiny boats. This place really does exist – it is the Mergui Archipelago off the south-west coast of Myanmar.... [more]

Fuel for Mary Constance
By Nancy Knudsen,
Crippled Australian yacht Mary Constance has been refueled and is now making progress towards St.Lucia... [more]

Barry Jenkins elected president of AMIF
By Queensland Business Review,
Barry Jenkins, president of the Boating Industry Association of Queensland (BIAQ), has been elected president of the Australian Marine Industries Federation (AMIF).... [more]

Blackwattle stands by Mary Constance
By Nancy Knudsen,
With Australian yacht Mary Constance having lost her second set of shrouds, Sail-World's Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen and husband Ted Nobbs on Blackwattle are sailing in company with her on the slow trip to St.Lucia... [more]

Australian Marine Industry Report released
By Media Services,
The first volume of the Australian Marine Industry Report has been released and is available to download free of charge. For the first time, Australian and international marine industry will have the essential numbers necessary to assess Australian market share by industry performance in key areas of the marine industry.... [more]

Seawind 1160 Wins Most Innovative - Best Multihull
By Media Services,
Cruising World magazine has picked the Seawind 1160 as the Most Innovative design, along with the Best Multihull Cruiser in the USA for 2007 in the 14th edition of these prestigious awards by one of the USA’s highest selling boating magazines.... [more]

Western wedding cake collapses
By Rob Kothe,
The Wedding Cakes, white wooden lighthouses have marked the channels in Sydney Harbour are no longer at matched set. 066196 / SYHB (WMO 95766) - better known as Wedding Cake West, with its Red light, off Georges Head near Mosman, marking the western channel of the Sow and Pigs reef collapsed into the harbour yesterday afternoon.... [more]

Eight days from St.Lucia- the Catostrophe Tally
By Nancy Knudsen,
A low pressure system off Cape Verde Islands has delivered easing conditions for the ARC fleet.... [more]

Captured by a USO- an extra oceanal
By Nancy Knudsen,
A flight of Nancy - the alternate view - the flying fish. Flying Fish are impressive to watch, leaping from wave to wave, the tip of any wave giving them an added flight time.... [more]

PAN PAN Mary Constance
By Nancy Knudsen,
Why do the worst things always happen at night? Something wakes me – it’s dark – I am immediately alert but don’t know why. There’s something different. Then I realise that the boat has turned – the motion is different. The HF radio is also crackling – that’s odd. I leap out of bed and stagger to the companionway.... [more]

Atlantic Rally for Cruiser yachts answer MAYDAY
By Peta Stuart-Hunt,
There was further drama yesterday evening (Saturday 9 December) when ARC yachts Tracker My Way and Om Shanti picked up a MAYDAY from a Belgian yacht, Allegria, that is not participating in the ARC, at position 14.58N 47.49W.... [more]

Satellite services for stranded Seaphone customers
By Media Services,
Thousands of mariners will be left high and dry when their long-established communication lifeline is switched off. The recent announcement that the Seaphone service will be closed down from 1st December 2006, poses a very real concern to the boating, fishing and marine community.... [more]

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