Bavaria Vision World Launch, Seawind Success, Boom Brake warnings and Boat Birthdays


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Boat Shows and Boom Brake Warnings

From Gibraltar - waiting waiting for a weather window...  BW Media
The bigger and bigger Southampton Boat Show is on right now, with hundreds of debut products – if you can’t make it to the show, you can go to their site for an update on what’s new on the scene.

The Newport Rhode Island Boat Show is also on - the ‘Best Sailboat in Newport Beach’ has just been announced as the Seawind 1160 catamaran, which also won the 2005 Australian Sailboat of the Year.

Boom Brakes are in the news this week too, with some warnings about the dangers of dissimilar metals.

Adrian Flanagan, frustrated in his attempt to get over the pole in Barrabas this year, is bedding down his boat for the long Arctic winter, and Donna Lange, that hardy circumnavigator tries out the Bavaria in New Zealand on her way round the world.

The Canary Islands, starting point for the ARC, remain in the news for the number of refugees that are still arriving, and there’s a zany story about Blackwattle’s skipper and his prized birthday present, ideal, you will agree, for a sailing boat.

The Treleavens tell marvellous tales again about their sailing journey through Croatia, last country on their Mediterranean programme. As for Blackwattle, you can read about our Gibraltar experiences, along with Notes for Cruisers, and now we wait and wait and wait for a weather window to sail south to warmer climes.

Read on, enjoy, and

Sail Safe!

By Nancy Knudsen

Bavaria Vision World Launch focuses on Peters Opal
By Fast Track,
Peters Opal, (formerly Opal Marine) Europe’s largest distributor of sailing and motor yachts hosted the world launch of the stunning new Bavaria Vision yachts at this year’s Southampton Boat Show... [more]

Seawind 1160 'Best Sailboat' of Newport Boat Show
By Media Services,
The Australian built Seawind 1160 got the perfect start to the East Coast Tour of the USA last weekend by winning the 'Best Sailboat' at the 36th Annual Newport International Boat Show in Newport, Rhode Island on Friday.... [more]

38th Southampton Boat Show, Bigger and Bigger
By Sail-World Cruising,
On now, from 15-24 September 2006, at Mayflower Park, this show, in its purpose built marina, is now one of the largest on-water boat shows in the world.... [more]

Cruisers' Profile - Chatti
By Cruising Editor,
Peter and Chris had no idea what was in store for them when Peter casually one evening thought that he might 'build a boat'!... [more]

Barrabas put to bed for the winter
By Adrian Flanagan,
Facilities for storage of keel boats do not exist here in Nome, so improvisation is required. The personnel at Crowley Marine Services have been truly outstanding in the help they have provided and in particular, Rick Kostiew. Rick and I have figured a way to store Barrabas through the long cold winter when wind chill temperatures will plunge to 50 below.... [more]

The Boom Brake - Don't Leave Home without One
By Cruising Editor,
With a full complement of crew, gybing should be easy if everyone does what they should, even in a strong wind. However, it is not so easy for the typical short-handed cruising crew. With one warning about dissimilar metals, the boom brake is the obvious answer.... [more]

A Boat Birthday
By Nancy Knudsen,
Cruising for long periods of time means that many important dates are celebrated 'on the road', something that all long-term cruisers share. 'I’ve seen what I would like for my birthday ,' Ted, Blackwattle's Skipper, says one hot evening in Tunisia over sundowners, 'and it’s small!'... [more]

And Still They Come - Canaries Refugee Focus
By Sail-World/UK Mirror Dennis Ellam,
The Canary Islands is usually known for its glamour and as the starting point for the largest yacht rally in the world, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, when around 225 boats depart to cross the Atlantic each year. But now the focus is changing, as Dennis Ellam reports from Tenerife:... [more]

Donna Lange and the Bavaria Connection
By Jane Pares,
'She’s so smooth, so luxurious! Wow, what a beauty!' Donna’s words last weekend when she sailed out of Mangonui Harbour on Hinemoana, Tony Norman’s Bavaria 44. It was a magical moment for Donna at the helm of such luxury.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Croatia Cavtat-Korcula
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
With a chill in the air, the days are still hot but the evenings are getting cooler, we are now visiting the last country for this year, Croatia. Our port of entry is Cavtat, a gem of a town near the airport where we are to pick up daughter Janey. A permit to cruise for one year is now $400.00 for our size boat. We have no problem with this but we do have a problem when we anchor outside the old port of Dubrovnik and they want $50 for the privilege of a couple of hours.... [more]

Sail-world's Blackwattle in Gibraltar
By Nancy Knudsen,
We know we are not more than a couple of miles from Gibraltar but we can’t see anything through the mist. And then finally, peering through binoculars, we sight, not the Rock of Gibraltar at all, but a mighty great cloud, with a miserable bit of land beneath... [more]

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