Solo-circumnavigating grandmother, Tunisia, trailing gens and more


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The long trip to Gibraltar

This late report comes to you, via satellite internet links, while Blackwattle tracks towards Gibraltar. There have been gales over the north of the Med round Corsica and we have encountered very big seas on the nose. We were also chased 'all over' by thunderstorms.

We've moving out of the safe easterly along the Algerian coast and are now pushing west towards La Ligna and Gibratlar. We want to reach the Pacific in the new year and to do that we have to keep pushing now, to get to the Canaries for the start of the ARC rally.

We have some impressions from Tunisia and will bring you more later this week.

Andrea and Ian Treleaven report from the Ionian Islands .. and on the practical side we talk about trailing generators. We love them, that is what's powering my computer right now.

Today, we bring you the story of a solo cruising Grandmother, on her way round the world, who is presently in New Zealand.

Last week Sail-World was at Australia's Hahn Premium Race Week. While the racing crowd imagine its all about hiking on the rail, this event is actually one of the largest cruising yacht 'gatherings' in the southern hemisphere.

We have cruising news from Hamilton Island, next week we'll be talking with the Gipsy Moth team on their way to Cairns and to Simon and Julie Beaven about their wonderful Hinkley 49 cruiser Evening Star, which belonged to Lawrence Rockerfeller.

Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

The Solo-Circumnavigating Singing Grandmother!
By Jane Pares,
Donna Lange challenges all your preconceptions about the definition of 'Grandmother.' Her diminutive 5ft 2' build and friendly, smiling face, framed by unruly waves of black hair, hide a determination and resilience that have brought her 17,000 miles through the sort of oceans and weather conditions that most of us will only ever read about.... [more]

Beneteau celebrates at Hamilton Island
By Will Davies,
For the last six years, around a quarter of the entire Hahn Premium Hamilton Island race week fleet have been Beneteau yachts. Last week there were 43 Beneteau crews and more than 50 Beneteau owners enjoying what has become a key event on the annual Beneteau calendar in the Asia Pacific.... [more]

Exploring Tunisia
By Nancy Knudsen,
We drive through arid countryside, which we read was lush forests before the Roman occupation, who turned it to desert with over farming. How little we have learned in 2000 years.... [more]

Cruising - Monastir, Tunisia
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s obviously a real estate development – glamorously contrived white villas, each one different, but blending, clustered around the marina. You can imagine the marketing blurb … ‘Have your holiday apartment in the sun with your yacht right at the door!’... [more]

Of Batteries and things
By Nancy Knudsen,
He strides down the wharf, resplendent in his perfectly laundered khaki uniform, complete with ribbons and tassels, a big taut girth, mustachioed, a big smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, confident of his authority in the world.... [more]

China 'Treasure' to sail again
By Jiefeng Daily,
A Sino-Malaysian joint venture starting next month will begin building a replica of China's biggest 'Treasure' ship that sailed in the 14th century. The ship will set out for its first trial voyage in April 2008 to boast the country's culture and history.... [more]

Trailing Generators – Should you have one?
By Ted Nobbs,
One of the most important issues on a sailing boat – and vexed questions – is power generation. The modern sailing boat needs power – that is, if you want electronic instruments, computers, autopilots, as well as those items of personal comfort, refrigerators, deep freezes or microwaves.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Ionian Islands - Cephalonia
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
Averaging only a few miles a day, we are in no hurry to leave these beautiful islands. Swimming, snorkelling and bird watching are all the guys want to do. Nick comments, 'The girls all look very different but their hair style is all the same, Brazilian !'... [more]

Escalating crime situation in Trinidad
By Reprint of extracts from article,
On Monday July 24 a group of over 100 cruisers met at the Bight restaurant in Trinidad to consider their options to fight a crime spree in Chaguaramas that has escalated from dinghy theft to breaking and entering boats and finally armed robbery. Reprint of extracts from a article... [more]

Sydney Hobart images from Helicopter
By Rob Kothe,
Helicopter shot images by Australian Yachting photographer Ian Mainsbridge taken from just above sea level in the middle of Bass Strait in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart race have graced the covers of Yachting magazines all around the world in the last four decades.... [more]

Visa problems jeopardise Alpha Global expedition
By Adrian Flanagan,
I have now been in Nome, Alaska for three weeks - longer than anticipated. Barrabas is back in the water complete with new cutless bearings and a cleanly scrapped hull finished with two coats of industrial anti-foul. Her fair undersides will give me half a knot of boat speed which, over a 20 day period could save me two full days.... [more]

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