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Not the Iron Headsail

Blackwattle in the Med today   .

This newsletter finds your Sail-World Australian Cruising Editor drifting between Crete and Malta - drifting, because we have around 5 knots of wind on the nose and a boat speed of under 3 kts.- and the forecast is for more of the same.

But apart from turning on the iron headsail, which just wouldn't be sporting (or enjoyable), all we can do is say: 'That's Cruising!'

The image here is of Blackwattle less than an hour ago, brought to you by Sat phone and Mailasail.

Its been a great week of feature articles and stories.

Piracy is back in the news with not everyone agreeing with the Piracy Reporting Centre in Malaysia, as you can read here on Sail-World Cruising. There will more on this next week.

On a similar vein read about Le Boat Jacking, its seems boat theft to order in the new game. Not quite the problem in Oz, as our Tasmania Pirate discovered.

Ken Batt talks about thunderstorms. Richard Gladwell has reviewed Andrea Treleavens Letters from the Med.

We have more Boat Book released this week, see them at the Sydney International Boat Show if you have a chance. Had a look at the Exhibitors list online at when we were in Crete, lots of the cruising boats we've been featuring on Australian cruising will be there.

So if you are plane, train, yacht,ferry, monorail or foot distance, it will be worth a visit. Starts next Thursday 3rd August and runs until Tuesday the 8th.

We don't qualify on that transport list, but our Sydney team will be bringing you all the details. Have a look at the Strictly Sailing stage. Thant looks very interesting.

We've been working hard this week to make Sail-World Cruising even more user friendly, now we can sense the down load speed and that means fast loading and bigger pictures.

Next week we will bring you the Darwin Kupang Rally, some wonderful poetry (no skipper Ted did NOT write it, more Pirate news from Asia and our images from Crete, during this long passage, I've had plenty of time to prepare them for you.

Happy sailing,

By Nancy Knudsen

Thunderstorms at Sea- How They Form and What to Do
By Ken Batt, Bureau of Meteorology, Sydney,
I still remember very vividly a situation that occurred whilst racing on Wild Oats during the 1993 Southern Cross Cup Series. It went like this- we were racing in the Manly Circle when an ugly, green-tinged thunderstorm moved towards us from the west. The call went up to prepare the boat/crew for severe wind gusts. This we did but…..... [more]

Latest from Boat Books
By Al Constable/Boat Books,
Here are some of the latest releases from Boat Books, the specialist marine source for books, DVD’s, charts, navigational equipment and software. If you are in Sydney for the Sydney International Boat Show make sure you see them or visit them at for the list of store locations.... [more]

Letters from the Med Review
By Richard Gladwell Sail-World NZL,
'Letter from the Med' started out as a series of emails written by Andrea to friends. asked could it publish them online and the regular 'Treleavens Tales' ran for a number of years. At the urging of friends the material which comprises of reports of their cruises around the Med, superb photos and recipes from the localities, was spliced together into a book, published by New Holland... [more]

Lord Nelson Artifacts on show at Sydney Boat Show
By Media Services,
Personal artifacts from Lord Horatio Nelson's captain's cabin aboard HMS Victory will make their public debut since being shipped from the England to Australia back in 1824. Nelson's telescope and personal bucket have never before been on public display but kept by a private family in Australia for over 186 years.... [more]

Musto expands in Australia
By Media Services,
A new era has dawned in Australia for Musto. Traditionally known for its sailing range, Musto will now launch all its other ranges including Casual wear and Equestrian, Shooting and Country Collections.... [more]

No engine but Adrian Flanagan pushes on
By Event media,
'This is a tricky area I am in, positioned over the Aleutian Trench which runs east-west south of the Aleutian Island chain, plunging to depths of 9,000 meters and rising to shoal depths around the islands themselves in the space of less than 60 miles. With the waters driven by winds from the south-west towards the islands but with nowhere to go, the potential for massive seas is an ever present danger.... [more]

Vale Lionel Charles Whish-Wilson
By Jennifer McGuigan,
Lionel Charles Whish-Wilson The Voice of Bass Strait 9-12-1955 – 20-07-2006... [more]

Record Charter Fleet for Sunsail Whitsundays
By Kate Elkington,
Sunsail’s Australian operation on Hamilton Island has just been boosted with the addition of seven new yachts and catamarans, bringing the company’s charter fleet to a record size of 43.... [more]

Sail-World’s Cruising Editor cruises on
By Sail-World/Nancy Knudsen,
Blackwattle heads west, leaving Greece for Xania in Crete, then Gibraltar, the Canaries, Bermuda, Panama and across the Pacific to Australia. Sail-World Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen reports by satellite phone from the Peterson 46 Blackwattle.... [more]

Yachts not Piracy target say Asian sailors
By Rob Kothe,
While international cruising sailors have sailed with some trepidation through the Malacca Straits between Indonesia and Malaysia for the last 20 years, the Asian Marine industry says Pirates have been targeting commercial shipping and that leisure vessels are in no danger.... [more]

Ambassadors buys Bellingham Marine
By Ambassadors International,
Ambassadors International, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMIE) announced today that it has acquired Bellingham Marine Industries ('Bellingham Marine'), a leader in the marine industry, through the acquisition of Nishida Tekko America Corporation ('NTAC'), the 100% owner of Bellingham Marine.... [more]

Panda swims English Channel
By Edward Rowe,
At around 10.15 am on last Friday, (21 July 2006), a Panda slipped into the sea at Folkestone, Kent, not merely with the idea of enjoying a refreshing swim, but with the specific intention of reaching the French coast and then travelling all the way home to Italy!... [more]

Making our website more cruising friendly
By Richard Gladwell & Nancy Knudsen,
You may notice a difference in the stories, or rather images, on Sail-World this week. When you click on a Sail-World story, it may look different depending on your Internet connection speed.... [more]

3500 Year Old Sailboat Sails Again
By Nancy Knudsen,
When you go for a sail on Sunday, remember that the tradition you are following is one of the oldest known to civilised man. The earliest known European civilisation, the Minoan civilisation, was known to have sailing boats, and now, there's a 'new' one.... [more]

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