Of Stranded Sailors and Piracy Panic, Adventurers' Setbacks and New Radford Cruiser - much more...


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Stranded Sailors and Piracy Panic..

A side effect of the tragic events in the Middle East is the stranding of many Lebanese and Israeli yachties on their summer sailing vacation. Also this week we examine how Piracy Panic is hurting the Asian cruising scene.

New offerings from the marine industry include the new 12 metre Radford on display at the Sydney Boat Show, and Raymarine has a new ‘Man Overboard’ system. Sydney International Boat Show and the Queensland Boat Show are both in the News, and Ballina gets the thumbs down from coastal cruisers.

In adventure news read how both Adrian Flanagan and Australian Margaret Williams, two super-gutsy solo sailors, are both having major problems achieving their dreams, and both caused by technical problems, not wind and weather.

If you have a surface mounted VHF, spare a thought for how you would cope with a broken mast – read an excellent account from an experienced sailor.

On our Peterson 46 yacht Blackwattle, we are making our way through the Greek Islands – the hedonistic part of our journey from Turkey to Australia - read our latest account, as well as the story from Isicia II, on its way from Scotland to the Med.

Read on for many other stories, and
Sail safe…

By Nancy Knudsen

Lebanese and Israeli Yachts Stranded in Cyprus.
By Nancy Knudsen,
One of the side effects of the tragic conflagration between Israel and Lebanon this week is the stranding of a number of yachts on holiday from both countries cruising the Mediterranean.... [more]

New 12m Radford Cruiser at Sydney Boat Show
By Media Services,
The first of these contemporary Australian production yachts was built for the designer, Graham Radford, and features an un-stayed carbon fibre cat rig developed in conjunction with Tom Wylie at Wyliecat, San Francisco. Graham Radford says 'This type of rig is offered for those who want to enjoy sailing with a minimum of fuss. To go sailing, simply remove the sail cover... [more]

Boaties left high and dry with no Ballina marina
By Jamie Brown,
East Coast yachtsman John Hitch loves sailing into Ballina, but loathes the fact that there are few services for people living on boats. And he is not alone. According to Mr Hitch, Ballina would benefit from a marina — especially one protected from southerly winds.... [more]

Of Broken Masts and Emergency Antennae
By Trevor D’Alton,
One of any sailor’s recurring nightmares is the mast breaking, and how they would react. One of the results, apart from the danger to the crew and the boat, is the possible loss of communication facilities, and how to re-establish communications quickly. Trevor D’Alton of the Middle Harbour Yacht Club has some valuable advice about attaching an emergency antenna to a surface mounted VHF radio:... [more]

Raymarine announces Man-Overboard system
By Media Services,
Raymarine announces the launch of its Man-Overboard-System designed to protect skippers, crew, and family and passengers. Life Tag is an automatic, wireless Man Overboard device that can be used as a stand alone system, or be integrated via Seatalk into an on board navigation network or multi-function display system.... [more]

Positive Budget impact on Qld Boat Show
By Event Media,
The recent Federal budget is expected to have a big impact on the Brisbane International Boat Show to be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, August 30 to September 3. Boat Show organisers, the Boating Industry Association of Queensland, said boating registrations spiked upwards the month after the budget came down.... [more]

False Perceptions of Piracy in Asia
By Bruce Maxwell,
Google the words 'Piracy Pleasure Boats Asia' and an astonishing 15,000 references come up on the computer screen, many of them quite recent entries. Yet there have been hardly any cases of piracy involving pleasure boats in Asia for the last decade or two. Herein lies the problem.... [more]

End to Flanagan's Arctic transit attempt?
By Adrian Flanagan,
After several days of windless conditions and heavy cloud cover during which the wind generator and solar array were not able to generate much charge, the batteries had become depleted. I decided to run the engine in neutral so the alternators could charge the battery banks.... [more]

Journey to the Med - Porto to Lisbon
By Vicki and Andi of Isicia II,
Vicki and Andi continue their journey to the Med, on this week, to Lisbon. The Portuguese trade winds have continued to blow from the north making the trip from Porto to Lisbon a pleasant sailing experience.... [more]

Best of the Best at Sydney International Boat Show
By Media services,
Standing unchallenged as the largest recreational boating exhibition staged in the Southern Hemisphere, the Sydney International Boat Show this year will attract more than 350 exhibitors and feature the largest marina display on Cockle Bay in the show's 39-year history.... [more]

Kokomo launched in Auckland
By Sail-World,
Kokomo, a 52m (170ft) sloop has been launched in Auckland and is currently undergoing a final fit-out and sea trialling in Auckland. She has taken just under a year to build at Alloy Yachts International, Auckland New Zealand.... [more]

Dream on Hold for Australian Solo Sailor
By Rob Kothe,
Dr Margaret Williams quest to sail, solo around Australia is on hold again. The Sunshine Coast GP, set sail from Fremantle on June 2 in her 12m sloop Against All Odds in a bid to be the first woman to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around Australia.... [more]

UK gets first floating waste scheme
By IBI Magazine,
Located off Salcombe Harbour in Devon, the new pontoon-based recycling and waste facility holds containers for recycling plastic bottles and cans, paper and cardboard, as well as a bin for general waste.... [more]

Blackwattle among the Greek Islands
By Nancy Knudsen,
After waiting out an unseasonable gale for six days in Lesvos, Blackwattle is on the way again, heading through the Mediterranean to Gibraltar and the Atlantic Ocean. Her pathway is south through the Cyclades, then on to Malta and the western Med.... [more]

Sail-World.com - Contributors Guidelines
By Al Constable,
Sail-World.com has a large world-wide audience in more than sixty countries. Our website encompasses all forms of sailing, including cruising. Whether its racing in yachts, skiffs or dinghies, regattas, twilights or ocean races, there is always a story waiting to be told. Sail-World is happy to receive your articles. Be it profiles of people and boats, tuning, tactics, techniques, safety and seamanship or indeed just about anything to do with sailing, we happy to review and publish appropriate articles.... [more]

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