Piracy in the Malacca Straits, World ARC Rally and more


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Piracy in the Malacca Straits, World ARC Rally, US Cruisers Saved

Mykonos, Greece: The windy Cyclades are living up to the name as our yacht Blackwattle waits out yet another unseasonable gale this week.

Pirates are back in the news but this week it’s in the Malacca Straits. A couple of US sailors have had to be airlifted from their sinking yacht in the Coral Sea, and the World ARC Rally has received an incredible response now that reservations are open for this 2008 event – 16 have signed up so far, and the rally only intends to take 45 boats as a maximum!

If you’ve tried to use a satellite phone for data communications while at sea you will want to read some good advice from Dan Piltch, and the varying rules governing sailors in the Mediterranean have many cruising yachts baffled - as well as a lot poorer.

Well known brand Bavaria is doing well - see the report. Read of Mariner Boating’s ‘Cruising in Company’ Rally spanning both the lovely Turkish coastline and Greek Islands, Passage Tales include 'Letter from the Med' by the Trealeavens and Blackwattle’s latest episode, and many other stories, so read on and

Sail safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Malacca Straits pirate attack foiled
By Simon Montlake/Sail-World,
The Malacca Straits are the gate way for the world's cruising fleet as it heads from Indonesia and Singapore up to Thailand. An attempted pirate attack on a Japanese cargo vessel off Indonesia on Tuesday has alarmed shipping companies plying the Malacca Strait, as well as the cruising community.... [more]

World ARC, enthusiastic response Round World Rally
By Event Media,
In just one month since the entry list was opened, the organisers have received 13 confirmed entries from 6 countries; Belgium, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland and the USA. With over 600 serious enquiries from Europe, North and South America, South Africa and Australia to date, entries are being received continually, and look certain to reach the upper limit of 45 yachts.... [more]

Gipsy Moth IV returns to Australia
By Sail-World./UKSA,
Last weekend, Gipsy Moth IV sailed into Sydney Harbour for the first time since her record breaking skipper Sir Francis Chichester sailed into Sydney in December 1966, half way through his courageous solo round the world record attempt.... [more]

Continuing Adventures of our Cruising Editor
By Nancy Knudsen,
3rd July, 2006 - We’ve left the port of Mytelini gladly. But we don't know what is in store for us at our chosen anchorage at Skala Loutra...... [more]

Eastern Med Havoc - Gales Gales Gales
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s summer in the Med and the Germans, English, Dutch, French and other assorted nationalities have flocked to the coastline to collect their boats from the hard stand where they spent the winter. But so far this year, there’s havoc in many anchorages as three gales - each about a week long - have hit the Aegean, in less than four weeks.... [more]

Letter from the Med: Overnight sail to Tunisia
By Ian and Andrea Treleaven,
A night in Cefalu is a very memorable one. An old terracotta tiled town clustered beneath the impressive rock is quietly watching the semi final between Italy and Germany. We are anchored in the bay just off the old stone houses lining the shore and venture into the village to have a drink. When Italy won a place in the World Cup Final, the narrow cobblestone laneways suddenly erupted ..... [more]

Expensive Confusion for Med Yachties
By Lisa Mylchreest,
Conflicting laws and grabs for cash by local authorities are causing Mediterranean sailors great confusion this season, not to mention a great emptying of pockets.... [more]

US Cruising sailors airlifted on fourth of July
By Justine Smyth,
It was a 4th of July unlike any other for two US sailors, part way through a five year world circumnavigation the world, when they were rescued from their sinking yacht off the Queensland coast.... [more]

Aegean ‘Cruising in Company’ Rally
By Maggie Joyce,
In April this year, Mariner Boating conducted a ‘Cruising in Company’ event called the Aegean Yacht Rally, which started in Kusadasi in Turkey, ambled through the maze of nearby Greek Islands, and finished in Marmaris.... [more]

Slow Speed Email
By Dan Piltch,
Those who have tried sending and receiving email via satellite or SSB know that it can be an exercise in patience. The relatively slow speed of satellite means that it takes a considerable amount of time to send or receive a few email messages that on land would be handled in mere seconds - even on a dial-up modem.... [more]

Langkawi, focal point in November
By Asia Pacific Post,
In November, the doors will open on Asia’s newest boat show – Langkawi International Boat Exhibition - LIBEX – as the Grand Finale of the Darwin-Bali-Langkawi Yacht Rally and the final leg of the Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta reach their heady conclusion in Langkawi waters.... [more]

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