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Working on Blackwattle in the Turkish port of Ayvalik  Nancy Knudsen
Ayvalik, Turkey: Our boat Blackwattle’s long sojourn in Turkey is nearing its end as we prepare to cross the Med, and then the Atlantic later this year in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. We drag out the sails, unpickle the watermaker and the electrosan, replace the impeller, clear out the old provisions - examining the ‘use by’ dates, check the rigging, clean wash varnish and install new bits of equipment. The weather is cooler and fresher than usual at this time of year – great for the jobs in hand.

As well, of course, it’s back to the sociable cruising life – we’d forgotten the inevitable sundowners on someone’s boat in the marina after work day is finished, which usually end with cheap local Turkish food at a nearby restaurant: the comings and goings of the seasonal cruising boats – mostly German or English, French or Scandinavian, the visa and transit log problems, the arguments, the never-failing pleasant attitudes of the Turkish marina staff.

This week another solo sailor is missing, the prominent US publisher Philip Merrill, and it’s a further reminder that safety precautions on board are not just for the over-cautious.

If you ever do your own fibre glassing, you may find the new online information valuable, and there’s an article on LED lights, which have revolutionised how much power your nav lights draw.

If you’re adventure minded and not short of a dollar/euro/shekel (or have something to sell), there’s an incredible sailing journey to the Antarctic from Tasmania next January, and there’s also the delightful story of the heroic boat that sailed 4,500 miles from America to Hawaii – ALONE!

..and there are many more useful, interesting and entertaining articles I hope you’ll enjoy

Have a good week and..
Sail Safe

By Nancy Knudsen

Hero Ghost Boat Sails 4,500 miles.
By Nancy Knudsen,
There’s an old saying that you should only step UPWARDS to abandon your boat. However the ghost boat which sailed 4,500miles on its own from Costa Rica to Hawaii is only one of a long trail of heroic boats which have long survived their abandoning skippers.... [more]

Gigantic Welcome for Indian Ocean Windsurfer
By Cruising Editor,
First a giant flotilla of official boats, yachts and motor boats, then a guard of honour through the channel, then a rapturous welcome by hundreds of school children let out of school for the occasion. It was a welcome fit for a hero, and a hero she was hailed. When Raphaela le Gouvello completed her 60 day solo windsurf across the Indian Ocean, the eager Reunion Islanders, where she landed, could hardly contain themselves.... [more]

Solo Sailor Missing - Big Search
By Cruising Editor,
In yet another apparent sailing tragedy, a prominent US publisher and diplomat, Philip Merrill, is missing feared drowned as a result of falling from his sailing boat when sailing solo in Chesapeake Bay.... [more]

Another Yacht ‘Pirate’ Sails into Sunset
By Nancy Knudsen,
What is it with the southern waters of Australia and 41 year olds called David? Last month David Appleby, 41, was sentenced to at least nine months for stealing a yacht from the mainland and sailing it to Tasmania, where he blithely anchored it, took his dog and hitch-hiked back to civilisation and the mainland.... [more]

World’s Oldest Race – Watch the Start
By Sail-World Cruising,
The world’s oldest regularly scheduled ocean race is the Newport to Bermuda Race, and it will be celebrating its centennial in 2006. If you are anywhere near Rhode Island on 16th June, you could watch the start from a spectacular classic yacht – just by contributing to the Museum of Yachting!... [more]

Billionaires Run Foul of Yachtspotters
By Tony Allen-Mills and Jonathan Milne,Sunday Times,
TRAINSPOTTING was never like this. From some of the world’s most glamorous seaside locations comes a new species of obsessive for whom anoraks are definitely not required — the yachtspotter.... [more]

Taxi Meters to Nav Lights
By Rob Kothe,
There is a law of the sea that says navigation light bulbs blow only in times of poor visibility. Having finished more than one offshore race with emergency Nav lights, it’s interesting to realise that the latest generation of navigation light bulbs have a 100,000 hour life. That means you can install that white light at the mast top and never have to replace it.... [more]

Sail to the Antarctic
By Rob Kothe,
'When you tack the ice that has built up on the sail crunches off and falls in a sheet onto the deck…. The average is a blizzard for a couple of days and then some magic weather…we’re going with a little bit of luxury this time – diesel heaters.. we have 3.5 metre dinghies – if you get hit by an elephant seal you want to be able to get ashore – it would be a cold swim…'... [more]

DIY Fibreglassing? Free Online Info now in English
By IBI News,
If you ever do your own fibreglassing - or are in the business - there's some new free technical information on the web in English... [more]

Gipsy Moth IV has keel and interior refitted
By Sail-World NZL,
Gipsy Moth IV has been reattached to her lead keel, and the rudder has been refitted. Final fitting and finishing work is now underway at the Emirates Team NZ base in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour, as she is prepared for the Sydney leg of her world circumnavigation.... [more]

Isicia Sails the English Channel and Bay of Biscay
By Sail-World Cruising,
The Bay of Biscay has one of the worst reputations in the world for bad seas. It’s caused the undersea cliff below the waters, and has claimed many a sailing boat when the weather is up. Vicki and Andi Dunkel have just sailed through on their way to the Mediterranean - here is their story... [more]

Airlie Beach, the new Australian Riviera?
By Media Services,
Whisper Bay, the lovely resort style complex at Airlie Beach, has captured the attention of many boat lovers with its close proximity to one of the largest marinas in the Southern Hemisphere, Abel Point Marina. Whisper Bay has 50 of these marina berths, which are available to purchase exclusively with the apartments, villas and penthouses of Whisper Bay... [more]

North Cloth joins Katrina effort
By Sail-World Cruising,
New Orleans and the devastating Katrina may have faded from the everyday news, but it will take many months yet until the roofs of the important older building of the area can be re-roofed, and in the meantime rain and wind continue relentlessly to complete the job started by Katrina. This is where North Cloth has come to the rescue.... [more]

Aviva Challenge
Dee Caffari’s attempt to become the first woman to sail solo, non-stop around the world against the prevailing winds and currents...
For more details and news for this event, go to:

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