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Nancy Knudsen Cruising Editor

In Brief
By Sail-World Cruising,
Upgrades for Sunsail…New Masters Degree in Yacht Design in Sweden …new RYA website…mobile phone award for benefiting sailing spectators… the Age of the Superyacht.. student wins award for innovative life jacket... [more]

100 days at sea for Solo sailor
By Dan Wedgwood,
Solo yachtswoman Dee Caffari, has reached the latest landmark in her voyage after 100 days at sea and has no hiding place from an imminent storm. Weather forecaster Mike Broughton describes it as a ‘full-on’ storm, with 50-60 knot winds predicted.... [more]

Sun Shines for Rescued Yacht
By NZ Press Association,
First the cruise ship Seabourn Spirit answered the emergency call and steamed alongside the disabled yacht to provide shelter from the weather. Now Rescue authorities are experiencing language difficulties with the sailor aboard as the yacht is being towed to Lyttelton, in New Zealand... [more]

2006 Cruising fleet approaches Pirate zone
By Ian Potter/Sail_World Cruising,
In spite of world-wide reporting of the vicious attacks this time last year on the two American-flagged boats Mahdi and Gandalf, there are over 70 boats headed now for the pirate zone in the Gulf of Aden. Sundancer II and its crew, Australians Ian and Helen Potter, are part of this contingent.... [more]

28/02/06 Why is sailing declining as a sport?
By Sail-World,
Hi Nancy, yes i'm sure there are other reasons for lack of class racing. Let me run this one past you. Here in Queensland the QYA seems to be well entrenched with only the wealthy yacht clubs. Indeed their new building is right next to RQYS and if you could not afford to be a member there i fail to see how you could use the facilities.... [more]

Sailors Wanted to Beta test Boat Tracker
By Cruising Editor,
If you are about to undertake a passage anywhere in the world, or are currently sailing any distance where boat tracking would be an advantage, your help would be welcome to Beta test a new system of boat tracking being undertaken by a Sydney firm, SKIPR.NET.... [more]

The Tacktick’ical revolution continues
By Al Constable,
The combination of wireless technology and the increasing use of solar power which started as a racing dinghy tool, now translates into the easiest and most economical installation, minimal maintenance and outstanding reliability for all kinds of boats including cruising yachts and powerboats of all sizes.... [more]

Like Classic Yachts? So does Dennis Connor…
By Cruising Editor, much so that he had this beautiful 80-year-old Q boat restored. However, when it was finished just last year and looking as you see below, he commented that there were no events in the U.S.A. for classic boats, and took Cotton Blossom II off to the Mediterranean to race her there.... [more]

‘Sea Breezes’ and Why.
By Ken Batt and Bruce Buckley,
How many times have you been sitting out on the water pondering the key questions about life - such as why the sea breeze refused to show up or, more importantly, had arrived but had rapidly built to a much stronger breeze than you anticipated? How often have you been jogging along a beach somewhere, sweating profusely, but consoled by the knowledge that the local afternoon sea breeze will be making its daily visit very soon to cool you down - without fully understanding just how and why the breeze will arrive?... [more]

Bird Dropping Danger to the Cruising Sailor
By Sail-World Cruising,
Yup, you guessed it right – if you’re anywhere near a country that has reported cases of bird ‘flu, you’ll have to be careful of the bird droppings. According to health officials, the way the virus is spread is through the digestive tract of the affected birds. This means that bird droppings are potential carriers of the disease.... [more]

West Marine Pacific Cup–'One Million Miles of Fun'
By Sail-World Cruising,
One million miles of fun racing to Hawaii will be celebrated during the 2006 West Marine Pacific Cup. Race organisers will be providing a special set of awards to commemorate this milestone. Also for the first time this year, the fun race will be open to multi-hulls, another indication that these craft are continually rising to new heights of popularity.... [more]

How to Get into a Dinghy Gracefully
By Ward Esaak/Sail-World,
Ever started a day badly by not even being able to negotiate the dinghy, let alone star on the foredeck? Ward Esaak from has some wise words about sailing dinghies, which we thought were worth sharing, even for the tender.... [more]

Death on the Naobi - 10 Contributing Factors.
By Nancy Knudsen,
It was just a short delivery trip from Rockland in Maine to Rye to have his boat Naobi hauled out for winter – but it cost him his life. A lobster fishing boat found the 41 ft boat five days later, drifting. The crew found the sails tattered, the hatch broken and unsecured; there was no fuel in the tanks but a significant amount of water in the bilge. They also found the man’s 20-year-old son alone on the boat.... [more]

Another Day Another Keel Lost
By Jack Innis,
‘The Log’, 22nd Feb reports that Schocking Turn, a high-tech Schock 40, lost its keel and rolled onto its side last week in San Diego Bay. All four on board were tossed into the water but were rescued by a passing boater, with no injuries reported. The boat was towed to a Shelter Island boatyard.... [more]

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