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It’s Hello from Sail-World’s Cruising Editor, Nancy Knudsen, and welcome to Sail-World’s Cruising Website and Newsletter

Every week we will be bringing you news and stories for the cruising sailor – everything NOT to do with racing. From interesting boat shows to the best sailing destinations, from hints to make your sailing life easier to ‘what’s on’ in the sail cruising world.

I’ve now been sailing for – o' well – too long to count, and, after many years of thinking that one had to race to enjoy sailing, I finally saw the light. With my husband Ted Nobbs, we are in the middle of a world circumnavigation on our good old Peterson 46 called Blackwattle – the two of us make a great combination of brawn and brain, but I haven't worked out yet where I fit in.

We set out in March 2003 from Pittwater in Sydney and are now in Turkey and are planning to be back in Australia in 2008.

You can see more about our trip in the Hello story below.

Boy have we learned a lot along the way. Just a fleabite, however, compared to what’s out there, so I am hoping for lots of valuable feedback from you, our reader.

For me, it’s going to be the greatest pleasure to bring you an online sailing magazine and newsletter which will be entertaining at the same time as bringing the most important information right to your email box.

You know, the problem with the Internet, is not that you can’t find everything there, but there’s TOO MUCH information. Along with the ‘good stuff’ there are millions of records that are old, outdated, incorrect, or just plain irrelevant. Sometimes finding the valuable stuff is like the proverbial needle in the haystack, except the needle’s black and so is the hay.

With Sail-World Cruising’s Newsletter, you’ll have all the on-the-button, up-to-the-minute information just where you need it. Initially our offering will have an Australian emphasis but that is set to change quite rapidly. If you’d like to receive this Cruising Newsletter, AS WELL AS still receiving your current newsletter, you will need to click on 'Subscription' and modify your subscription profile. The Cruising Newsletter will arrive weekly.

To access Sail-World's Cruising Website, go to or you can go to the Cruising button the Sail-World racing home page. If you click on the flags near the top of the site, because you can make Sail-World Cruising your Sail-World home page.

Let’s go cruising together!

Nancy Knudsen

It's HELLO from Sail-World Cruising
By Nancy Knudsen,
It’s Hello from Sail-World’s Cruising Editor, Nancy Knudsen, and welcome to Sail-World’s Cruising Website and Newsletter. Every week we will be bringing you news and stories for the cruising sailor – everything NOT to do with racing.... [more]

Sailing web pioneer on Global scene
By Al Constable,
It is now coming up ten years since UK sailor and IT guru Gerald New launched one of the the first serious sailing websites in the world. Back in 1995-1996 sailing on the web was almost a curiosity but now its the main delivery medium for sailing news world-wide.... [more]

Sail-World expands at Christmas
By Al Constable,
Sail-World, the largest sailing news site in the world continues to grow with Sail-World Cruising and Sail-World UK coming on line today. We have just had a glass of virtual champagne and orange juice, with our Cruising Editor Nancy Knudsen, on a cold Christmas morning in Istanbul. It’s a good day to cruise by at Tonight, when the sun goes over the yard-arm in Portsmouth, we will have a quiet virtual ale with Gerald New, the Sail-World UK editor, who some say is the father of the sailing internet. You will be able to read all about Gerald on Sail-World tonight.... [more]

From the Old Salt's Treasure Chest
By Sail-World,
This week's sail cruising hint and this week's sailing joke........ [more]

Spit Bridge Opening Hours & MHYC Tender Service
By Robert Mackay,

Tough ocean race good training for cruising life
By Jim Gale,
Designed for short-handed cruising anywhere in the world, the 48 foot steel Van de Stadt cruiser Diomedea may not threaten the front of this year's Hobart fleet, but the crew are really looking forward to the race in their new boat anyway.... [more]

Cruising Clubs and Sail-World
By Rob Kothe, , the largest sailing news website in the world and the favourite sailing magazine on the web – with an annual audience of more than 400,000, with 55,000 newsletters going to subscribers’ world wide, each week - is finally going cruising.... [more]

A tropical transformation – Airlie Beach,Australia
By Holly Reynolds,
Since its discovery by Captain James Cook in 1770, the natural beauty of The Whitsunday islands has attracted visitors from near and far. The earliest ‘tourist accommodation’, consisting of galvanised iron huts, was constructed in 1920 by some enterprising locals who years before had been granted grazing leases over some of the islands.... [more]

Georgia one of the world’s largest sloops in Oz
By Jonathan Crowe,
If you’re lucky enough to be anywhere nearly Abel Point Marina at Airlie Beach in the next couple of days, take a look at one of the largest sailing sloops in the world, just arrived. A whopping 48.5 metres long, the SY Georgia was... [more]

Phuket boatshow closes on high note
By Media Services,
As PIMEX 2005 closed on Sunday 11 December, exhibitors were in excellent mood. At least 12 boats were sold during the show and initial estimates of solid sales achieved amount to approximately US$ 4 million. Dealers and brokers all reported new contacts made and strong leads to follow up from serious buyers.... [more]

Sunsail buys Moorings for $127million.
By Nancy Knudsen,
Sunsail's parent company First Choice Holidays, last week announced the acquisition of Grand Expeditions, parent company of rival charter operator The Moorings, for $127million (UKP54m.) from North Castle Partners... [more]

Yachting Nirvana
By Grenville Fordham,
One of the world’s best-kept secrets is poised to catch the spotlight. While yachting enthusiasts in their tens of thousands head each year for the traditional charter destinations of the Caribbean and Mediterranean, a few of the more adventurous go east – to Thailand.... [more]

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