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New York Yacht Club 158th Annual Regatta - Around The Island Race

'SLED - New York Yacht Club 158th Annual Regatta - Around the Island Race. Photo Billy Black/Rolex'    Billy Black    Click Here to view large photo

Sailors on over 100 boats enjoyed classic Newport weather for today’s 19-mile Around the (Conanicut) Island Race, a traditional prelude to the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) Annual Regatta presented by Rolex, which will mark its 158th edition this weekend.

The oldest regatta in America is enjoying a record number of 146 entries, with 133 of those signed up for weekend racing. (Today’s Around the Island Race was separately scored and optional.)

'It was southwest 8-12 knots, building to Beavertail,' said Tom Erskine (Marblehead, Mass), main trimmer on Ken Colburn’s Swan 42 class winner Apparition, explaining that with that much horsepower to the wind, the race committee had no problems sticking to a scheduled noon start for a clockwise course that started just south of the iconic Newport (Pell) Bridge.

'Then it was 12-15 on the backside of the island and 15-16 on the nose coming home -- just great conditions.'

It didn’t hurt, either, that the sun shone all day after several days of relentless rain.

'The Race Committee started the smaller boats first,' added Erskine, 'which made it fun to see all those classics like Black Watch and Dorade sailing near us, and then at the top of the island Rambler (the largest boat in the fleet at 90 feet) came ripping by us at 17 knots!'

Though Rambler was first to finish in just under two hours, but it was the IRC 52 Sled’s performance that earned owner Takashi Okura (Tokyo, Japan) a class win in IRC 2 and the overall victory in IRC class, which meant he goes home with the coveted Rolex watch as prize for his efforts today. Sled circumnavigated the island in just over two hours.

'I am still jet lagged,' said Okura, who arrived only yesterday to join his mostly-Japanese team on a charter boat that bears the name Interlodge. (Austin and Gwen Fragomen also sailed their newly built IRC 52 named Interlodge and finished third in the class behind Jim Swartz’s IRC 52 Vesper.) 'We tried to sail calmly and quietly and just think about the wind and the tide.'

Okura added that for ten minutes after the start, Vesper was leading, but the Sled team was able to play the current to its advantage and succeed at a takeover. Okura also won a Rolex watch here in 2006 when he sailed the Farr 40 North Americans as part of the New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex and he has every intention of adding an Annual Regatta victory to his resume after he competes this weekend.

Fourteen class winners today included Hap Fauth (Minneapolis, Minn./Newport, R.I.) with his newly built Judel-Vrolijk 72’ mini maxi Bella Mente in IRC 1 and Annual Regatta defending champions Rives Potts (Westbrook, Conn.) in IRC 6 aboard his custom 48 Carina; Michael McCaffrey (Newport) in the Herreshoff S class with Osprey; Dennis Williams (Hobe Sound, Fla.) in the 12 Metre class with Victory 83; and Joseph Dockery (Newport) in CRF 1 (classics) with his custom S&S 53 Sonny. (Ken Colburn’s Swan 42 Apparition is also a defending champion.)

Bella Mente, owner Hap Fauth, winner of the Around the Island Race 8 June 2012, in the New York Yacht Club’s 158th Annual Regatta presented by Rolex. Photo Billy Black/Rolex -  Billy Black   Click Here to view large photo

Results Around The Island Race
Friday, June 8, 2012
Place, Sail, Yacht Name, Yacht Type, Owner/Skipper, City, State, Country, Finish Date-Time, Elapsed, Corrected, Class Finish/Fleet Finish

Class 1 - IRC 1 (IRC - 4 Boats)
1. USA 45 Bella Mente, Judel-Vrolijk Mini Maxi, Hap Fauth , Minneapolis, MN, USA -- 08Jun12-02:56:37PM / 0:01:56:37 / 0:03:06:07 -- 1 / 3
2. USA 60272 Shockwave, Mini Maxi, George Sakellaris , Framingham, MA, USA -- 08Jun12-02:58:22PM / 0:01:58:22 / 0:03:07:22 -- 2 / 6
3. USA 4511 Team Tiburon (Wizard), R/P 74, Mark E. Watson III , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-02:59:16PM / 0:01:59:16 / 0:03:08:47 -- 3 / 9

Class 2 - IRC 2 (IRC - 6 Boats)
1. USA 5206 SLED, IRC 52, Takashi Okura , Tokyo, JPN -- 08Jun12-03:07:54PM / 0:02:12:54 / 0:03:03:00 -- 1 / 1
2. USA 52007 Vesper, TP 52, Jim Swartz , Park City, UT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:09:09PM / 0:02:14:09 / 0:03:05:15 -- 2 / 2
3. USA 5210 Interlodge, IRC 52, Austin and Gwen Fragomen , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:10:45PM / 0:02:15:45 / 0:03:08:41 -- 3 / 8

Class 3 - IRC 3 (IRC - 8 Boats)
1. USA 79 Ptarmigan, Ker 43, Lawrence Dickie , Greenwich, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:19:12PM / 0:02:29:12 / 0:03:07:14 -- 1 / 5
2. IVB 4915 Defiance, Marten 49, Hamnett Hill , Montreal, Que, CAN -- 08Jun12-03:25:27PM / 0:02:35:27 / 0:03:13:04 -- 2 / 21
3. USA 50069 Temptation - Oakcliff, Custom Ker 50, Arthur Santry - Oakcliff Sailing , Arlington, VA, USA -- 08Jun12-03:24:52PM / 0:02:34:52 / 0:03:15:17 -- 3 / 31

Class 4 - IRC 4 (IRC - 9 Boats)
1. USA 52915 White Witch, King 40, Larry Landry , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:32:39PM / 0:02:47:39 / 0:03:08:36 -- 1 / 7
2. USA 52830 Barra, Morris 486, Bruce MacNeil , Lincoln, Ma., USA -- 08Jun12-03:35:41PM / 0:02:50:41 / 0:03:12:52 -- 2 / 17
3. BER 1000 Nasty Medicine, Corby 41, Stephen Sherwin , Hamilton, BER -- 08Jun12-03:31:00PM / 0:02:46:00 / 0:03:13:53 -- 3 / 25

Class 5 - IRC 5 (IRC - 10 Boats)
1. USA 49 Gold Digger, J 44, James D. Bishop , Jamestown, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:31:33PM / 0:02:51:33 / 0:03:07:09 -- 1 / 4
2. USA 43600 Vamp, J 44, Leonard Sitar , Holmdel, NJ, USA -- 08Jun12-03:34:32PM / 0:02:54:32 / 0:03:10:04 -- 2 / 14
3. USA 60003 Pugwash, J 122, David Murphy , westport, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:36:51PM / 0:02:56:51 / 0:03:12:35 -- 3 / 16

Class 6 - IRC 6 (IRC - 11 Boats)
1. USA 315 Carina, Custom 48, Rives Potts , Essex, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:35:16PM / 0:03:00:16 / 0:03:08:55 -- 1 / 10
2. USA 16 Dorade, S&S Yawl, Matt Brooks , Fremont, CA, USA -- 08Jun12-03:44:10PM / 0:03:09:10 / 0:03:09:09 -- 2 / 12
3. USA 1976 Mischief, Lyman-Morse 40, David Schwartz , Smithfield, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:44:19PM / 0:03:09:19 / 0:03:10:04 -- 3 / 13

Class 7 - 12 Metre GP/M (One Design - 5 Boats)
1. K 22 Victory 83, 12 Metre, Dennis Williams , Hobe Sound, FL, USA -- 08Jun12-03:02:22PM / 0:02:32:22 / 0:02:32:22 -- 1 /
2. USA 61 USA, 12 Metre, Guy Heckman , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:08:57PM / 0:02:38:57 / 0:02:38:57 -- 2 /
3. KZ5 Laura, 12 Metre, Kip Curren , Warwick, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:10:30PM / 0:02:40:30 / 0:02:40:30 -- 3 /

Class 8 - 12 Metre Traditional (One Design - 3 Boats)
1. USA US 21 American Eagle, 12 Metre, Cynthia Alten-DeLotto , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:15:50PM / 0:02:45:50 / 0:02:45:50 -- 1 /
2. USA 16 Columbia, 12 Metre, Alain Hanover , Weston, MA, USA -- 08Jun12-03:16:10PM / 0:02:46:10 / 0:02:46:10 -- 2 /
3. USA 19 Nefertiti, 12 Metre, Jon Wullschleger , Sarasota, FL, USA -- 08Jun12-03:16:24PM / 0:02:46:24 / 0:02:46:24 -- 3 / Class 9 - Swan 42 (One Design - 8 Boats)
1. USA 4235 Apparition, Swan 42, Ken Colburn , Dover, MA, USA -- 08Jun12-03:07:25PM / 0:02:42:25 / 0:02:42:25 -- 1 /
2. USA 4227 Hoss, swan 42, Glenn Darden & Paul Williamson , Fort Worth, Texas, USA -- 08Jun12-03:10:46PM / 0:02:45:46 / 0:02:45:46 -- 2 /
3. USA 4214 Daring, Swan 42, John Hele , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:10:57PM / 0:02:45:57 / 0:02:45:57 -- 3 /

Class 10 - CRF 1 Non-Spinnaker (PHRF - 6 Boats)
1. USA 50 Sonny, S&S Custom 53, Joseph Dockery , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:32:59PM / 0:03:12:59 / 0:02:38:07 -- 1 / 1
2. USA NY 6 Spartan, NY 50, Charlie Ryan , Providence, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:20:07PM / 0:03:00:07 / 0:02:43:09 -- 2 / 2
3. US 71 Black Watch, S&S Yawl, Sam Earle , USA -- 08Jun12-03:26:38PM / 0:03:06:38 / 0:02:43:36 -- 3 / 3

Class 11 - PHRF 1 spin (PHRF - 9 Boats)
1. USA 34 Blockade Runner, Farr 30, Bruce Bingman / Taran Teague , Annapolis, MD, USA -- 08Jun12-03:19:48PM / 0:03:04:48 / 0:02:48:29 -- 1 / 7
2. USA 51109 Capella, Sabre 452, David Millet , Needham, MA, USA -- 08Jun12-03:24:41PM / 0:03:09:41 / 0:02:53:03 -- 2 / 16
3. USA 56 Spirit, J 92S, EC Helme , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:40:29PM / 0:03:25:29 / 0:02:54:46 -- 3 / 17

Class 12 - PHRF 2 spin (PHRF - 3 Boats)
1. USA 8 Osprey, Herreshoff S Class, Michael McCaffrey , Newport, USA -- 08Jun12-04:02:48PM / 0:03:52:48 / 0:02:47:33 -- 1 / 6
2. USA 22 Argument, Herreshoff S Class, Stephan Sloan , East Greenwich, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-04:04:59PM / 0:03:54:59 / 0:02:49:44 -- 2 / 10
3. USA 5 Surprise, Herreshoff S Class, Fred Roy , Newport, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-04:08:17PM / 0:03:58:17 / 0:02:53:02 -- 3 / 15 Class 13 - CRF 2 Non-Spinnaker (PHRF - 2 Boats)
1. T 82 Silent Maid, Catboat, Peter Kellogg , Short Hills, NJ, USA -- 08Jun12-03:54:12PM / 0:03:44:12 / 0:02:52:42 -- 1 / 13
2. USA US 53 Cherokee, 6 Metre, Molly Savard , Middletown, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-04:07:22PM / 0:03:57:22 / 0:03:08:06 -- 2 / 23 Class 14 - PHRF Non-Spinnaker (PHRF - 9 Boats)
1. USA 1968 Hermie, Columbia 50, Gerald Harris , Rowayton, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:36:02PM / 0:03:26:02 / 0:02:46:03 -- 1 / 4
2. USA 414 Coup d' Etat, McCurdy Rhodes 46, Michael Shea , Farmington, CT, USA -- 08Jun12-03:34:26PM / 0:03:24:26 / 0:02:47:19 -- 2 / 5
3. USA 42700 Duck Soup, C&C 40, Bill Clavin , Warwick, RI, USA -- 08Jun12-03:32:51PM / 0:03:22:51 / 0:02:48:37 -- 3 / 8

Pendragon, owner Quentin Thomas; Africa, owner Jud Smith; White Rhino, owner Todd Stuart; Barra, owner Bruce MacNeil; Nasty Medicine, owner Stephen Sherwin; in the Around the Island Race 8 June 2012, in the New York Yacht Club’s 158th Annual Regatta presented by Rolex. Photo Billy Black/Rolex -  Billy Black   Click Here to view large photo

New York Yacht Club’s website

Since 1845, the tradition of the Annual Regatta, first hosted at the New York Yacht Club’s original clubhouse in Hoboken, N.J., has been interrupted only by war. The event – in even years -- is part of the Onion Patch Series, which also includes the Newport Bermuda Race and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Anniversary Regatta. Racing for the NYYC Annual Regatta presented by Rolex takes place on Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound for all classes, with a PHRF Navigator Class -- for those who prefer a classic government buoy course to the more prevalent short-course racing on Saturday and Sunday -- having the option of racing either one or both of the weekend days.

by Kirsten Ferguson


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12:13 AM Sat 9 Jun 2012GMT

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News - USA and the World

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2015 U.S. Youth Sailing Championships - The dates for the 2015 U.S. Youth Championships, hosted by Eastern Yacht Club in Marblehead, Mass., have been changed to July 6-10 from the traditional second week in August ... [more]  

The Taiwan 2014 Kitesurfing Open & Green Tourism Miaoli proved to be an interesting event for the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) to get involved with at the Longfong Fish Harbour beach front in Jhunan. As the KTA had been wanting for some time to bring an event to the renowned high wind shores of Taiwan, which is famous for its windy conditions 300 days a year. ... [more]  

'It is no less important to the Commodore as air or water,' said Staff Commodore of the San Diego Yacht Club Chuck Nichols. The Lipton Cup is arguably one of the most iconic regattas in the sailing community. This three-day regatta is an invitation-only event where the best sailors from around the country compete to represent their yacht clubs. ... [more]  

Year in and year out, the U.S. Disabled Championships is one of the most fascinating sailing events in the world. A strong collection of the top sailors in the country are in Galveston, Texas preparing for this week’s three-day championship, which begins Thursday, October 30 and concludes Saturday, November 1. ... [more]  

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The Chris Nicholson skippered Team Vestas Wind, has made a big gain in the last 12 hours in the Volvo Ocean Race, and is now positioned between the two lead boats. The Danish flagged entry had been positioned to the west of the leaders, who were in the fringe of the St Helena High. ... [more]  

Last night all the American Windsurfing Tour riders, and some of the top PWA sailors, enjoyed a fantastic opening party and registration for the Aloha Classic at Adventure Sports Maui. Food, drinks, photos and lots of chat was the order of the evening, and this morning all with gather again at 9am for the official opening blessing. ... [more]  

Many know Bill Erkelens as a former rigger, team manager for the Maxi Sayonara and subsequently Campaign manager for Oracle Racing during the IACC efforts and a really good sailor with a solid Rolodex of connections in the yacht racing world. When the opportunity to manage a Volvo team arose, Bill did not hesitate, and in late 2013, the Bay Area Native accepted the roles as COO for Team Alvimedica ... [more]  

Team Alvimedica OBR Amory Ross reports on the crew’s progress in the Volvo Ocean Race. Even in the 'straight-line' sailing that has dominated the last portion of the race, the dynamic of our fleet position has been in a state of constant change. ... [more]  

Team SCA OBR Corinna Halloran reports on day 18 for the crew in the Volvo Ocean Race. We are fighting. We are determined. We are focused. Yes, today was not easy, but we did not allow ourselves to slow down-- we sailed with the conditions given and sailed at 100% performance. ... [more]  

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) published its 2015 Anti-Doping Code on Wednesday (29 October), which will apply to all Member organisations, Paralympic Games and IPC recognised International Federations, from 1 January 2015. ... [more]  

Sailing legend Sir Robin Knox-Johnston hopes to inspire greater French participation in ocean racing through his entry in the Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe. 'France is a nation of sailors with excellent role models; legends in their own right,' said Sir Robin. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 - The big news of yesterday was the introduction of an ice gate by Race Director Jack Lloyd. Designed to take away the temptation for the teams to dive deep south in the search for better pressure and a better angle to Cape Town. The Ice Gate is placed at 42 deg South between 20W and 10W, seen on the screenshot below. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race - Up until now the comment from the boats to the east has been that Team Vestas Wind had made a bad move by digging west. But now, with the high pressure to the east expanding, perhaps Wouter on the Danish boat has read the future a little better and has set his team up for a comeback. ... [more]  

Optimist World Championship 2014 - Six races were made last week and the fleet was divided into Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each fleet has 70 sailors. This first part of this championship had light winds, lot of current and little waves but today it changed completely: The wind gauge marked 23 Knots on the race area, the waves were high and short. ... [more]  

2014 - 15 Volvo Ocean Race - Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing have finally given ground to Team Brunel after almost exactly a week at the head of the fleet but the new leaders’ thin advantage may well be very short-lived as the Volvo Ocean Race Leg 1 turned into a game of hunt-the-breeze. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race: Ice Gate laid in Southern Ocean on Leg 1 *Feature by Richard Gladwell/
Volvo Ocean Race have specified an Ice Gate in the Southern Ocean of which all competitors must stay to the North, or pass on their starboard side. The gate has been set along the line of 42degrees South and runs for 10 degrees of longitude. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race - Reality for Team Vestas Wind by Brian Carlin, Team Vestas Wind
The Volvo Ocean Race is an event that you get to watch unfold as something real. What happens on these boats day-to-day, what’s sent, what’s written about, what’s photographed, what’s on video is REAL. When you wake at 3am, it’s dark, really dark. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. Team Alvimedica OBR Amory Ross reports on the crew’s progress. It’s beginning to feel a bit like Groundhog Day onboard! Our straight-line progress south continues without significant change and after 48 hours of port tack bliss we’re still free running in the South Equatorial Current at steady speeds in excess of 20 knots. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. Team SCA OBR Corinna Halloran reports on day 17 for the team as they enter the Southern Ocean. Entering the Southern Ocean and racing to Cape Town is not as easy as sailing a straight line South. Currently, we are heading west in order to catch a Low pressure that spins out of the South. ... [more]  

Jim and Kristy Clark’s newly launched Comanche, a 100-foot supermaxi is aim for the Rolex Sydney to Hobart as her first major outing. The first video is of a training run from Newport, RI to Charleston, SC on Oct 24-26, 2014.The second video is of earlier trials off Newport. ... [more]  

La Torche only produced one day of wind over the nine days for the PWA Grand Slam, but the one day of competition was one to remember as La Torche produced some of the best conditions of the year, for the wave sailors, with 20-30 knot winds and powerful, peeling, clean waves, providing the perfect platform for the world’s most radical sailors to throw themselves skywards. ... [more]  

The 2014 ISAF Rolex World Sailors of the Year Awards will be held in one week’s time at a glittering awards ceremony in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. After an exciting year of sailing across multiple disciplines of the sport, five male and three female nominees make up the 2014 ISAF Rolex World Sailor of the Year shortlist based on their achievements from 1 September 2013 to 21 September 2014. ... [more]  

Clipper Race - Is this the toughest job on the ocean? by Clipper Round The World Yacht Race
Recruitment is well underway for what could be the toughest job on the ocean: A Clipper Race skipper. We are currently searching for twelve highly skilled sailors for this challenging role and recently took the press out on the water for an insight into the tough three-day trial that all prospective skippers must undertake. ... [more]  

This year’s PIC Insurance Brokers Coastal Classic proved beyond doubt that New Zealand weather can be a fickle beast. After the long-range forecast was read at last Monday’s race clinic, there was an audible groan from competitors at the prospect of a long, slow slog of a race in a light and ever-lightening breeze. ... [more]  

Artemis Racing has announced its seventh Olympic gold medalist with 2008 Laser Olympic Champion Paul Goodison joining the sailing team. Paul brings a wealth of Olympic experience to Artemis Racing, having competed at the 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Games. He is also a former Laser World Champion claiming the 2009 title in Halifax, Canada. ... [more]  

Racing for the GC32 foiling catamarans will be taken to a new level in 2015, when at least seven boats will compete on a five event European circuit, managed by a new organisation with racing run by world class officials. 'Now that we have established the class and it is growing, it is time to bring on additional people with specific areas of expertise,' says Laurent Lenne. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 - Behind the numbers by Gonzalo Infante and Jonno Turner
Volvo Ocean Race - One of the most fascinating parts of this type of sailing is the art of finding the fastest route to the finish, whilst also preserving the integrity of your crew and boat. If we were living in a world where the wind was always constant, it would just be a matter of geometry - but it's not that easy. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race: Front runners open gap for Cape Town *Feature by Richard Gladwell,
The two front runners in the Volvo Ocean Race fleet, Team Brunel and Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing have opened up a gap on the peloton of the fleet. The move for some of the fleet to the South American coast does not appear to have paid off, and according to the course routing function of Predictwind the lead two boats have opened a lead of 44hours on the next group ... [more]  

The Severne Starboard Aloha Classic kicks off today, October 28th, with registration for the AWT and the opening party sponsored by Maui Ultra Fins from 6 until 8pm. The next morning will be the official blessing at Ho'okipa beach at 9am, followed straight away by an autograph signing with some of the biggest names from the world of windsurfing. ... [more]  

2014 International Masters Regatta - Out of twelve legendary sailors, one has sailed away with the title of International Masters Regatta Champion. On the final day of racing it was Augie Diaz who finished in first place for the three day regatta, continuing his streak of impressive finishes. ... [more]  

Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15. OBR Amory Ross reports on day 16 for Team Alvimedica. Day 16. Hollllly smokes. Where have the miles gone!? Time flies when you’re having fun I guess, and Housty nailed it today—'this sailing is supreme.' We’re basking in the traditional SE tradewinds, serving up a gorgeous dosage of twenty-knot perfection squarely on the beam. ... [more]  

For each of us, to sail on an all-female team in the Volvo Ocean Race, is a dream come true. However, we would not be here without help. Over the years and decades, we each have met individuals who have fostered our talents, hard work, and determination in order for us to become ‘the best.’ ... [more]  

A big shift for Pumpkin Pursuit in Richmond
ISAF Annual Conference to take place in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15: Latest position report: October 27, 1700 UTC
Oakcliff Ocean Racing Team to race RORC Transatlantic Race
Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - The search for skippers is on
China Cup Int'l Regatta - Windier weather brings victory for Vanke
Argo Group Gold Cup - Stena Sailing Team wins in Bermuda
GC 32 Foiling Cat Argo sets Mount Gay Rum Around Jamestown Record
Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15: Latest position report, October 27, 0630 UTC
2014 RS:X Youth Worlds - Going out with a bang! + Video
2015 Flying Dutchman World Championships - Winners will be Grinners!
RenaissanceRe Junior Gold Cup - Denmark’s Christian Spodsberg wins
Argo Group Gold Cup 2014 - Berntsson joins sailing’s elite
Sand Flies versus Foiling Moths - Moth World Championship 2015 *Feature
2015 International 14 World Championship - Frasch leads German team
Ian Williams and GAC Pindar set up an exciting AWMRT finale
Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 Leg one – South Atlantic tactics
Volvo Ocean Race: Steady run to the finish at Cape Town
18ft Skiffs: Club Championship - Race one
2014 Optimist World Championship - Race started with a clear day
2014 - 15 Volvo Ocean Race - Fernando de Noronha   
2014 - 15 Volvo Ocean Race - The longest route   
Argo Group Gold Cup - Semi Final matches set for Sunday   
Argo Group Gold Cup - Light air drama in Bermuda   
Renaissance Re Jr Gold Cup - Searching for breeze on the race course   
La Torche PWA Grand Slam - Radical wave tow-in on day 8   
Rolex Middle Sea Race - 35th edition one to remember + Video   
Volvo Ocean Race - How eight on Team SCA became Shellbacks   
Volvo Ocean Race - Team Alvimedica rounds Fernando de Neronha   
RS:X Youth World Windsurfing Championship - All to play for on day 4   
Rolex Middle Sea Race - Prize giving ceremony in Valetta   
China Cup International Regatta - Dominant start for Dongfeng   
Sailors honored for distinguished service at US Sailing Awards Dinner   
Volvo Ocean Race: Heading for the speedway to Cape Town *Feature   
Optimist World Championship - First stage finished   
2014 - 15 Volvo Ocean Race - Equator takes its first scalp   
ISAF announces the resignation of Chief Executive Officer Jerome Pels   
2014 Renaissance Re Junior Gold Cup - Day 2   
Volvo Ocean Race: Leader close to Fernando - new record in the offing? *Feature   
International Masters Regatta - Sailing legends take on San Diego Bay   

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