Zhik Mission Beach Regatta - Sailing in tropical paradise

by Tom Orr 
F18's heading for the mainland and finish line after rounding Dunk Island
Tom Orr
The Zhik Mission Beach Regatta was sailed in perfect conditions off Mission Beach, the place where world heritage rainforest meets the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef. Mission Beach, 14 kilometres of wide golden beach, is a place where sailors can find themselves sharing the waves with dolphins, turtles, manta rays, and dugongs and when washing down their boat can find themselves looking a cassowary in the eye.

Conditions for the regatta weekend were forecast to be 20kts plus early in the week leading up the event which unfortunately put a number of sailors off who had to travel from more distant parts. As the week went on the forecast wind speeds were downgraded and as it turned out the weekend bought ideal conditions with races being sailed in winds of between 10 and 15kts. The skies were sunny, temperatures were in the high twenties and the turquoise sea was warm and crystal clear......

Sabots – 'Twisted Sister' sailed by Chelseann Osborne from Townsville Sailing Club
Bics – 'Delta 7' sailed by Keeden Walker from Townsville Sailing Club
Cats – F18 'Longboard Bar & Grill' sailed by Mick Guinea and Brendon Torpelund from Townsville Sailing Club
Mixed Monohulls – Contender 'Frantic' sailed by Davo Harrison from Townsville Sailing Club
Laser – 'Bundy' sailed by Rob Newson from Tinaroo Sailing Club
Tasars – 'Redline' sailed by Keiran and Dane Mouldey from Tinaroo Sailing Club