Yamaha WaveRunners power Storm Surfers 3D

Storm Surfers relied on Yamaha Waverunners.
Yamaha WaveRunner
Renowned for their performance and reliability, Yamaha WaveRunners were chosen and trusted by the Storm Surfers team to power the cast and crew into the world of extreme big wave surfing in the upcoming film, Storm Surfers 3D.

The release of Storm Surfers 3D in cinemas around the country is a big step for the world of surfing. It’s the first time 3D technology has been utilised in this realm and offers main stream cinema audiences the chance to experience a real surfers' eye view of surfing in big wave conditions.

The Storm Surfers 3D adventure documentary follows the journey of two time world surfing champion Tom Carroll and famous big wave charger Ross Clarke-Jones, two best friends hunting down and riding the biggest, most isolated and dangerous waves in Australia. Advising the team on all things meteorological is Ben Matson, a professional surf forecaster, who is responsible for tracking the best big wave opportunities and pointing the team to the correct locations.

Throughout production, the Storm surfers team utilised five Yamaha FZR WaveRunners putting them through some of the most extreme offshore conditions imaginable.

Tom Carroll surfing Secret Reef W.A.
Yamaha WaveRunner

The Yamaha FZR is well known for its knife-edge handling and class leading performance. Thanks to Yamaha’s 1.8 Litre supercharged engine, the FZRs used in Storm Surfers 3D had more than enough power to get the team out of several tight spots and their incredible reliability proved to be up to the extreme challenges the Storm Surfers threw at them.

'Yamaha is very excited to be associated with this landmark production,' said Grant Binskin, National Marketing Coordinator for Yamaha Marine Products in Australia. 'Our WaveRunners were an integral part of the production and seeing them up on the big screen delivering Tom and Ross into these massive waves make the team at Yamaha very proud.'

Yamaha’s range of WaveRunners are the craft of choice for big wave surfers around the country and the world. Yamaha WaveRunners are available through a comprehensive nation wide network of authorised dealers.

For more information on Yamaha’s class leading range visit the Yamaha website www.yamaha-motor.com.au

More about the film at www.stormsurfers.com.au