Yacht used for Drug Import

The Ronin at secure dock in Plymouth - photo by BBC
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In an incident which will have future ramifications for the easy travel of international cruising yachts, a British flagged yacht, the Ronin, has been intercepted off the coast of Cornwall after sailing from the Caribbean. The United Kingdom Border Agency carried out a search, seizing 100 kilograms of cocaine, understood to have been bound for London..

Two men, Douglas Wood, 58, from Sandwich Bay, Kent, and David Coxon, 52, from Jarrow, Tyneside, were arrested on suspicion of drug-trafficking offences. The drugs were estimated to be worth UKP5 million (approx US$9 million)

The multi-agency operation, which included the Royal Navy and the Serious Organised Crime Agency, was hailed as a “major blow” to organised crime in London.

The yacht was then taken to secure docks in Plymouth where it will be subject to forensic examination. The men will appear at Greenwich Magistrates' Court tomorrow (Monday).