Yacht Sentinel launches free iPhone app

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The Yacht Sentinel app which is FREE to download from iTunes makes it even easy to talk to your boat. Alarms can be set on or off just by sliding icons. Setting up the device is intuitive saving time and no need to read manuals.

One look at the screen indicates what the device is checking. With this app you can quickly see your boats current position on iPhone Maps.

The Yacht Sentinel device is like a mobile phone with inbuilt GPS that consumes very little power to monitor your boat. When you go ashore the device can be set to monitor your anchored position and alert you via phone if it moves beyond a defined radius.

'If you have your iphone out, instead of dialling in, you just click on the app to see what's happening on your boat in terms of anchor, shore power, bilge sensors, security, geo-sense for GPS tracking to check your boat hasn't moved. When you're on shore, your mind is at rest,' says Dee Jones from Smart1Marine.

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Yacht Sentinel can be connected to bilge, temperature, power, hatch or passive infra red sensors to alert your mobile phone.

You can download it now from iTunes for FREE!

Further information on the device which retails for $877 is available at smart1marine.com.au

More at ww.smart1marine.com.au