World Cup ORC 670 Islas Canarias

Pdero Campos’ Telefónica - World Cup ORC 670 Islas Canarias

Three races were held in the waters around Lanzarote for the World Cup ORC 670 Islas Canarias. A win and two second places puts Pedro Campos’ Telefónica in the lead with a six point cushion from Navantia of Jesús Pintos.

In the first race Pedro Campos’ Telefónica was the undisputed protagonist. The boat that races for the Sanxenxo and Alicante yacht club clearly won the race even if Iñaki Castañer’s Vindio lead in the first two legs but paid the price of spinnaker problems in the first run.

The real fight then took place for second spot. It was finally won by Nacho Campos’ Tanit 4 Medilevel, 51 seconds behind Telefónica. The closeness was clearly reflected further down, with 4 boats separated by a mere 5 seconds.

In a typical Lanzarote pattern, the breeze picked up and with a nice 15-kont wind the race committee started the second race. Two boats were early over the line, Felipeva V and Luis Rasposo’s Cariu. The latter didn’t recross and was OCS. Telefónica had another good start and lead the fleet from the start but Navantia passed them in the first, while Tenerife was a distant third. Jesus Pintos’ boat was able to maintain their leadership, crossing the finish line 27 seconds ahead of Telefónica in compensated time.

Although two races were scheduled for today, the race committee took advantage of the trade winds and fired the starting gun for a third one. It was a tight and close battle among the three leading boats, Telefónica, Tenerife and Navantia, but it was Iñaki Castañer’s Vindio that finally crossed the finish line leading the fleet. With a second place in the day’s final race, Telefónica consolidated their leadership, 6 points ahead of last year’s winner, Navantia.

The long coastal race (approximately 90 miles) will take place Wednesday, with the starting line located right in front of the Puerto Calero marina. The fleet will first head southeast to reach the islet of Lobos. From there they will head to a first offset mark and then another one situated in front of the island’s capital, Arrecife, and then return to Puerto Calero after rounding the Roque del Este. The finish line will again be in front of the marina and the first boats are expected to cross it well passed midnight.

Last but certainly not least, The GP42 class will carry out their practice race on Wednesday, when the 8 boats will make their final preparations before the Trofeo César Manrique, last event of this year’s Quebramar GP42 Cup.

Overall Standings (3 races)

1 Telefónica, Pedro Campos, 0.75-2-2, 4.75 points

2 Navantia, Jesús Pintos, 5-0.75-5, 10.75 points

3 Tenerife, Lucio Pérez, 8-3-3, 14 points

4 Vindio, Iñaki Castañer, 9-5-0.75, 14.75 points

5 Vell Marí, Teo Matheu, 3-8-4, 15 points