Windsurfers ask some tough questions

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Boarder X start. Kitesurfing PKRA World Tour Australia - Gold Coast 2010
With the ISAF Annual conference just a few weeks away, the Windsurfing community is beginning to apply some heat to the Kiteboarders.

RS: X Class Association's Rory Ramsden asks some pretty fair questions in his Open Letter... Read them here..

RS:X - Day 2 Four Star Pizza ISAF Youth Sailing World Championship

Interesting too that the upcoming Phuket King's Cup will have both Windsurfers and Kiteboarders racing... will be revealing indeed.

The news from the Team Oracle camp continues to flow after their devastating pitch pole, at the top mark bear away. For years, this has been a favourite camping ground for sailing photographers with the A Cats and the F18’s. Now it seems the tradition continues with the AC72’s.

The recovery of US 17 - Oracle Team US - Haulout Pier 80

Another good news story from GME with the rescue of Glen Ey this week.

Having left Pittwater on Sydney’s Northern Beaches on October 4 bound for Eden on the NSW Southern Coast, 44 year old Ey encountered severe weather and was riding out the storm when disaster struck. A rogue wave hit the boat rolling it over and destroying the mast.

After making what repairs he could Glenn started the motor and headed back to what he thought was Sydney coast.

Unsure of his exact position, now out of fuel and drifting helplessly, he activated his GME MT400 406MHz EPIRB… and the rest is history.