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An Absorbing Interest a two volume set
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This beautifully designed book charts the history of sailing's most enigmatic and greatest prize. In two volumes it covers the drama, boat design, personalities and sheer fascination of the America’s Cup, from 1851 in Cowes to 2003 in Auckland. It is illustrated with photographs, cartoons, paintings and figures and can rightly claim to be the definitive history.

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The work contains full records of all races and is made up of 32 Chapters - one for each of the 31 challenges and one for the race around the Isle of Wight in 1851 for the One Hundred Pound Cup, presented by the Royal Yacht Squadron as a prize for the regatta.
The two part set
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In addition there are sidebar stories of the principal competitors and incidents that are part of the story of this international sporting event.

The beautiful illustrations for this book are drawn from a wide variety of sources. There will be charts of the courses for the early races, re-drawn from a variety of sources, line drawings, cartoons and caricatures, etchings, lithographs, paintings and a considerable number of photographs, monochrome and coloured; all chosen to complement the text.

History, traditionally, is written by the victors and produces a one-sided view. The America's Cup had, for 132 years, only one victor and every major work on the subject reflected this. Since 1983, however, the Cup's progress has been of a more international nature but this has only been recorded by the winning teams for their own glorification.

This work seeks to retrace the history from all aspects and correct those glaring errors that have arisen previously. It is carefully researched, using contemporary sources beyond those of the yacht clubs who have challenged for and defended the Cup

Bob Fisher
Bob Fisher
The author Bob Fisher is yachting correspondent for the Guardian and Observer and has been covering the America’s Cup since 1967. He is writing a daily column for Sail-World during the 2007 Louis Vuitton and America's Cup series.

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