Wharro, Hyeres and more..

Nick Moloney was at the North Sails 3Dr Launch during the week, he will be talking at the CYCA on Wednesday night. Talking to Nick mid-ocean during the Route de Rhum and also the Vendee Globe, you can sense just how hard he pushes himself; don’t be too surprised if Nick is off on another big adventure soon. We will have some comments from Nick next week and some more news.

North Sails have certainly made some advances with their 3Dr sails bringing 3D right to smaller boats and a range of one design classes. See their latest release here. We will have more detailed coverage next week.

Wharro is back on the water in Baltimore, Brunel, the Melbourne built boat Volvo 70, now has two dagger boards and unfortunately it will have its first real hit out just a day before the Baltimore in-port race, in the early hours on Sunday our time. I reckon right now Grant. GT and the boys will be wishing they just had another month of development time.

The 35th SOR regatta in Hyères and the Aussie squad have stepped up to the plate. Darren Bundock and Glen Ashby look set for the second regatta win in a row. The young red headed sailor from Gosford Tom Slingsby is leading the Laser fleet. Last year he won four European regattas in a row and he’s not lacking in confidence these days. We will be following the Hyères regatta closely so check us out over the weekend.

Lots more good sailing in today’s news letter. So have a good look through.

In case you missed it we’ve reprinted the story about the Cairns skipper who had a costly trip into the Pacific and back without clearing customs.

Have just spoken to Andrea Francolini who is looking forward to photographing this weekend’s BMW Sydney Winter series racing. We will bring you lots of pixs on Monday.