We've been having a Whale of a time!!

Having a Whale of a Time
Phew….that was a giant couple of weeks and weekends. Back down in NSW, the weather today is just like the Whitsundays... brilliant sunshine and 25.

We have posted plenty of pix from Airlie Beach Hamilton Island, most the big boats so far, we have another couple of hundred to be upladed yet including the IRC C/R, PHS and Cruising fleets.

Hamilton Island is returning to normal, now the last of the sailors have left. Sail-World has the detailed reports including all the point score results in one table.

The image we’ve posted with this editorial has no news significance; we snapped it from Scott Ramsden’s Camera Cat on Whitehaven Beach Party day. It was not just the sailors who were having fun in the sun.

Now the focus shifts north to first ever Sunferries Magnetic Island Race Week. It looks like there will be 25 plus boats this year and we won’t be surprised to see double that number in 2008. There is a lot of interest from southerners and Kiwis keen to sail further north in the Coral Sea. Cleveland Bay will be a great Sports Boat venue too.

Images everywhere this week and not just from the Whitsundays. We’ve had more photos from the 18 footers in San Francisco than we’ve ever seen before, with our roving photographer Crosbie Lorimer joining the party.

Looking for a Father’s Day present…go to Whitworths. Catch up on the news from ATL Composites …and make sure you read about Sailforce.

Our sailing audience continues to grow, not surprising with all the good news from Qingdao, Airlie, Hamilton and around the world, more sailors are Googling their favourite event and finding we have the latest news. That is why up to 25% of our daily traffic comes from the Search engines each day. If your company is advertising in the marine industry but not yet with Sail-World...call us now.

We will be back in Queensland next week at Magnetic Island but right now its head down.