Volvo Ocean Race - big horizontal split ahead

Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 1, Day 8 positions past Cape Verde Islands

As the Volvo race fleet tip toe their way through the Doldrums, the course/weather optimisation analysis from PredictWind and Expedition shows that the fleet is about to make a big split.

Writing on the Expedition site, Nick White has calculated the (current) optimal weather routes as giving a horizontal separation of 270nm!

Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 1, Day 8 (19-10-08 at 0400hrs NZT)

White believes that Ericsson 3 is actually in the best position for the next phase of the race, ahead of current race leader, PUMA Racing who is one of two who should be forced to the east of the fleet.

Volvo Ocean Race, Leg 1, Day 9 Projection (20-10-08 at 0400hrs NZT) - 24hrs from current positions