Volvo Ocean Race - Telefonica delay rigging replacement

Volvo Ocean Race: Telefonica at the Leg 4 Finish
In the Volvo Ocean Race, team Telefónica have delayed replacing their standing rigging for the second time until after they arrive in Brazil at the end of Leg 5.

Iker Martínez’s team had planned on swapping the rigging over in Auckland, in a similar move to the last-minute changes they made in Sanya before the start of Leg 4, but shore crew boss Horacio Carabelli said they would now wait until after the gruelling Leg 5 Southern Ocean sprint to Itajaí.

Team Telefonica, skippered by Iker Martinez from Spain, sailing the final miles towards the finish of leg 4 in Auckland, during the Volvo Ocean Race 2011-12
'We were a little bit concerned about the standing rigging that we changed in Sanya,' Carabelli told

'We had a plan to change it here in Auckland as it was the first one we had fitted on the boat, but we are pretty happy with the way it came in.

'For sure we need to change the rigging in Itajaí and we are planning quite a good refit there.'

With just seven days to prepare Telefónica, Carabelli said the rigging would have to wait until after Leg 5 when they would have more time to carry out a full job.

'I think Itajaí will be the last time we will have time to do it,' he added.

'We are flying some guys there to finish the job and tidy up what we are trying to do here in three days in the middle of the rain!'

The DHL Shore Crew Award for Leg 4 will be presented to the winning shore team at the Leg 4 prize giving on Thursday March 15.

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