Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta - Over 100 visiting boats due

Over a third of entries for July's Volvo Dun Laoghaire Regatta 2013 are coming from outside Dublin Bay. See entry list below. The buoyant statistic for Dun Laoghaire's combined clubs regatta was revealed yesterday as a current entry tot of 310 boats received to date was announced.

The organisers of Ireland's biggest sailing event look set to top 400 boats with three months to the first gun on Dublin Bay.

Earlier this month reported eight of nine of the IRC zero entries for July's competition are overseas entries. The exception is the defending IRC champion, the Howth based Mills 36, Crazy Horse skippered by Norbert Reilly.

Entries received to date are spread across a good mix of visiting clubs from Ireland and overseas with all of the visiting clubs represented bringing additional boats who have yet to enter so the estimation would be that VDLR numbers of visiting big boats will be up from 2011.

A breakdown of entries received to date is below.
ClassBoat NameClub
IRC 0AquelinaArklow SC
IRC 0EosClyde CC
IRC 0RoxstarClyde CC
IRC 0Grand CruClyde CC
IRC 0African ChallengeNational YC
IRC 0JezebelRoyal Dee YC
IRC 0Loose ChangeRoyal Irish YC
IRC 0WowRoyal Irish YC
IRC 0ImpetuousSouth Caernarvonshire YC
IRC 0Dark AngelSwansea Yacht & Sub Aqua Club
IRC 0Elf tooClyde CC
IRC 0Crazy HorseHowth YC
IRC 1Whats the Rush 2Ballyhenry Boat club
IRC 1AnimalClyde CC
IRC 1Now or Never 3Fairlie YC
IRC 1Carmen2Helensburgh SC
IRC 1Flashback - c/card 1/5Howth YC
IRC 1Bada BingLiverpool YC
IRC 1Mighty Max 2Liverpool YC
IRC 1Adrenalin- deduct 1/5National YC
IRC 1AxiomRoyal Irish YC
IRC 1Rockabill VRoyal Irish YC
IRC 1Black VelvetRoyal Irish YC
IRC 1Raptor - c/card 1/5Royal Irish YC
IRC 1BoomerangRoyal St George YC
IRC 1TBARoyal St George YC
IRC 1MegalopolisRoyal St George YC
IRC 1InjeniousSouth Caernarvonshire YC
IRC 1Eazi TigerLiverpool YC
IRC 2Scenario EncoreBlackpool and Fleetwood YC
IRC 2CherubinoCarlingford SC
IRC 2Dick DastardlyDun Laoghaire Motor YC
IRC 2TribalGalway Bay SC
IRC 2King OneHowth YC
IRC 2VikingHowth YC
IRC 2MiniMummHowth YC
IRC 2The Big PictureHowth YC
IRC 2MaximusHowth YC
IRC 2ImpetuousHowth YC
IRC 2Sara Sarema- c/card 1/5Howth YC
IRC 2DuxHowth YC
IRC 2Movistar BleuKillyleagh YC
IRC 2JesterNational YC
IRC 2Cor BabyRoyal Irish YC
IRC 2GraduateRoyal Irish YC
IRC 2PeridotRoyal Irish YC
IRC 2Witzend 2Royal St George YC
IRC 2Helter SkelterRoyal St George YC
IRC 2KamikazeRoyal St George YC
IRC 2BendemeerRoyal St George YC
IRC 2Checkmate XVRoyal St George YC/Visiting Cowes
IRC 2Fifty shadesStrangford lough yc
IRC 2SunburnHowth YC
IRC 2Red RhumRoyal St George YC
IRC 3ExcaliburBray SC
IRC 3ChouskikouDL Marina
IRC 3AsterixDL Marina
IRC 3TangoDouglas Bay YC IOM
IRC 3Jaws - Seachange NowDublin Bay SC
IRC 3Triple SevenDun Laoghaire Motor YC
IRC 3Triple SevenDun Laoghaire Motor YC
IRC 3Alliance IIHowth YC
IRC 3Hard on PortHowth YC
IRC 3ChallengerHowth YC
IRC 3Pio Degli UliviHowth YC
IRC 3Jamais EncoreLough Erne Yacht Club
IRC 3JeligniteLough Ree YC
IRC 3GoyaveMalahide YC
IRC 3CacciatoreNational YC
IRC 3Grasshopper 2National YC
IRC 3HyFlyerPoolbeg Yacht and Boat Club
IRC 3ApacheQuoile YC
IRC 3NYAHRoyal Cork YC
IRC 3She TooRoyal Dee YC
IRC 3WynwardRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3SupernovaRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3PamafeRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3CriCriRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3GossipRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3SakiRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3TaiscealaiRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3Gung-HoRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3CartoonRoyal Irish YC
IRC 3CarrabegRoyal St George YC
IRC 3FlashWicklow SC
IRC 3BorraineRoyal Irish YC
IRC CoastalUlulaLiverpool YC
IRC CoastalLula BelleNational YC
IRC CoastalAdelieNational YC
IRC CoastalTsunami -c/card 1/5National YC
IRC CoastalLively LadyRoyal Irish YC
IRC CoastalLady RowenaRoyal St George YC
IRC CoastalPolished ManxDouglas Bay YC IOM
IRC CoastalRebellionNational YC
J109SleeperLiverpool YC
J109RuthNational YC
J109Powder MonkeyNational YC
J109Something ElseNational YC
J109JalapenoNational YC
J109MojitoPwllheli SC
J109SgrechPwllheli SC
J109IndecisionRoyal Irish YC
J109Jump The GunRoyal Irish YC
J109Joker 2Royal Irish YC
J109StormRush SC
J109JeepsterSouth Caernarvonshire YC
Beneteau 31.7LevanteNational YC
Beneteau 31.7ProspectNational YC
Beneteau 31.7KernachNational YC
Beneteau 31.7Bluefin TwoNational YC
Beneteau 31.7Extreme RealityRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau 31.7Dies IraeRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau 31.7MagicRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau 31.7Prima NocteRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau 31.7After You TooRoyal St George YC
Beneteau 31.7Fiddly BitsRoyal St George YC
Beneteau 31.7AvalonRoyal St George YC
Beneteau 31.730 SomethingRoyal St George YC
Beneteau 31.7LevanaRoyal St George YC
Beneteau 31.7TwisterRoyal Ulster YC
Beneteau 31.7EauvationDouglas Bay YC
Beneteau 31.7AttitudeRoyal Irish YC/Royal St George YC
Non SpinnakerSyledis in BlueBray SC
Non SpinnakerChase MeBray SC
Non SpinnakerGannetCarlingford Lough YC
Non SpinnakerHumdingerCarlingford SC
Non SpinnakerMore MischiefDL Marina
Non SpinnakerWhite LotusDL Marina
Non SpinnakerJust Jasmin - c/card 1/5Dun Laoghaire Motor YC
Non SpinnakerDemelzaHowth YC
Non SpinnakerBrazen HussyHowth YC
Non SpinnakerBite the BulletHowth YC
Non SpinnakerJokers WildHowth YC
Non SpinnakerOrnaNational YC
Non SpinnakerAuroraNational YC
Non SpinnakerSetantaNational YC
Non SpinnakerZephyrNational YC
Non SpinnakerEmir HerrNational YC
Non SpinnakerDragonflyPoolbeg Yacht and Boat Club
Non SpinnakerPersistanceRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerSea SafariRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerAfternoon DelightRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerAct TwoRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerEden ParkRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerThe Great EscapeRoyal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerSpiritRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerCalypsoRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerJuniperRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerKatieRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerNirvanaRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerTo Infinity and BeyondRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerNauti-GalRoyal St George YC
Non SpinnakerVespucciRoyal St George YC/Royal Irish YC
Non SpinnakerPure MagicBray SC
Non SpinnakerWindermereGreystones SC
Sigma 33Leaky Roof 2Cove SC
Sigma 33Pippa IVDL Marina
Sigma 33SaphoenixLiverpool YC
Sigma 33PopjeNational YC
Sigma 33Miss BehavinNational YC
Sigma 33LeeuwinRoyal Irish YC
Sigma 33PasticheRoyal Irish YC
Sigma 33Gwili TwoRoyal St George YC
Sigma 33SpringerRoyal St George YC
Sigma 33MarauderSouth Caernarvonshire YC
Sigma 33White MischiefRoyal Irish YC
RS EliteFullmarksRoyal North of Ireland YC
RS EliteToucanRoyal North of Ireland YC
RS EliteStormRoyal Ulster YC
RS EliteNo AngelRoyal Ulster YC
RS EliteMomentary Laps...Royal Ulster YC
Ruffian 23CarmenDun Laoghaire Motor YC
Ruffian 23RipplesDun Laoghaire Motor YC
Ruffian 23Ruff RiderDun Laoghaire Motor YC
Ruffian 23ParamourNational YC
Ruffian 23Different DrummerNational YC
Ruffian 23IcicleNational YC
Ruffian 23BanditNational YC
Ruffian 23Riff RaffNational YC
Ruffian 23Ruf NuffRoyal St George YC
Ruffian 23Diane 2Royal St George YC
Ruffian 23Ruff DiamondSailing in Dublin Club
ShipmanInvaderDun Laoghaire Motor YC
ShipmanBluefinNational YC
ShipmanCuraglasNational YC
ShipmanMalindiNational YC
ShipmanWhiterockRoyal Irish YC
ShipmanThe DenRoyal St George YC
ShipmanPoppyRoyal St George YC
ShipmanJo SlimRoyal St George YC
ShipmanVikingRoyal St George YC
ShipmanTwocanRoyal St George YC
ShipmanJuniperRoyal St George YC
ShipmanEuphanzel 3Royal St George YC
J80 Bay Challenge- NorthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- NorthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- NorthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- NorthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- SouthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- SouthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- SouthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
J80 Bay Challenge- SouthsideTeam to be Confirmed 
SB20Sin a Bhuifl - c/card 1/5Howth YC
SB20SharkbaitIrish Sailing Association
SB20Venuesworld.comRoyal Irish YC
SB20Bad-KilcullenRoyal Irish YC
SB20Sunday BrunchRoyal St George YC
SB20Smoke on the WaterRoyal St George YC
SB20Should Be…Royal St George YC
SB20Sin BinRoyal St George YC
SB20TBCKinsale YC
SB20RubadubdubNational YC
SB20Seriously Bonkers 3Royal St George YC
SB20BomChickaWahWahRoyal St George YC
Beneteau First 21BackchatDL Marina
Beneteau First 21Frutti di MareDL Marina
Beneteau First 21Mon ReveMalahide YC
Beneteau First 21eeZee TigerNational YC
Beneteau First 21CapilanoRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau First 21Small WonderRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau First 21IsoldeRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau First 21Yikes!Royal Irish YC
Beneteau First 21ChinookRoyal Irish YC
Beneteau First 21SyzrgyRoyal St George YC
Beneteau First 21Plan BRoyal St George YC
Beneteau First 21CarnaScotland
Beneteau First 21Wild ThingTralee Bay SC
Beneteau First 21Double DutchUK
DragonZinZanRoyal Irish YC
DragonPhantomRoyal St George YC
DragonJaguarRoyal St George YC
Flying FifteenThe GruffaloNational YC
Flying FifteenDerangedNational YC
Flying FifteenA Mere TriffleNational YC
Flying FifteenFlyerNational YC
Flying FifteenAshNational YC
Flying FifteenOut of the BlueNational YC
Flying FifteenThe Big Bow WowNational YC
Flying FifteenFfloggerNational YC
Flying FifteenKooigjugNational YC
Flying FifteenSnow WhiteNational YC
Flying FifteenPerfect tenNational YC
Flying FifteenHiFibreNational YC
Flying FifteenAs Good as it Gets-c/cardNational YC
Flying FifteenMelliffluence - sending chqNational YC
GlenGlengeshRoyal Irish YC
GlenGlencoeRoyal St George YC
GlenGlendunRoyal St George YC
GlenGlencreeRoyal St George YC
GlenGlenmarissaRoyal St George YC
GlenGlenshaneRoyal St George YC
GlenGlen MillerRoyal St George YC
GlenGlensheskRoyal St George YC
SquibPeriquinDun Laoghaire Motor YC
SquibChatterboxHowth YC
SquibBlack AmourHowth YC
SquibPintailNational YC
SquibContenderRoyal North of Ireland YC
SquibToy for the BoysRoyal North of Ireland YC
SquibPerfectionRoyal St George YC
SquibAnemosRoyal St George YC
SquibWhy NotRoyal St George YC
SquiblolaRoyal St George YC
SquibKookaburraRoyal St George YC
SquibBuzzLiteRoyal St George YC
SquibNimbleRoyal St George YC
SquibLittle DemonRoyal St George YC
SquibFoxRoyal St George YC
MermaidTiller GirlNational YC
MermaidLively LadyNational YC
MermaidAideenNational YC
MermaidEndeavourNational YC
MermaidJillRoyal Irish YC
MermaidThe MessageSkerries SC
MermaidGentooSkerries SC
MermaidBean AdhmaidSkerries SC
MermaidDolphinSkerries SC
MermaidAzeezySkerries SC
MermaidHelen - end May personalSkerries SC
FireballLicense to ThrillCoal Harbour DL
FireballBlue EyesCoal Harbour DL
FireballElevationDun Laoghaire Motor YC
FireballTipsey McStaggerRoyal St George YC
Howth 17OonaHowth YC
Howth 17IsobelHowth YC
Howth 17SheilaHowth YC
IDRA 14ShearwaterClontarf Yacht and Boat Club
IDRA 14ChimaeraClontarf Yacht and Boat Club
IDRA 14ChaosClontarf Yacht and Boat Club
IDRA 14Delos iiClontarf Yacht and Boat Club
IDRA 14DianeCoal Harbour DL
IDRA 14DartCoal Harbour DL
IDRA 14DoodyDun Laoghaire Motor YC
IDRA 14DunmoaninDun Laoghaire Motor YC
Laser StdSailplanRoyal Irish YC
RS400888Coleraine Yacht Club
PY Double HandedLaser VagoSailing in Dublin
PY Double HandedLaser VagoSailing in Dublin
PY Double HandedLaser VagoSailing in Dublin
PY Single HandedMach 2Coal Harbour DL
PY Single HandedMach 2National YC
PY Single HandedRihannaNone
Water WagMollieNational YC
Water WagGood HopeRoyal Irish YC
Water WagSwiftRoyal Irish YC
Water WagMarie LouiseRoyal Irish YC
Water WagChloeRoyal Irish YC
Water WagErosRoyal St George YC
Water WagLittle TernRoyal St George YC
Water WagPansyThe Water W