VIP courtesy vehicle at Gold Coast City Marina

GCCM courtesy car
Gold Coast City Marina
The team at GCCM identified the perennial dilemma of getting to and from your marina berth and house when taking your boat to and from the GCCM for service and maintenance work.

As Dean Leigh-Smith explains: 'Now you can drop your boat to the GCCM and be delivered door to door in comfort without fuss. Our new vehicle features a climate controlled cabin with four luxurious captain's chairs and a three-seat bench seat rear along with luggage stowage rear.'

The vehicle and service may be VIP, but it’s available to owners of all kinds of boat who are clients of GCCM. You can avoid the hassle of retrieving their cars, or catching a taxi, or inconveniencing friends and family. Service runs seven days and is available only to clients of GCCM.

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