Ullman Sails welcomes Tony Bull of Bull Sails to the team

Tony Bull
Ullman Sales .
Tony Bull a prominent Melbourne sailmaker of 'Bull Sails' in Geelong, formerly Quantum Sails, has joined the Ullman Sails team.

Tony has over 30 years sail making experience and has decided to take a change in direction by joining the fast growing Ullman Sails team in Australia. He brings a wealth of experience to the group and his diverse sailing resume includes successfully representing Australia in many World Championships as well as competing in almost every ocean race on the Australian eastern seaboard. More recently he finds himself in demand as a 'speed doctor' as a sail designer and trimmer, helmsman, race tactitian and sailing educator. He is also a well regarded author of many sailing articles published frequently online and in print.

This knowledge and experience augments the already strong Ullman Sails Australian team and further develops their racing expertise.

All this experience, and lofts on both sides of Port Philip enables Ullman Sails Melbourne to provide an unprecedented level of quality service, design and development in the sailmaking market.

The Ullman Sails group is now the largest network of lofts in Australia, with full scale manufacturing lofts in Melbourne and Geelong, Sydney, the Sunshine Coast, the Whitsundays and Perth.