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Tanner and Tauranga Cups and Starling nationals underway in Whangarei

Due to our Australian excursion, Sail-World has a little behind the Eight Ball with our coverage of the P and Starling Class Nationals (not that we were sent anything either, and don't have photos for the same reason.)

The following are the official reports from the regatta so far, along with the official results for the Starlings.

P class results are in a separate story.

Updates each day following, from now on (we hope).

Three championships are underway in Whangarei, Northland - the Tauranga Cup, the P Class National Championships, and the Starling National Champs.

The day started with a showery SW as the 54 P Class headed out on to the start line with the 120 Starlings. For the first time these two contests are being run at the same time on the same water. A spectacular confusion of boats. Both big and small, left a lot of people wondering how it would all be sorted out.

The P Class started their Invitation Race first. The boats that struck out to the right hand lay line came through to the windward mark. The two Starling fleet has been split into two 60 boat fleets and they started one after the other separated by 10 minutes. The competitors had it all sorted, and after only one general recall the fleet took off up the windward beat. The first of three big squalls to hit the fleets came through just as the P Class fleet was heading towards the finish. The best gust was 37 knots!!! (At least the patrol boat crews got a freshwater wash!!).

The P Class race had only eight finishers. Gareth Moore (Waimakariri) led the fleet home.

The P Class were then sent in as the Starlings kept still racing.

Race one of the Tauranga Cup was started a little later as the breeze settled in at 20 to 25 knots. Gareth Moore picked up from the practice race and lead from start to finish. Oscar Rorvik (Tauranga) chased him home for second, with Andrew McKenzie (Kohimaramara) third. The P Class were then sent to the beach as the third squall threatened on the horizon. The third race the P Class was the last start of the day. The breeze had settled down and the gusts were further between them. Gareth Moore once again lead the fleet for most of the race until the 25 knots and fatigue finally wore him down, along with several capsizes, to let Oscar in for a win, Andrew second, Erica Dawson (Murray's Bay) third and William Talbot (Naval Point 4th).

The Starlings had some amazing sailing as they continued to race through all of the wind. Chris Steele (Wakatere) dominated the blue fleet with 3 wins, often by a minute or so!!, Samuel Mackenzie (Kohimaramara) had a mortgage on second place not letting anyone else in, Kagen Weeks (Napier) showed some great skills with a 3,7,3 result for the day. In the Yellow Fleet there was a mix of winners. Leading on the first day was Marcus Hansen (Whangarei) with 1,2,1 results, Thom Saunders (Tauranga) had a bent mast in the first race but still managed a 5th, then followed this with a win and a 2nd. Scott Barnes (Murrays Bay) had a 3,3,6 day to hold third place in the yellow fleet. The fleets are now re-enginered for tomorrows racing.

There were several bent masts and a few ripped sails to show for a huge day on the water. Molly Meech (Tauranga) spotted a Moro Bar near the top mark in the first race, picked it up and had some extra sustenance for a 12, 4, 9 day and 11th after the first day.

Day 2

P Class and Starling Nationals.

Race day two dawned with NW rain blowing across the Parua Bay course. By start time of 11 am the rain had stopped but there was 15 to 20 knots of SW blowing and some spectacular sailing conditions. The P Class stared the first of their last three races. The four top boys relishing the fresh conditions. Sam Mackay (Hawkes Bay) lead the race from start to finish. Beating home Andrew Mackenzie (Auckland) and Gareth Moore (Canterbury).

BOP’s Oscar Rorvik had a broken vang and retired. The contest was now wide open. The second race started with 15 knots of SW again. On the second beat Auckland and Canterbury got a big left hand lift and left HawkesBay and BOP to battle it out for third. In an awesome capsize, (Caught on camera) Hawkes Bay ripped his sail but managed to slip in for 4th place. The third and final race for the day was started in 20 knots of SW.

Hawkes Bay had changed their sail and ended up off the pace. The same three boats battled around the course with the lead changing several times. BOP came through on the final down wind to win the race and the Tanner Cup. 1,1,2,3, DNF,3,1,23pts. Hawkes Bay was second with 2,2,1,DSQ,1,5,4 27pts. Canterbury also had 15 points but was third on countback with 4,3,6,1,2,2,3. The biggest gust of the day was just under 30 knots!!!

The starling match racing completed the round robins series in 15 to 20 knots. Thomas Saunders (Bay of Plenty) won the round robin 12 wins/0 losses. Chris Steele (North Harbour) 11/1, the ever improving Grant Hamilton (Northland) had 9/3 result and the final semi finalist was Josh Edmonds (Marlborough). The semi finals went to form in two races. BOP beat Marlborough and North Harbour ahead of Northland.

The finals races were two evenly matched races with very close racing and the lead changing during the race. The first finals race Chris Steele lead Thom Saunders around all the marks and then 50m from the finish Thom slipped through during a couple of gybes to 'Win by a whisker'. The next two races Thom cornered Chris on the starline and controlled the races from start to finish.

In the play off for third and fourth, the first two races went each way, with the boat off the startline controlling the race, including penalties being taken on the finish line!! Grant had a great start and lead from start to finish in the final race to take third place.

Day 3

Harken Interprovincial P Class champs.

Day One Tanner Cup.

A fantastic hot sunny day greeted the 11 competitors as they hit the water.

15Knot Sw moved through to a 5 to 7 knot Southerly by the end of the day.

Oscar Rorvik (BOP) lead the first race of the day, and stayed clear of the fleet. He was chased home by Sam Mackay (Hawkes Bay). The second race and the breeze dropped a little but produced the same result as race one. Race three saw the fleet split two ways and a southerly change, the top boats were caught and sent tumbling down the fleet. The three lap format saw BOP and HB come back to lead again. The wind went light for the final race. Canterbury’s Gareth Moore, one of the heaviest competitors showed his class by coming through to win the race. With Taylor Burn (Marlborough) finishing second.

Results after 4 races. There are three more races scheduled for tomorrow.

Oscar Rorvik BOP 1,1,2,3 (7 Points)

Gareth Moore Cant 4,3,6,1 (14 points)

Taylor Burn Marl 5,5,3,2 (15 points)

Starling Match Racing.

Defending champion Thomas Saunders has had a great start to his contest. After 10 rounds of 13 to be sailed he has not lost a race. Local Northland sailor Grant Hamilton , sailing a boat he built himself over the winter, is on 8 wins. Chris Steele from North Harbour has also had a great day on 7 wins. Gye Simkin (Taranaki) has come from nowhere and has had a blinder of a day also on 7 wins.

They have three more rounds tomorrow before the fleet heads into semi finals.

Starling Nationals 2009

Results as of Starling Nationals


Sailed:3, Discards:0, To count:3, Entries:120, Scoring system:Appendix A
HelmSex Club Nat Rank SailNo HelmName Flight Q1 Q2 Q3 Total Nett Notes
M Wakatere NZ 1st 1146 Chris Steele blue b 1 b 1 b 1 3 3  
M WCC/MBSC NZ 2nd 2100 Marcus Hansen yellow y 1 y 2 y 1 4 4  
M Kohimarama NZ 3rd 1282 Samuel McKenzie blue b 2 b 2 b 2 6 6  
M Tauranga YPBC NZL 4th 1297 Thomas Saunders yellow y 5 y 1 y 2 8 8  
M MBSC   5th 1033 Scott Barnes yellow y 3 y 3 y 6 12 12  
M Napier Sailing Club NZ 6th 1237 Kagan Weeks blue b 3 b 7 b 3 13 13  
M Napier Sailing Club NZ 7th 1306 Jake Weeks blue b 5 b 5 b 8 18 18  
M Kohimarama NZ 8th 1184 James Rountree blue b 7 b 6 b 6 19 19  
M TYPBC NZ 9th 1251 Luke Stevenson yellow y 4 y 11 y 5 20 20  
M Wakere Boating Club NZ 10th 2101 Logan Dunning Beck blue b 4 b 13 b 4 21 21  
F Tauranga YPBC NZL 11th 1144 Molly Meech blue b 13 b 4 b 9 25 25  
M Murrays Bay NZ 12th 1199 Jamie Dawson blue b 11 b 3 b 13 26 26  
M BBYC NZ 13th 1310 Tyler Russell yellow y 9 y 10 y 8 27 27  
M Macandrew Bay Boating Club NZL 13th 758 Alex Morris yellow y 11 y 6 y 10 27 27  
M Howick NZ 15th 1168 Michael Rodgers blue b 16 b 9 b 5 29 29  
M Naval Point Club NZL 15th 1063 Daniel Philpott yellow y 10 y 4 y 15 29 29  
M Howick/Kohi NZL 17th 1174 Hamish Chadderton yellow y 6 y 8 y 17 31 31  
M Vauxhall NZL 18th 1112 Peter Sise blue b 10 b 12 b 12 33 33  
M New Plymouth NZ 18th 1224 Paul Moriarty yellow y 7 y 12 y 14 33 33  
M QCYC/MBSC NZL 18th 427 Declan Burn blue b 9 b 15 b 10 33 33  
M SYC NZ 21st 1025 Callum Jones blue b 14 b 11 b 15 39 39  
M Bucklands NZ 22nd 1049 Trent Jones yellow y 15 y 13 y 13 41 41  
M New Plymouth NZL 23rd 1309 Gye Simkin blue b 12 b 19 b 14 44 44  
M Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club NZL 24th 1312 Tom Charteris yellow y 17 y 16 y 12 45 45  
M Kohimarama NZL 25th 1198 Henry Wilkinson yellow y 16 y 7 y 24 47 47  
M Napier NZL 26th 1080 Ollie Steiner yellow y 8 y 14 y 27 49 49  
M QCYC/MBSC NZL 27th 1183 Scott Fyfe yellow y 13 y 18 y 20 51 51  
M Worser Bay NZL 27th 2019 Oliver Staub yellow y 18 y 17 y 16 51 51  
M Torbay NZL 29th 1235 Alex Dyet yellow y 12 y 19 y 22 53 53  
F TYPBC NZ 30th 1147 Claudia Pierce blue b 20 b 20 b 16 55 55  
M Taupo/Napier NZL 31st 2104 Darren Inglis blue b 22 b 17 b 19 57 57  
M MBSC NZL 31st 1283 Matthew Lee blue b 27 b 14 b 17 57 57  
F Mount Pleasant Yacht Club NZ 33rd 1296 Brittany Wornall yellow y 19 y 20 y 21 60 60  
M Torbay NZL 34th 1256 Josh Salthouse blue b 26 b 18 b 18 61 61  
M BBYC NZL 35th 1134 Aaron Turnbull yellow y 30 y 15 y 19 64 64  
M GBC NZ 36th 1304 Hamish Andrew blue b 23 b 21 b 22 65 65  
M MBSC NZ 37th 2103 William Cobb blue b 18 b 16 b 35 68 68  
M Naval Point Club NZL 37th 1054 Sam Herron blue b 19 b 23 b 27 68 68  
M Wakatere NZL 37th 2011 Sam Schofield blue b 21 b 27 b 21 68 68  
M Queen Charlotte YC NZL 37th 1285 Josh Edmonds yellow y 2 y DNF y 3 68 68  
M TYPBC NZ 41st 1315 Phillip Smith blue b 24 b 28 b 24 75 75  
F Napier Sailing Club NZL 41st 1308 Briar Mannering yellow y DNF y 5 y 7 75 75  
M Naval Point Club NZL 43rd 1244 Morgyn Cowan blue b 6 b DNF b 11 76 76  
M Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club NZL 43rd 1311 Hayden White blue b OCS b 10 b 7 76 76  
F Christshurch Yacht Club NZL 43rd 1266 Emma Reeves yellow y 28 y 22 y 26 76 76  
F MBSC NZL 46th 1178 Yelena Lee yellow y 33 y 21 y 25 79 79  
M Hamilton NZL 47th 1082 Nicholas Oxborrow yellow y 26 y 23 y 31 80 80  
M Naval Point Club NZL 48th 1171 Brendon Campbell blue b 17 b 24 b 41 81 81  
M Torbay NZ Maori 48th 1281 Byron Peard blue b 29 b 25 b 28 81 81  
M Napier Sailing Club NZ 48th 1305 Matt Broome yellow y DNF y 9 y 9 81 81  
M Torbay NZL 51st 1303 Ollie Andrew yellow y 32 y 24 y 28 84 84  
M Worser Bay NZL 51st 1259 Adam Middleton yellow y 24 y 30 y 30 84 84  
F Napier NZL 53rd 1294 Vicky Callinicos blue b 33 b 29 b 26 87 87  
F Wakere Boating Club NZL 54th 1065 Lucy Hawkins blue b 28 b 31 b 32 90 90  
F New Plymouth NZL 55th 1229 Michele Lochhead yellow y 29 y 28 y 34 91 91  
F Worser Bay NZ 56th 1278 Shelley Pearson blue b 15 b DNF b 20 93 93  
M Sandspit NZ 57th 1316 Grant Hamilton yellow y 20 y DNF y 11 94 94  
F Napier nzl 57th 1070 Sophie Panton blue b 31 b 34 b 30 94 94  
M Vauxhall Yacht Club NZL 59th 1055 Andrew Shearer yellow y 23 y 34 y 38 95 95  
F Torbay NZ 60th 1236 Janelle Peat yellow y 37 y 27 y 32 96 96  
F MBYC GER 61st 2009 Isabel Thoma blue b 39 b 30 b 29 97 97  
F MBSC NZL 61st 1185 Vicky Francis blue b 35 b 32 b 31 97 97  
M Naval Point Club USA 63rd 1117 Todd Wells yellow y 34 y 26 y 40 100 100  
M MPYC / NPCL NZL 64th 1227 Layton Hern blue b 32 b 35 b 36 102 102  
M Worser Bay NZL 65th 1245 James De Lisle blue b 41 b 26 b 37 103 103  
M BBYC NZL 66th 1133 Clark Hepworth blue b 30 b 37 b 38 104 104  
F Napier NZ 67th 1295 Emma Goodwin yellow y 25 y DNF y 18 106 106  
M GBC NZ 67th 1307 Thomas Elmore blue b DNF b 22 b 25 106 106  
F Tauranga NZ 69th 1211 Annalise Nixon yellow y 21 y DNF y 23 107 107  
M Nelson NZL 70th 1189 Daniel Foley-Logan blue b 40 b 36 b 34 109 109  
F Christshurch Yacht Club NZL 70th 1239 Hannah Reeves blue b 38 b 33 b 39 109 109  
F Sandspit NZL 72nd 1206 Donna Hamilton blue b 34 b DNS b 23 115 115  
F MBSC NZ 73rd 1075 Georgia Craies yellow y 22 y 31 y DNF 116 116  
M MBSC NZL 73rd 1274 Brad Moss blue b 25 b DNS b 33 116 116  
M MBSC/LTYC NZ 75th 1233 James Turner yellow y DNF y 25 y 29 117 117  
M Torbay NZ Samoan 76th 919 Eroni Leilua yellow y 27 y 29 y DNC 119 119  
M Glendowie Boating club NZL 77th 2014 Michael Boucher blue b 42 b 38 b 42 121 121  
M Wakere Boating Club NZL 78th 1290 James Roberts yellow y 35 y 42 y 45 122 122  
M Muritai NZL 79th 1267 James Mclean yellow y 44 y 37 y 43 124 124  
F Torbay AUS 80th 1200 Fiona Blincoe blue b 44 b 40 b 43 126 126  
F Muritai NZL 80th 1120 Anita Trudgen yellow y 40 y 40 y 46 126 126  
M Tauranga NZL 80th 1193 Sam Bullock blue b DNF b 8 b DNF 126 126  
F queen Charlotte YC NZL 83rd 1246 Rachael Clark yellow y 36 y 44 y 48 128 128  
F MBSC NZL 84th 2026 Sylvie Admore yellow y 31 y DNF y 35 129 129  
M Nelson NZL 85th 1099 Hyatt Brown yellow y DNF y RAF y 4 130 130  
F Torbay NZL 86th 1180 Hannah Osborne yellow y DNF y 35 y 33 131 131  
F MBYC NZ 87th 1301 Elise Beavis yellow y 38 y 32 y DNC 133 133  
M Torbay ENG 87th 1254 Matthew Edson yellow y 43 y 43 y 47 133 133  
M Kohimarama NZL 89th 1182 George Anyon yellow y DNF y 33 y 42 138 138  
M Muritai NZL 90th 1228 Basil Connor yellow y DNF y 36 y 41 140 140  
M Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club NZL 90th 1313 Clarke Hegan yellow y 14 y DNF y DNC 140 140  
F Muritai   90th 1151 Heather Trudgen yellow y DNF y 38 y 39 140 140  
F Napier Sailing Club / LTYC NZL 93rd 1319 Harriet Cameron yellow y 42 y DNF y 37 142 142  
F New Plymouth NZL 94th 1292 Jordelle Simkin yellow y 41 y 39 y DNF 143 143  
M Torbay NZL 95th 1115 Thomas Blincoe yellow y 46 y DNF y 44 153 153  
F MBSC NZL 95th 2053 Jennifer Mackay blue b 36 b DNF b DNC 153 153  
F Tauranga YPBC NZL 97th 1238 Robyn Caundle blue b 37 b DNF b DNC 154 154  
F Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club NZL 98th 1318 Hannah Hollamby blue b DNF b 39 b DNC 157 157  
M GBC NZL 99th 1250 Nicholns Mahoney blue b DNF b DNF b 40 158 158  
F Wakere Boating Club NZ 100th 2029 Heather Bridgeman blue b DNF b 41 b DNC 159 159  
F MBSC NZL 101st 1240 Taylor Wickman blue b 43 b DNF b DNC 160 160  
M MBSC NZL 101st 1114 Romano Chung blue b DNF b 42 b DNC 160 160  
M New Plymouth   103rd 2038 Leo Pritt blue b DNF b 43 b DNC 161 161  
M Wakatere NZ 104th 1129 Alex Munro yellow y DNF y DNF y 36 162 162  
M BBYC NZ 105th 1135 Jared Murphy yellow y 39 y DNF y DNC 165 165  
M GBC NZL 106th 2000 Andrew Todd yellow y DNF y 41 y DNC 167 167  
F Wakere Boating Club NZL 107th 1024 Kirsty Smith yellow y 45 y DNF y DNC 171 171  
M Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club NZL 108th 2102 Cullen Le Roy yellow y 47 y DNF y DNC 173 173  
F MBSC NZL 109th 1157 Taylor Mitchell blue b DNF b DNF b DNF 177 177  
M Nelson NZL 109th 1086 Fenn Anderson blue b DNF b DNF b DNC 177 177  
F New Plymouth NZL 109th 1201 Louise Moriarty blue b DNF b DNF b DNC 177 177  
F OYC NZL/USA 109th 433 Sarianna Crook blue b DNF b DNS b DNC 177 177  
M TYPBC NZL 109th 954 Berrick Fitzsimons blue b DNS b DNS b DNC 177 177  
F Sandspit NZL 109th 1194 Cindy Hamilton blue b DNF b DNS b DNS 177 177  
F KeriKeri NZ 109th 1155 Phillipa Adamson blue b DNF b DNF b DNF 177 177  
F Kohimarama NZL 116th 1111 Jamie Mcdell yellow y DNF y DNF y DNC 189 189  
F Tauranga YPBC NZL 116th 1018 Talia Clark yellow y DNF y DNF y DNC 189 189  
M Muritai NZL 116th 1011 Alex Kane yellow y DNF y DNF y DNC 189 189  
M Glendowie Boating club NZL 116th 2012 Holly Novis yellow y DNF y DNF y DNC 189 189  
F New Plymouth NZL 116th 1264 Lyneohe Simkin yellow y DNF y DNF y DNC 189 189  



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