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Rolex Sydney Hobart two-line start

'Rolex Sydney Hobart start 2006'    Daniel Forster ©
The 82 boat fleet in 63rd Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race will start simultaneously at 1300 hours today, Boxing Day, from two starting lines on Sydney Harbour.

The lines, running east to west across the harbour north of Shark Island, will be about 400 metres apart, with 30 of the biggest and fastest boats in the fleet starting from the northern line, the remaining 52 from the southern line.

To make up for the difference between the lines, the northern line boats will sail 400m further north at the Heads before rounding Mark Victor near North Head while those on the southern line will round Mark X-ray, just north of South Head.

From these marks, the fleet will head one nautical mile eastward out to sea where they will all leave Mark Zulu to starboard before setting a southerly course towards Tasmania.

Boats on the northern line range from the super maxis City Index Leopard, Skandia and Wild Oats XI to the IRC 40 Chutzpah and the radical 40-footer Mr Kite.

Also in this group are many of the favourites for IRC handicap honours, including the American Transpac 65 Rosebud and the Australian Transpac 52s Cougar II, Ragamuffin and Wot Yot, along with the 55-footer Yendys, the Cookson 50s Living Doll and Quantum Racing and the Corby 49 Limit.

Three Volvo 60s will be lining up on the northern line, DHL – The Daily Telegraph, George Gregan Foundation and the British entry Hugo Boss II.

Boats on the southern line include all the Sydney 38s, headed by Lou Abrahams’ Challenge in which the veteran Victorian yachtsman will be sailing his 44th race to Hobart, along with other smaller boats with IRC overall handicap prospects such as AFR Midnight Rambler, Balance, Impeccable, Mr Beaks Ribs and Zephyr.

The CYCA yesterday announced the break-up of yachts into divisions of yachts with a similar rating and predicted performance.

Boats rated under IRC will compete in five divisions: 0, 1, 2,3 and 4, while those entered under PHS have been split into two divisions. In addition, there is a Sydney 38 one design division (most Sydney 38s are also racing under IRC as well as one-design) and a cruising division.

IRC Division 0 comprises yachts racing with canting keels, including the 30m super maxis City Index Leopard from the UK and the two Australian super maxis Skandia and Wild Oats XI, the former Volvo 70 Ichi Ban and the Cookson 50 Quantum Racing.

IRC Division 1 includes the faster conventional keeled yachts in the 50 to 65-foot overall length group, the highest rated boat being Rosebud from the USA on 1.509, the lowest the Farr 50 Goldfinger on 1.292.

IRC Division 2 comprises ten well-performed boats, ranging in LOA from 40 to 56 feet. Highest rating boat is the West Australian boat Knee Deep on 1.276, the lowest the Queensland entrant Wedgetail on 1.202. Also in this division is another WA-owned boat, Limit, one of the favourites for overall IRC honours, along with the British boat Jazz and the new Victorian flyer Chutzpah.

IRC Division 3 is the biggest in the fleet, comprising 28 boats mostly in the 40-foot LOA range or thereabouts, including the modified Farr 40s AFR Midnight Rambler and Splash Gordon.

The Sydney 38s such as Challenge and Zen are also racing in IRC Division 3 as are a clutch of Beneteau 47.7s and Sydney 47s including the well-performed Balance, Mr Beaks Ribs and Pretty Fly II. Also racing in IRC Division 3 is the first Mexican entrant in the Rolex Sydney Hobart, the Beneteau 40.7 Iataia. A dark horse could be the well rated Archambault 40 Papillon.

IRC Division comprises a dozen of the oldest and smallest boats in the Rolex Sydney Hobart, including the veterans Spirit of Koomooloo from Queensland, Stormy Petrel and Impeccable from New South Wales and Huckleberry from Western Australia and the much-traveled Berrimilla also from NSW.

Berrimilla, with a rating of 0.891 has the lowest IRC handicap in the entire fleet, while Huckleberry’s rating is 0.920.

The three Volvo 60s are racing in PHS Division 1 along with the one-time line honours winner Toyota Aurion V6 (formerly Brindabella) and the radical Pogo 40 Krakatoa II.

Among the line-up in PHS Division 2 is Phillips Foote Witchdoctor, this year making its 27th voyage south.

The Sydney 38 One Design division totals ten boats, three from Victoria, the rest from NSW .

The sole entrant in the Cruising Division is the Oyster 55 Capriccio of Rhu, one of six British entrants in the 2007 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Revised Div List and Startline

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2007
Provisional Division List
IRC Division 0          
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCC
GBR1R City Index Leopard  Mike Slade UK Maxi 30m 1.855
AUS 03 Ichi Ban Matt Allen NSW Jones 70 1.601
8889 Quantum Racing Ray Roberts NSW Cookson 50 1.342
M10 Skandia Grant Wharington VIC Maxi 30m 1.758
AUS 10001 Wild Oats XI Robert Oatley NSW Maxi 30m 1.903
IRC Division 1          
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCC
SM5200 Cougar II Alan Whiteley VIC TP 52 1.334
SM1000 Georgia John Williams & Graham Ainley VIC Farr 53 1.306
8880 Goldfinger Peter Blake / Kate Mitchell VIC Farr 52 1.292
R50 Living Doll Michael Hiatt VIC Cookson 50 1.301
AUS 70 Ragamuffin Syd Fischer NSW TP 52 1.330
US60065 Rosebud Roger Sturgeon USA Transpac 65 1.509
6952 Wot Yot Graeme Wood NSW TP 52 1.340
1836 Yendys Geoff Ross NSW Reichel Pugh 55 1.377
IRC Division 2          
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCC
R33 Chutzpah Bruce Taylor VIC IRC 40 1.209
GBR 4519L Jazz Chris Bull UK J145 1.203
HY 161 Knee Deep Philip Childs & Frank Van Ruth WA Farr 49 1.276
43218 Limit Alan Brierty WA Corby 49 1.271
6522 Mr Kite Buckland & Hunn NSW Mr Kite 40 1.265
GBR 5698R Noonmark VI Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy UK Swan 56 1.206
545 Pretty Woman R Hudson/M Lockley/R Murphy NSW Farr 45 1.223
B45 Rush Ian & John Paterson VIC Corel 45 1.226
G421 Shogun R G Hanna VIC Rogers 46 1.265
HW42 Wedgetail Bill Wild QLD Welbourn 42 1.202
IRC Division 3          
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCC
8338 AFR Midnight Rambler Sue Psaltis & Bob Thomas NSW Farr 40 Mod 1.167
7447 Alacrity Matthew Percy NSW Beneteau 44.7 1.098
SM2004 Another Challenge Chris Lewin VIC Sydney 38 1.110
Q999 Another Fiasco Damian Suckling QLD Jutson 43 1.140
7771 Balance Paul Clitheroe NSW Sydney 47 1.174
MH115 Bear Necessity Andrew & Pauline Dally NSW C & C 115 1.060
SM2 Challenge Lou Abrahams VIC Sydney 38 1.110
GBR 6612R Decolsolmarine Sailplane Decosol Marine UK Beneteau First 47.7 1.117
MH60 Eleni Tony Levett NSW Sydney 38 1.110
7555 Endorfin Peter Mooney NSW Sydney 47 1.172
6155 Getaway Sailing 2 Peter Goldsworthy NSW Sydney 38 1.110
6146 Global Yacht Racing - Kioni Kioni Sailing Pty Ltd NSW Beneteau 47.7 1.123
MEX 407 Iataia Marcos Rodriguez MEX Beneteau 40.7 1.067
6068 IMAREX Marc & Louis Ryckmans NSW Sydney 38 1.110
8447 Mr Beaks Ribs David Beak NSW Beneteau First 44.7 1.112
N40 Papillon Phil Molony NSW Archambault 40 1.095
360 Patrice Six Adrian Dunphy NSW X41 1.126
6197 Pisces David Taylor TAS Sydney 36 1.061
8924 Pretty Fly II Colin Woods NSW Beneteau 47.7 1.116
2001 Quetzalcoatl Bruce/Hampshire/Lee Warner/Sweetapple NSW Jones 40 1.167
SM6083 Scarlet Runner Robert Date VIC Sydney 38 1.110
8300 Secret Mens Business #1 SMB Syndicate NSW Murray 42 1.160
6838 Splash Gordon Stephen Ellis NSW Farr 40 - MOD 1.160
8448 Swan Song Geoffrey Hill NSW Swan 48 1.142
6073 Swish Steve Proud NSW Sydney 38 1.110
6051 The Bigger Picture - KM & T Mike Roberts & Anthony Hooper NSW Sydney 38 1.110
7027 The Goat Foye/Gordon NSW Sydney 38 1.110
YC5974 True North Andrew Saies SA Beneteau First 40.7 1.065
6559 Wot's Next Graeme Wood NSW Sydney 47 1.174
3838 Zen Gordon Ketelbey NSW Sydney 38 1.110
IRC Division 4          
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCC
4057 Aurora Jim Holley NSW Farr 40 - One Off 1.049
371 Berrimilla Alex Whitworth NSW Brolga 33 0.891
RF116 Huckleberry Steve Humphries WA Sparkman & Stephens 34 0.920
MH106 Impeccable John Walker NSW Peterson 33 0.958
M762 Inner Circle Ken Robinson & Darren Cooney NSW Farr 40 IOR 1.049
5350 Matangi David Stephenson TAS Frers 39 1.014
2090 Morna Greg Zyner NSW Cavalier 35 0.953
GB347 Palandri Wines Minds Eye Brad Skeggs WA Beneteau 34.7 1.009
9412 Sextant Denis Doyle/ Lynne Smith NSW X-412 1.057
2170 Spirit of Koomooloo Mike Freebairn QLD S & S 48 1.024
508 Stormy Petrel Kevin O'Shea NSW S & S 36 0.953
8289 Zephyr James Connell NSW Farr 1020 0.959
PHS Division 1        
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCF
GER4014 DHL - The Daily Telegraph Kookaburra Challenge NSW Volvo 60 1.4041
NOR 2 George Gregan Foundation David Witt NSW Volvo 60 1.4843
262 Helsal IV Dr T Fisher TAS Dynamique 62  1.0900
GBR  3055 Hugo Boss II Alex Thomson Racing UK Volvo 60 1.4951
55555 Krakatoa II Rod Skellet NSW Pogo 40 1.1736
5474 Pirelli Les Goodridge NSW Farr 65 1.3493
7878 Sailors With disABILITIES David Pescud NSW Lyons 54 1.2743
10000 Toyota Aurion V6 Andrew Short NSW Jutson 79 1.5346
PHS Division 2        
SailNo Name Owner  State Design TCF
633 Dehler Magic Greg Tobin/ Charlie Preen QLD Dehler 39 1.0287
4384 First Light Nicolas Ewald & Susan Rice NSW Adams 12 1.0229
7551 Flying Fish - Arctos Flying Fish Properties NSW Radford 16.4 1.0152
6388 Namadgi Canberra Ocean Racing Club ACT Bavaria 44 0.9518
2557 Phillips Foote Witchdoctor The Rum Consortium NSW Davidson 42 0.9786
3724 Salona Phillip King NSW Salona 37 1.0128
4924 She Peter Rodgers NSW Olsen 40 Mod 0.9450
3846 Sheridan Road Rail (Tartan) Ian Sanford NSW Northshore 38 0.9929
Sydney 38 One Design      
SailNo Name Owner  State
SM2004 Another Challenge Chris Lewin VIC
SM2 Challenge Lou Abrahams VIC
MH60 Eleni Tony Levett NSW
6155 Getaway Sailing 2 Peter Goldsworthy NSW
6068 IMAREX Marc & Louis Ryckmans NSW
SM6083 Scarlet Runner Robert Date VIC
6073 Swish Steve Proud NSW
6051 The Bigger Picture - KM & T Mike Roberts & Anthony Hooper NSW
7027 The Goat Foye/Gordon NSW
3838 Zen Gordon Ketelbey NSW
Cruising Division         
SailNo Name Owner  State Design
GBR 24R Capriccio of Rhu Michele Colenso UK Oyster 55

by Peter Campbell


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9:19 AM Mon 24 Dec 2007 GMT

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