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Laser 4.7 World Championships Day 3 - Pin end crowd

'Laser 4.7 Worlds 2011, San Francisco'    Chris Ray ©

Laser 4.7 World Championships day 3, St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, CA, USA.

Saturday morning on San Francisco Bay saw clearing skies for the first race of the day for the girls fleet. After noticing the big opportunity that Greek sailor Athanasia Fakidi found yesterday to port tack the fleet from the very open pin end, 'the girls today,' according to photographer Chris Ray, 'crowded the pin end RC boat, which actually got tapped a few times.' No stone goes unturned with these girls. After a long course, Greek sailor Vasileia Karachaliou rounded the leeward mark ahead of the fleet, only to be passed by two of her competitors as they headed back upwind. Kim Plitkin finished first, but was OCS; regatta leader Cecilia Zorzi, ITA got the win, followed by Karachaliou and Nagisa Karis Sakai of Hong Kong.

While the girls start their second race, a gun at the club goes off indicating it’s time for the 112 boys to get their boats from the lawn, down the drive, to the ramp, and off the dock before the girls come in. It’s a quick and efficient process that the Club put together in order to navigate the single ramp that all 165 boats have to go up and down every day. When a fleet arrives at the dock after racing, volunteers meet them with a dolly, the sailor takes the boat up the ramp, around a loop to a hosing station, and then back to the lawn where they carefully and meticulously go over the boat and check for any equipment in need of repair or replacement.

In the second of the girls’ races, Italian Anna Liebman won the race, but Cecilia Zorzi is still winning the event with only six points after six races. Kim Pletikin, in second with 21 points, and Line Hoest, in third with 29, will face a tough challenge over the next three days to hold their places and get ahead of Zorzi.

The boys’ yellow and blue fleets started on time at 1400 today; after a recall, the races started under black flag and nine boats were flagged. After all clear starts in both fleets, the boys headed upwind in a building ebb with wind ranging from 13-17 knots. The wing marks tended to make the race into a contact sport as the boys converged to get the closest rounding they can, jibe, and head to the leeward mark on a high speed reach. The teachings of Dave Perry come to mind (if you see a big cluster at the mark, go around it and at all costs avoid protests) as the boats squeezed together, hailed protest, and slowed each other down.

Nevertheless, the Spanish regatta leaders Francisco Gonzalez in first with six points and Carlos Rosello in second with ten points, along with Hong Kong’s Keiju Okada in third with 22 points bobbed and weaved their way through the traffic and on to top finishes.

Laser 4.7 Worlds 2011 -  Erik Simonson?nid=86605_©

Laser 4.7 Worlds 2011 -  Erik Simonson?nid=86605_©

Results Laser 4. 7 Girls

Scores take into account 1  discard

No Sailno Name Scores 1 2 3 4 5 6
1 ITA 200480 Zorzi Cecila 6.0 (5) 1 1 1 1 2
2 SLO 198483 Pletikos Kim 21.0 1 3 5 6 (ocs) 6
3 NOR 194765 Höst Line Flem 29.0 12 2 2 7 6 (24)
4 GRE 183545 Fakidi Athanasia 32.0 3 (bfd) 4 3 17 5
5 GRE 194857 Karachaliou Vasileia 36.0 9 (bfd) 8 13 2 4
6 NOR 198747 Herud Celine Therese 38.0 18 (bfd) 6 4 7 3
7 TUR 198917 Yentur Zeynep 42.0 6 6 16 2 (25) 12
8 ESP 196946 Luque Gonzalez Yolanda GranCan 42.0 4 (bfd) 18 5 4 11
9 HKG 122064 Sakai Nagisa Karis 45.0 2 14 (23) 8 3 18
10 ITA 193660 Liebman Anna 65.0 (41) 22 12 12 18 1
11 BRA 197089 Silva Julia 72.0 25 9 13 (27) 11 14
12 SUI 197161 Van Campenhoudt Marine 76.0 14 15 9 (45) 13 25
13 USA 165073 Bushnell Lola 77.0 30 5 11 9 22 (37)
14 SLO 174363 Peternelj Eva 77.0 7 18 27 (39) 15 10
15 BEL 201051 Van de Loock Laura 78.0 13 (bfd) 3 17 24 21
16 ITA 195487 Modena Camilla 79.0 15 10 21 20 (38) 13
17 CRO 196187 Prtenjaca Nikolina 82.0 10 23 19 (26) 23 7
18 AUS 196421 Bennett Milly 87.0 19 8 (42) 11 29 20
19 SUI 199846 Jayet Maud 88.0 11 (bfd) 31 18 19 9
20 SIN 185404 Siew Kiah Hui Savannah 90.0 8 11 20 31 20 (40)
21 AUS 169684 Chesterman Sophie 92.0 (37) 20 14 29 10 19
22 USA 188912 Bryer Rachel 96.0 28 16 (34) 24 12 16
23 GBR 199438 Asplund Johanna 99.0 23 7 30 23 16 (32)
24 CRO 182661 Kacan Antonela 101.0 21 (bfd) 29 28 8 15
25 USA 194042 Weaver Hanne 111.0 45 4 10 10 42 (ocs)
26 ARG 159970 Zalazar Maria Florencia 111.0 24 19 26 16 (34) 26
27 CRO 186212 Hamerlitz Anja 111.0 17 (bfd) 22 22 21 29
28 JPN 196486 Kunimi Ayano 119.0 22 (bfd) 33 15 32 17
29 ITA 193583 Caruso Bianca 124.0 31 (bfd) 15 21 26 31
30 SLO 196239 Janezic Lea Dora 126.0 16 (bfd) 28 35 39 8
31 SIN 185781 Goh Su Min Rebecca 130.0 29 (bfd) 24 36 14 27
32 USA 191985 Naughton Sophie 133.0 (44) 12 32 25 30 34
33 AUS 184674 Barton Emma 139.0 27 (bfd) 7 37 40 28
34 ITA 196211 Frazza Francesca 140.0 (46) 21 38 14 37 30
35 USA 176237 Hughes Hannah 143.0 36 13 (47) 41 31 22
36 USA 164258 White Maeve 145.0 32 (bfd) 17 46 27 23
37 GER 181610 Edinger Nadine 151.0 (48) 26 39 38 5 43
38 GER 193240 Hinders Sonka 152.0 40 17 43 19 (48) 33
39 JPN 199062 Murayama Hitomi 169.0 26 (bfd) 25 49 28 41
40 IND 195372 Sadanandan Shweta 170.0 43 24 (48) 48 9 46
41 IND 190923 Charles Shaila 173.0 (47) 28 45 32 33 35
42 SIN 182202 Ho Airiel 175.0 20 (raf) 37 30 dne 36
43 USA 198386 Mackey Sarah 192.0 (50) 29 35 34 47 47
44 ARG 164030 Rivas Ines 193.0 34 30 40 43 46 (48)
45 HKG 180992 Mascia Sofia-Marie 195.0 33 25 49 50 (dsq) 38
46 IND 195378 Nedunchezhiyan Aishwarya 198.0 39 32 (50) 47 41 39
47 ARG 146046 Varela Dasso Lucia 200.0 35 27 51 44 43 (ocs)
48 AUS 184702 Vaughan Anna 203.0 42 31 36 (51) 45 49
49 USA 199347 Kardek Haley 203.0 49 (bfd) 44 33 35 42
50 USA 158824 Goethe Hannah 206.0 38 (bfd) 46 42 36 44
51 USA 192949 Dana Francesca 221.0 51 (bfd) 41 40 44 45

Results, pending protests, are posted here
Laser 4.7 Worlds website

by Paige Brooks


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2:05 AM Sun 31 Jul 2011 GMT

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