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Champalimaud (POR) new leader of Dragon Gold Cup

'Cascais Dragon Gold Cup 2008'    Nico Martinez ©    Click Here to view large photo

Manuel Champalimaud is the new leader of the Cascais Dragon Gold Cup. The Portuguese sailor was eighth in the championship’s fourth race and has a three point advantage from Poul Richard Hoj Jensen, Theis Palm and Andrew Mordem and 8,7 from Robert Campbell, Matt Walker and Jonathan Hill, both from Great Britain.

Champalimaud with Mark Hart and Ed Streeter are showing an impressive regularity and reached the first place. An unexpected result as Champalimaud says:

'I didn’t expect to be the leader. Here, there are 74 crews that can win. My crew is doing a fantastic job. We’re a real team and all the decisions are made as a team. I think that’s the main reason why we’re so regular and sailing so well.'

Champalimaud doesn’t feel any extra pressure to win the Cascais Dragon Gold Cup: 'I just want keep sailing calmly, as I’ve been doing these days', says the helm of 'Mar'.

Lars Hendriksen, George Leonchuk and Martin Leifelt, from Ukraine scored a 1st place in Race 4, on a 12 mile course, with the south wind blowing 6 to 8 knots. Russia’s Maxim Semerkhanov, Dmitri Tereshkin and Russian Formichev were second and Ireland’s Don O’Donoghue, Brian Mathews and Mark Pettitt, ended third.

Thursday the fleet will have one race, starting at 14:00h.

Dragon Gold Cup - Positions after 4 races

 Place Sail No Helm Crew  Points 1 2 3 4
1 POR-42 Manuel Champalimaud Mark Hart / Ed Streeter 63 16 19 14 14
2 GBR-735 Poul Richard Hoj Jensen Theis Palm / Andrew Mordem 66 10 26 22 8
3 GBR-688 Robert Campbell Matt Walker / Jonathan Hill 71,7 27 15 5,7 24
4 DEN-166 Tom Carlsen Mark Flint / Philipp Skafte-Holm 78,4 11,7 34 11,7 21
5 GBR-716 Gavia Wilkinson-Cox Jon Mortimer / Ron Rosenberg 79 45 3 16 15
6 UKR-8 Eugeniy Braslavets Sergey Timokhov / Claus Olesen 81 26 0 29 26
7 UKR-9 Lars Hendriksen George Leonchuk / Martin Leifelt 82 17 30 35 0
8 SUI-288 Robert Stanjek Markus Koy / Friedemann Nisch 82 22 10 37 13
9 RUS-77 Inna Shternberg Yury Bozhedomov / Petr Zakharov 90 36 29 15 10
10 UKR-7 Markus Wieser Thomas Auracher / Sergei Pugatchev 91 8 21 32 30
11 GER-976 Dirk David Stefan Abel / Mark Bayer 98 34 14 30 20
12 RUS-31 Emelianov Konstantin Mikhail Senatorov / Alexandz Prokorov 105 18 22 28 37
13 RUS-44 Artiom Kuznetsov Vladimir Silkin / Georgy Shayduko 113 0 32 26 55
14 GER-1036 Max Glas Wolfi Steuer / Simon Ramstetter 116 29 25 27 35
15 POR-47 Henrique Anjos Vasco Serpa / Pedro Costa Alemão 119 38 33 17 31
16 RUS-71 Maxim Semerkhanov Dmitri Tereshkin / Ruslan Formichev 123 42 37 41 3
17 GER-996 Thomas Muller Vincent Hoesch / Maximillian Scheibmair 124,4 81 11,7 20 11,7
18 RUS-25 Alexey Krylov Vlad Kapitonov / Alexey Bushuev 128 19 20 8 81
19 USA-310 Edward Sawyer Martin Payne / William Willet 130,7 5,7 23 43 59
20 GBR-723 Quentin Strauss Nigel Young/Lars Wegener 133 50 43 13 27
21 GBR-708 Len Jones Claus Hoj Jensen / Jaime Lee 133 48 48 18 19
22 RUS-81 Mikhail Apukhtin Leonid Klepikov / Alexander Mironov 133 30 18 24 61
23 GER-1042 Philip Dohse Oliver Mose / Jan Scharfetter 136 37 38 3 58
24 RUS-27 Anatoly Loginov Alexander Shalagin / Andrei Kirilyuk 136 49 31 40 16
25 RUS-47 Igor Skalin Valery Zatsarinskiy / Oleg Edokimenko 137 31 44 34 28
26 POR-51 Filipe Silva Joaquim Moreira / Miguel Pinto 139 47 60 0 32
27 DEN-391 Jorgen Schonherr Jan Eli Gravad / Christian Videbaek 141 3 59 57 22
28 RUS-35 Oleg Khopersky Victor Fogelson / Eugeny Ivanov 141 57 17 50 17
29 SUI-296 Harro Kniffka Michael Lipp / Michael Koch 142 32 8 61 41
30 GER-1056 Burkhard Keese Phil Blin / Jorg Moesnang 142 35 40 44 23
31 DEN-266 Frank Berg Soren Nielsen/ Soren Kaestel 145,7 60 5,7 10 70
32 SUI-297 Ulli Libor Frank Butzmann / Stefan Hellriegel 156 43 13 56 44
33 IRL-204 Don O`Donoghue Brian Mathews / Mark Pettitt 157,7 13 58 81 5,7
34 POR-55 Jose Matoso Charles Nankin / Afonso Marques 160 14 52 45 49
35 RUS-1 Arnold Shternberg Artem Smirnov / Alexander Andrianov 165 44 50 33 38
36 POR-146 Jorge Pinheiro Frederico Pinheiro de Melo / Francisco Mourão 166 41 47 31 47
37 RUS-96 Mikhail Muratov Valentin Uvarkin / Viacheslav Varnachkin 169 56 49 39 25
38 NED-305 Bram de Wilde Henri Boere / Gijs Evers 171 39 61 53 18
39 FRA-365 Louis Urvois Gwen Chapalian / Jimmy Pahun 171 51 53 21 46
40 POR-56 Miguel Magalhães Jorge P. Melo / José Magalhães 171 46 67 25 33
41 GER-1009 Ulrich Matthiesen Michael Nesselhauf / Jorg Fischer 172 33 24 52 63
42 MON-11 Christian Boillot Lionel Pean / Gerad Le Goff 173 52 41 38 42
43 RUS-2 Sergey Maslov Vladimir Krutskikh / Aleksandr Ezhkov 174 40 16 54 64
44 POR-49 Francisco Lacerda Diogo Lacerda / Diogo Pereira 175 62 46 19 48
45 RUS-45 Sergey Yazikov Igor Frolov / Vladimir Liubomirov 178 23 63 42 50
46 DEN-380 Peter Warrer Eric Orsted / Thomas Sorensen 187 21 42 81 43
47 SWE-338 Stefan Winberg Bosse Ahlstrom / Peter Casso 187 25 36 81 45
48 GER-972 Christian Krausenecker Karl Ibscher / Lasr Walter 193 20 75 59 39
49 POR-34 Fernando Bello Jorge Moya / Tiago Geraldes 196 24 55 49 68
50 POR-57 Mario Quina Fernando Passeiro / Eric Vandame 199 15 69 48 67
51 RUS-69 Olga White Igor Ivaskintsov / Alexey Murashkin 199 53 70 47 29
52 SWE-342 Bjorn Osterblom Peje Emilsson / Bo Kaijser 202 28 35 64 75
53 POR-58 José Duarte Bello Henrique Costa e Silva / Miguel Cardoso 205 58 39 55 53
54 NED-309 Guus de Groot Richard van Rij / Hay Winters 209 64 27 66 52
55 GER-1043 Cian O`Carroll Thomas Hill/Kane Williamson 215 71 65 23 56
56 RUS-32 Andrey Samoylov Leonid Altukhov / Manat Nevlyutov 225 54 74 63 34
57 POR-54 António Mardel Correia Pedro Rebelo de Andrade / Bernardo Santos 226 63 66 46 51
58 GER-1044 Horst-Wilhelm Stroh Rudiger Karsten / Katharina Stroh 228 55 68 36 69
59 HKG-50 Phyllis Chang Lowell Chang / Lars Gelbjerg-Hansen 228 74 56 58 40
60 POR-36 Patrick Monteiro de Barros Pedro Beckert / Paulo Bastos 240 59 72 73 36
61 POR-50 Pedro Mendes Leal Pedro Pinheiro de Melo / Jorge Ferlov 253 65 71 60 57
62 GBR-575 Richard Davies Titch Blachford / Patrick Welton 256 61 54 70 71
63 RUS-6 Alexander Shmid Alexander Yanin / Mikhail Markin 258 67 45 67 79
64 GBR-730 Thomas Olrog Claire Sowry / Philip Catmur 259 69 28 88 74
65 AUS-206 Gordon Ingate Christine Ingate / Robert Alp 259 81 62 62 54
66 POR-46 Francisco Pinheiro de Melo Vicente Pinheiro de Melo / Francisco Ramada 261 68 80 51 62
67 MON-2 Jens Rathsack Bjorn Oestreich / Nina Rathsack 273 81 51 65 76
68 GBR-690 Stephane Baseden Pascal Buli-Debat / Franck Corbiere 273 72 57 71 73
69 POR-53 Fernando Nogueira Fernando Gamboa / Morgan Nogueira 279 70 77 72 60
70 BEL-69 Michael Van Callwelaert Jan de Bie/Lien de Bien 281 75 64 76 66
71 RUS-80 Andriy Litsynskyy Vladimir Makaron / Andriy Golvoko 283 66 78 74 65
72 POR-23 Filipe Loureiro Miguel Tavares / Luis Vasconcelos Dias 295 76 73 69 77
73 POR-27 Antonio Vianez Andre Bravo/Henrique Lopes Cardoso/Filipe Talone 300 81 79 68 72
74 POR-40 Pedro Almeida Lopes João Almeida Lopes / António Santos Matos 302 73 76 75 78


The Cascais Dragon Gold Cup is part of Cascais Vela 2008 project and counts with the participation of 74 boats, representing 16 countries and is considered as the most important and prestigious regatta of the International Dragon Class, which returns to Cascais 10 years after it was held here in 1998.

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5:25 PM Wed 3 Sep 2008 GMT

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