Thursday 27 November 2014

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News - UK

Round the World Racing opens door for top photographer
The Volvo Race, and it’s predecessor the Whitbread, and Rick Tomlinson are as inseparable as sailors and beer.
Route du Rhum: Biggest racing trimaran in the world finishes second
Yann Guichard, solo skipper of Spindrift 2, finished in second place in the 10th edition of La Route du Rhum.
Route du Rhum - Yann Guichard (Spindrift 2) deuxième en Guadeloupe
Ce lundi 10 novembre à 19 heures 18 minutes et 46 secondes, Yann Guichard a franchi la ligne d’arrivée de la 10ème
Route du Rhum - Yann Guichard finishes second aboard Spindrift 2
Yann Guichard has finished the 10th edition of the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe in second position.
Crystal Blues finds good medicine in Penang
Crystal Blues had health issues, with 'something' around the propeller. Visibility in the marina was less than 12 inches
Volvo Ocean Race: Ringing the crew changes aboard Mapfre
At least two crew changes are slated for the Spanish flagged entry, Mapfre, for the next legs of the Volvo Ocean Race.
Route du Rhum - Erwan Le Roux creuse l’écart
Depuis qu’il a repris les commandes de la flotte des Multi50 de la 10e édition de La Route du Rhum – Destination
Route du Rhum - Oman Sail, Sidney Gavignet congratulate Loick Peyron
Sidney Gavignet onboard Musandam-Oman Sail has sharpened his focus down to a fine point.
RS Aero Fleet Lift-Off events
An ever increasing number of UK sailing clubs have RS Aero fleets starting up.
IWW Grenada Sailing Week - When, Where, How and Why
For many sailors it’s time to don the thermals or put away the sailing gear for another year.
Route du Rhum - Au rendez-vous de l'exploit
Loïck Peyron s'est montré ponctuel, tôt ce matin au rendez-vous si improbable d'un exploit maritime exceptionnel.
Route du Rhum - Skippers enter their own little worlds
With the passing days, the skippers in the Route du Rhum inevitably have a tendency to enter into their own worlds.
La course record de Peyron à bord de Maxi Solo Banque Populaire VII
Ce lundi 10 novembre à 05h 08 mn 32 s, Loïck Peyron a franchi la ligne d’arrivée de la 10e Route du Rhum.
Route du Rhum - Sir Robin Knox-Johnston after rivals
Sir Robin Knox-Johnston has been chasing the leading boats in his Rhum class on the first week of the Route du Rhum.
Route du Rhum - Arrival tonight for Josse and Edmond de Rothschild
At the 1000 GMT position report on 10 November, Sébastien Josse was still lying in third place in the Route du Rhum.

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