UK - Sailing events cancelled ahead of snow and heavy rain

UK Weather forecast Saturday morning 23 03 2013
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Miserable weather and now even more so or is that more snow.

A host of UK sailing events have been cancelled this weekend, because of the appalling weather forecast, with snow, heavy rain and strong winds variously across the weekend.

A combination of cold easterlies from Scandanavia and a westerly weather front bringing in heavy rain up to 60mm expected in some parts of the country combined to suggest that this was definitely not a weekend to go sailing.

Some of the many events cancelled or postponed include

Try a Minisail at Whitefriars Sailing Club
Gul National 12 Series event at Burghfield Sailing Club
Supernova Open at West Oxfordshire
Sprint 15 Icicle Event at Grafham Water Sailing Club
British Contender Association, Boat Bits Travellers Trophy, Round 3, Burton Sailing Club