Transport Canada to eliminate 14 Boating Safety positions

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Transport Canada announced job cuts this week, with the elimination of 14 positions in the Office of Boating Safety.

In a statement released this week it said:

'Over the past year, the government has found fair, balanced, and moderate savings measures to reduce the deficit. Overall, the savings the government has found represent less than 2% of program spending and less than 0.2% of the economy.

'In fact, over 70% of the savings found are in operational efficiencies. Safety and security remain Transport Canada's number one priorities and they will not be compromised.

'Under this initiative, Transport Canada federal officials will cease public education and outreach activities in the Office of Boating Safety. 14 positions across the country are eliminated by this decision.

'Transport Canada will remain focused on its core priorities, regulation and oversight. Transport Canada can make a better use of taxpayer dollars by supporting partner organizations who do boating safety outreach, instead of printing and mailing brochures.

'Through a review of programs and initiatives, Transport Canada found that it can be more effective in supporting outreach efforts by other organizations.

'We will increase funding for the Boating Safety Class Contribution Program will enable our partner organizations (i.e. provincial police forces, safety organizations) to continue to educate the public on boating safety and allow Transport Canada to focus on core regulatory programs.

'TC will re-design the contribution program in support of boating including increasing the program reach by the reallocation of $500,000 in savings.'

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