Transpac yacht race - Light air battle for last boats to Diamond Head

2013 Transpac yacht race - Zoltan Katinzsky’s Farr 40 White Knight finishing at Diamond Head buoy.
Leslie Demeuse Disney
In the 2013 Transpac, weakening trade winds have kept early finishers safe in their corrected time positions, as the last few boats come in to the finish at Diamond Head.

The irregular wind conditions have made boat tracking on the Yellowbrick system an imperfect measure of ETA’s and thus hard on the Aloha party planners ashore, but once ashore the hospitality offered has been gratefully well-received.

Practice race - 2015 J22 North American Championship
© Chris Howell
For teams that have finished, today has been a work day for when teams that are ashore clean up, dry out, and ready their boats for shipment back to the mainland, or for deliveries on their own bottoms. After over a week at sea, everything - sails, spars, equipment, cushions, in fact the whole interior of the boats – gets a thorough rinsing with fresh water. The light air and hot temperatures that are uncomfortable for the remaining finishers have been a blessing for this process to allow everyone to dry out.

This is also a time to trade stories and reflect on the race. Veterans put it in a long-range historic view ('…its not as bad as that race in ’79…'), while others have done the race for the first time and compare it to what they know.

Wally Cross is in this latter group, and as a Detroit-based sailmaker with clients around the Great Lakes he’s been familiar and successful in multiple editions of the 300-mile races to Mackinac island, from both Chicago and Port Huron. He sailed this this race with Bob Pethick’s Rogers 46 Bretwalda three team, and finished as runner’s up to Chip Megeath's R/P 45 Criminal Mischief by a little less than four minutes in corrected time.

'This is a long race!' said Cross. 'Maybe too long for me, because I’m used to doing the Mac races which are more of a sprint by comparison. And life on board with seven guys for that long a pretty tough. But it’s a really interesting race, and you work really hard, and the weather and navigational strategy is a fascinating element.'

Another newcomer to the race from Detroit was Bora Gulari, sailing on Phil O’Neil’s TP 52 Natalie J. Gulari was the 2009 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year award winner for his prowess in the experimental International Moth class, and is extremely active on sport boat classes like the Melges 24’s. Offshore racing is a new interest for him.

'I think this race was fantastic!' said Gulari. 'Yes, we developed the crack in the bow sprit on the second day of the race and that made us throttle back to keep it from breaking. But the fun and speed of the TP 52 is absolutely great, because the harder you push, the more you get out of the boat. I can’t wait to do another one.'

Practice race - 2015 J22 North American Championship
© Chris Howell

Like many of the race boats here, Bretwalda three will go back to the West Coast and participate in the next big Pacific event, the Rolex Big Boat Series in San Francisco.

Besides the Gib Black's Santa Cruz 50 Casch Mer making their final approach to the finish, just two boats remain on the course: Alex Farrel’s 1D35 Alpha Puppy just inside 200 miles out and John Higham’s sistership Kahuna, who is 85 miles further.

One boat on the tracker bringing up the rear Hiroyuki Funaoku and Janet Nicholson’s Jeanneau 43 Aquarius is 300 miles out but has retired from the race.

Yellowbrick trackers are reporting positions, speeds and headings on six hour delays for the rest of the fleet, which then revert to being available live as they approach within 100 miles of the finish. Online spectators can follow the racer’s progress using this system:

2013 Transpac Honolulu Race
Preliminary Results Race 1

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 Sail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperStatusRatingFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimeClassFleet
Monohull Racing

Transpac Division

Division 1

1USA 98888Invisible HandReicel Pugh 63Frank Slootman
61.024 21/Jul/13 - 09:49:517:20:49:516:05:50:36120

2USA 4511WizardRP 74David & Peter Askew
37.563 20/Jul/13 - 20:53:467:07:53:466:07:53:51225

3AUS 100Ragamuffin 100Elliot 100Sydney Fischer
0.000 19/Jul/13 - 21:17:266:08:17:266:08:17:26326

4MEX 55555PeligrosoKernan 70Lorenzo Berho
77.350 22/Jul/13 - 01:30:248:12:30:246:11:05:19427

5ITA 70MaseratiVOR70Giovanni Soldini
23.786 20/Jul/13 - 18:02:387:05:02:386:13:50:50530

6USA 65002Bad PakSTP 65Tom Holthus
58.917 21/Jul/13 - 16:41:478:03:41:476:14:03:18631

7USA 97777Medicine ManAndrews 63Bob Lane
73.613 22/Jul/13 - 09:29:508:20:29:506:21:28:00736

Division 2

1USA 84248MeanieR/P 52Thomas Akin
97.100 21/Jul/13 - 21:20:218:08:20:215:18:18:1115

2JPN 5535BeecomTP 52 Isao Mita
94.527 21/Jul/13 - 19:46:158:06:46:155:18:22:4326

3MEX 52001VincitoreRP 52Ricardo Brockmann
97.768 21/Jul/13 - 22:12:458:09:12:455:18:44:5937

4USA 52152LuckyTP 52Bryon Ehrhart
105.008 22/Jul/13 - 03:13:328:14:13:325:19:08:1448

5GER 6700Varuna 51Ker 51Jens Kellinghusen
93.667 21/Jul/13 - 23:47:208:10:47:205:22:56:46510

6USA 5252Natalie JTP 52Philip & Sharon O'Niel III D.D.S.
99.023 22/Jul/13 - 08:24:188:19:24:186:04:08:25615

7USA 7552GrinsTP 52Rick Orchard
103.273 22/Jul/13 - 12:39:538:23:39:536:05:41:05719

8JPN 4321KLC Bengal7Humphreys 54Yoshihiko Murase
102.784 22/Jul/13 - 12:44:028:23:44:026:06:03:59821

9USA 627Rapid TransitAntrim 49James Partridge
105.208 23/Jul/13 - 15:07:5710:02:07:577:06:54:59946

Division 3

1USA 678PyewacketAndrews 70Roy P. Disney
113.992 22/Jul/13 - 04:41:038:15:41:035:14:51:2112

2USA 97999AlchemyAndrews 68Per Peterson
116.971 22/Jul/13 - 07:07:118:18:07:115:15:23:1823

3USA 97Grand IllusionSanta Cruz 70James McDowell
120.291 22/Jul/13 - 16:57:249:03:57:245:23:06:15311

4USA 87654MaverickSanta Cruz 70Chris Slagerman
114.630 22/Jul/13 - 18:29:389:05:29:386:04:15:29416

5USA 41104RetroSanta Cruz 70David Team / Doug Baker
119.966 22/Jul/13 - 22:27:199:09:27:196:04:48:37517

Division 4

1USA 2245Criminal MischiefR/P 45Chip Megeath
123.744 20/Jul/13 - 21:49:329:08:49:326:01:46:01112

2USA 50030Bretwalda 3Rogers 46Bob Pethick
133.085 21/Jul/13 - 03:51:249:14:51:246:01:49:48213

3USA 51517ResoluteJ 125Tim Fuller
165.196 22/Jul/13 - 03:27:4210:14:27:426:04:55:11318

4USA 60100Varuna 46Rogers 46Chris Hemans
134.741 21/Jul/13 - 09:15:289:20:15:286:06:10:24422

5CAN 7125West Coast (Warrior)J 125Greg Constable
168.637 22/Jul/13 - 20:28:1311:07:28:136:19:43:48533

6AUS N11FunnelwebHick 15Ivan Macfadyen
136.890 23/Jul/13 - 03:08:0411:14:08:047:22:40:37651

Division 5

1USA 50060FoilFarr 40Gordon Leon
172.325 23/Jul/13 - 01:40:4311:12:40:436:22:34:56137

2JPN 6288Crescent IIIS-40Akimitsu Hirai
177.202 23/Jul/13 - 07:49:0011:18:49:007:01:36:15240

3USA 69350Pipe DreamDavidson 50John Davis
176.936 23/Jul/13 - 11:23:3111:22:23:317:05:20:58343

4USA 888White KnightFarr 40Zoltan Katinszky
172.325 23/Jul/13 - 10:26:5711:21:26:577:07:21:10447

Division 6

1USA 18926HorizonSanta Cruz 50Jack Taylor
164.385 22/Jul/13 - 12:29:3610:23:29:366:14:28:10132

2USA 69910MedusaSanta Cruz 52Jay Spalding
159.899 22/Jul/13 - 15:03:3611:02:03:366:19:54:08234

3USA 51092Bodacious IVSanta Cruz 52Jeff Urbina
147.264 22/Jul/13 - 07:05:1110:18:05:116:20:00:04335

4USA 28725PrevailSanta Cruz 52Bill Guilfoyle
163.647 22/Jul/13 - 21:38:5011:08:38:507:00:05:42438

5USA 97263DeceptionSanta Cruz 50William Helvestine
168.607 23/Jul/13 - 00:59:3811:11:59:387:00:16:22539

6USA 77285J World's Hula GirlSanta Cruz 50 Mod Wayne Zittel
158.410 22/Jul/13 - 20:14:0311:07:14:037:02:01:40641

7USA 46052RelentlessSanta Cruz 52Dan Woodworth
152.806 22/Jul/13 - 19:15:5611:06:15:567:04:38:22742

8USA 28729Lucky DuckSanta Cruz 52Dave MacEwen
167.617 23/Jul/13 - 05:30:1811:16:30:187:05:24:59844

Division 7

1JPN 6451ten quarterFirst 40Yuichi Takahashi
212.630 20/Jul/13 - 08:30:4411:19:30:446:03:39:55114

2JPN 6339KIHOX-41Hiroshi Kitada
206.693 20/Jul/13 - 08:19:2011:19:19:206:07:16:06224

3THA 46335SansiriTripp 40Michael Spies / Patinyakorn Buranrom
230.443 21/Jul/13 - 03:39:1312:14:39:136:11:25:34328

4JPN 4735GefionR/P 44Kazuhiro Nakajima
226.699 21/Jul/13 - 20:14:5613:07:14:567:06:24:48445

5USA 7259La SirenaBeneteau 47.7John Sandrolini
210.779 21/Jul/13 - 21:50:1113:08:50:117:18:10:19550

6USA 51911CreativeJ 105Edward Sanford
233.175 22/Jul/13 - 20:55:2114:07:55:218:02:56:58652

Division 8

1USA 16DoradeS&S 52Matt Brooks
252.062 20/Jul/13 - 18:23:1812:05:23:185:12:20:5511

2USA 56284SleeperJeanneau 44Ron Simonson
254.737 20/Jul/13 - 23:44:0512:10:44:055:15:59:1024

3USA 7107WestwardLapworth 50Sam & Willie Bell
241.607 20/Jul/13 - 21:09:2412:08:09:245:21:47:4839

4USA 51593Between the SheetsJeanneau 52Ross Pearlman
220.658 20/Jul/13 - 16:12:0112:03:12:016:06:13:28423

5USA 7060ManateaSeastream 650Bob Hayward
168.546 19/Jul/13 - 13:10:5711:00:10:576:12:30:01529

6USA 57083StumppyJColumbia 43 MK IIIEd Stumpp
264.515 23/Jul/13 - 00:33:3514:11:33:357:10:33:50648

7USA 32960St Vitus' DanceBeneteau First 42Christopher Haines
274.922 23/Jul/13 - 12:38:1914:23:38:197:15:59:38749

8USA 56465AquariusJeanneau 43 Sun Odessy DSHiroyuki Funaoku/ Janet Nicholson DNF273.676    9 

 Sail NumberYacht NameYacht DesignOwner/SkipperStatusRatingFinish TimeElapsed TimeCorrected TimeClassFleet
Multihull Racing

Transpac Division

ORCA Multihulls

1USA 1Lending ClubORMA 73John Sangmeister
146.000 19/Jul/13 - 00:52:335:11:42:331:14:25:5311

2USA 399BCPhaedoGunboat 66Lloyd Thornburg DNF0.000    3 

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