Todays Weather & Courses.

The Weather Bureau had expected that last nights southerly change would leave a residual southerly for this morning, with a weak sea breeze gradually filling in later in the afternoon.

However back on the dock in Rushcutters Bay at 10.30am the flags were showing that the breeze was already coming from the north, yet only lightly.

Now abeam Clarke Island the breeze is coming from 040 at 6 knots.

The final three sailing medals will be decided today.

The Finn class with Iain Percy leading from Fredrik Loof will be decided on course B north of Clarke Island.

Torben Grael hopes to cement his Star class Gold medal on course C to the east of Bradley's Head.

The longest result time frame will be Soling match race flights between Jochen Schuemann and Jesper Bank which will take place on course A between the Opera House & Kiribilli.