Thousands of reasons why Classes, Clubs and Events upload news and pix

Over the last three years the number of Classes and Clubs posting their own news, (which we edit) via our and news and image upload system has been growing exponentially.

The World is getting faster; in the olden days people sent snail mail letters to each other now its emails, text and tweets.

In the boating world times have changed too.

In the olden days Classes and Clubs just sent news to sailing and powerboating magazines who published them within a few months and the results summary may have made it to the newspapers.

Sadly this did not exactly deliver value for the Class, Club or event sponsors and it was a bit silly for sailors, reading in March or even April about events that finished in January. These days while magazines still publish reports on races and regattas, the biggest audience is on line.

In March 2009 our team published 937 stories, of which we wrote more than 300 ourselves, but another 250 came from Classes, Clubs and Events, the rest were international and many of those too came in via our international upload system.

The interesting thing is that in years gone by, boaters used to say 'how come you never publish anything about our class, our city?' … that has gone away because the solution is in their own hands.

Any class that complains they are not getting coverage, rapidly discover they don't have to wait months to find out if their news might get published, suddenly the Publication Relations officers requests are for more pictures, more copy and full results.

In March 2009 Sail-World and Powerboat-world had 125,000 unique visitors, boaters hungry for news and information - quite an impressive audience for potential new Club or Class sailors, sponsors and advertisers.

Many prominent boating organisations, clubs and classes these days either take full news feeds from Sail-World or Powerboat-world or just our news tickers.

Just more reasons why Publicity Officers are uploading Stories/Press Releases/Images into Sail-World, via

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