Third Straits Cup Yacht Competition kicks off in Xiamen

XIAMEN, China - The Third Strait Cup Yacht Competition kicked off in Xiamen, a coastal garden city in southeast China's Fujian Province on Thursday.

The competition attracted 21 teams from Xiamen, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

According to the arrangement, the competition would be held in the sea areas between Xiamen and Penghu of Taiwan.

The competition included three stage racing, namely Xiamen-Penghu Relay Competition, Penghu Track Race and Penghu Detour Competition. The top three teams will be awarded.

The yacht teams will arrive in Penghu on 13 May and in the following two days Penghu Track Race and Penghu Detour Competition will be held.

The Strait Cup Yacht Competition was first held in 2009.