Think Moths, then think a mindblowing 72 foot foiler

06/09/2012 - Auckland, (NZL) - 34th America’s Cup - Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 foiling in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland on the fifth day of testing. 6/9/2012 - Club Marine America’s Cup Tour 2013
Guilain Grenier/FFV
Perhaps sailing is never going to be the same again. With their AC72 firmly on the foil, Emirates Team New Zealand have been handed a very significant victory by the International Jury for the 34th America's Cup.

In a decision dated October 7, 2012, the Jury has ruled on an application lodged by the New Zealand team on September 24, 2012.

It is that foiling ability which appears to be at the heart of the very intricate rules interpretation given by the International Jury.

The simple question centred around whether an AC72 had to be presented in her measurement condition, with the daggerboards raised or lowered.

September 14, 2012 - Emirates Team NZ’s AC72 returns to Auckland after her seventh day of sailing. She is sailing on hydrofoils - and is the largest yacht to do so. The 34th America’s Cup will be contested in foiling catamarans capable of speeds in excess of 40kts

Daggerboards produce positive flotation when lowered, and it had been calculated that if the AC72 was measured (for MC), with the daggerboards in the lowered position then the volume of the daggerboards could be no more than 225 litres - which is quite minimal for hydrofoiling, and would make flight more difficult.

By being able to measure the AC72 with bigger daggerboards, designed to allow the AC72 to hydrofoil more easily, and for those daggerboards to be raised - therefore not affecting the MC calculation to the same extent, Emirates Team NZ have gained a significant advantage over teams who have opted for smaller daggerboards in the lowered position.

It might seem all very esoteric and you can read Richard Gladwell’s full analysis but the fact is, the 2013 America’s Cup is going to be very much about high speed foiling and when you think what a foiling moth can do, just think about the speeds that will be achieved with the sail area of an AC72.

Oracle Team USA’s AC72 - Day 3 of sailing in San Francisco

AC72 Sail 2 / ORACLE TEAM USA / San Francisco (USA) / 17-09-2012 - Club Marine America's Cup Tour 2013
Emirates Team New Zealand / Photo Chris Cameron ETNZ ©

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