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2012 Trade Show
It never ceases to amaze me that there is always something happening in the fishing industry. Fishing itself is forever growing whether it is boat manufactures releasing a new model or fishing tackle manufactures developing that new 'killer' lure, something is always being produced.

Throughout the year, manufactures are always busy looking into what the next 'big' trend will be which then see’s a follow on effect with rods, reels, lures etc: all being developed enabling a wide range of the newest and most innovative tackle produced.

These are exciting times when all this comes to a head and it is in August that all is revealed.

Each year, the Australian Fishing Tackle Association (AFTA) holds a trade fair on the Gold Coast, QLD to release all the latest bits and pieces that have been in the making over the past twelve months or so.

Those in the industry have their chance to see, feel and place orders for the newest of gear which is then filtered through to tackle stores usually by September. For the consumer, you can expect to see some very cool things this year and if your one to scour the internet’s fishing tackle manufactures websites, you might pick up on some of the newest gear already being advertised.

In the light of new developments, this year is sure to see a lot more 'micro jigging' tackle which is currently all the rage overseas at present. Ultra light rods and reels, finer diameter braids and small ultra light jigs are catching some monstrous fish nowadays and the battle, well that’s just extreme. It is hard to imagine that things just keep getting better but as technology gets better, so does the tackle produced. Lures are becoming more life like, rods are physically lighter and reels exerting extreme drag pressures to almost stop a whale in its tracks are just some of the things we can expect in the coming months. Stay tuned as I will shed more light on what’s to come in the near future.

Here is a sneak peek at something new

Speaking of extreme we have a great line-up this week as we endeavor to bring you more exciting features.

Jarrod Day

With new lures hitting tackle store walls weekly, I grab a few of the Yo-Zuri Sashimi lure range and take them for a test drive. These things are very impressive and to the eye, you’ll quickly see why fish just can’t resist them. The Sashimi design has been incorporated in a wide range of Yo-Zuri’s lures and has already proven to be a world wide go to lure for many tournament anglers.

"Look at that over there!!!" The rocky flats are a sight fishers dream!
Lee Brake

Lee Brake stays inshore to fish over the flats, rocky reefs and headlands around Mackay, QLD with soft plastics and takes the time to explain how much fun fishing with light tackle over this terrain can be.

Try using a peeled pranw on a lighted weighted jig head underneath a pier
Gary Brown

Gary Brown shows an alternative fishing method to using a jig head. Jigs heads are more commonly used in conjunction with soft plastics but as Gary explains, using them with bait offers an entirely new fishing approach.

A brace of thumpers. Small water redfin action doesn't get much better than this.
Shane Murton

Shane Murton heads up the SA creek so to speak and goes in search of the freshwater predators that lurk in the murky waters. After the rains fall and the creeks flood, there are plenty of fish species worth catching as Shane explains.

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