The second Veolia Oceans(R) one-design is built

The second Veolia Oceans® one-design for the SolOceans has left JMV Industries yard in Cherbourg (Normandy - France)
This 16-m high-tech monohull, entirely in carbon using the technology of the most sophisticated prototypes has been transported to Caen, in the V1D2 yard where SailingOne team will proceed to her equipment and her fitting-out.

The main modification between the first unit of the series - Bostik, at the moment in New York City after a quick crossing of the Northern Atlantic Ocean (Read the last news) - and this second unit is the big 2.20m boom (1.80m long on the 18.20m prototypes for the Vendée Globe) which will replace the actual bowsprit tested during 20,000 nautical miles and considered inadequate.

The first unit of the Veolia Oceans(R) one-design will be put in compliance to the rest of the series in mid-August. 'We are respecting our building schedule which plans on between eight to ten Veolia Oceans(R) one-design on the starting line of the SolOceans on 25 October 2009', declared Yvan Griboval, CEO of SailingOne (Europsort Group), designer and organiser of the SolOceans.