The Ditch Run celebrates its 20 year anniversary

2010 Delta Ditch Run, USA

The June 1991 copy of Latitude 38 summed it up perfectly:

2010 Delta Ditch Run, USA
' It’s bound to be a classic! Its got all of the ingredients of a TransPac or a Mexican Race in one Day! It’s downhill all the way, you are navigating constantly, it gets warmer the further you go and you end up in a great place!'

For the first 37 boats that signed up for the ' Ditch Run' the words could not have been truer.

The inaugural 65 mile run from the Bothers to Stockton was envisioned as a feeder for the South Tower Race , a grueling 140 miler from Stockton to the Backaller Bouy and back.

In a pack that contained one multihull, 10 cruisers, 18 Non ULBDB and 10 ULDB boats including Express 27’s, various Olson designs, a Wylie Wabbit and some off shore go fast machines, and everything in between, the corrected honors went to Paddy West, a vintage Sea Bird Yawl own by Mike an Sue Proudfoot . The initial record was set at 7hours and 56 minutes by Ed Marez’s Ultimate 44 ' Eclipse'

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