Taking air at Takapuna - David Robertson's big jump - see the video!

This was a small section of the traffic off Takapuna Beach yesterday afternoon as winds gusted over 40kts with seas to match.

Auckland was beset with gale force winds on 6 March. yesterday. it wasn't great for the Boat Show but great for the kiteboarders off Takapuna Beach, North Shore City, New Zealand.

We took these shots off Takapuna Beach including this spectacular air jump by top windsurfer, David Robertson. David did this not once but at least twice that we saw. Sight his position on the land to get an idea of the distance David travelled and height achieved.

And yes he did a neat landing and stayed on his feet, ready to go around and do the same again.


Now on YouTube Tim Scullin has produced a video of David's jumps that day, plus some other antics. It's a must see!

David Robertson lines up for another circuit

just before lift-off, get a bearing on his line against the cliff to check distance flown at touch down

Just taken off, and about to fly high over Takapuna Beach

Travelling downwind, check his progress against the landmarks on the cliff in the background

Flying high and downwind at the zenith of his flight and in the seated position

Coming in to land but still making big distance in the 40kt winds

Coming into land - again check the distance traveled against the land in the background.

The Eagle has Landed - the original take off point is well to the left of this image.

A fast touch down and in full control despite the show of spray and body angle