TEAM LEGATO to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar at lunch time.

At 06:00 GMT today, Tony Bullimore, skipper of TEAM LEGATO reported that
they were within 67 miles of the Straits and expected to pass Gibraltar at
lunch time. 'We are still banging our heads to windward just as we have been
all the way since the Falkland Islands.' He lamented. 'We can only hope for
a change for the better once we are inside the Mediterranean.

But there are friends at hand waiting to cheer the British skipper and his
crew as they pass by. Nicholas & Mark Canepa from Tarik Shipping who were
there to help the TEAM LEGATO boys when they pulled into Gib 95 days ago to
replace a broken headboard, are waiting for a VHF call from the big cat to
go out and photograph them as they sail by.

And another group of family and friends, together with press and TV crews
from the BBC and ITV networks are preparing to descend on the finish at
Marseilles on Thursday to welcome the crew back.

With TEAM LEGATO's close rivals on Warta Polpharma now within 100 miles of
the Marseilles finish, we will update you again when both Bullimore and his
Boys and the Poles make their landmarks later today.

Leading positions at 00:00 GMT today

1. Club Med Finished Marseilles 19:56GMT 3.03.01

2. Innovation Explorer Finished Marseilles 11:32GMT 6.03.01

3. Team Adventure Finished Marseilles 09:30GMT 24.03.01

4. Warta Polpharma 150 miles- Passed Gibraltar 07.03.01

5. Team Legato + 673 miles - Pit-stopped in Las Palmas 06.04.01

6. PlayStation - RETIRED 14.01