Sydney to Melbourne, non-stop and almost unassisted, in a month

Bindi crew - Calen Tyler (right) and his friend Arthur Della Bosca, who slept through most of the drama
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Sailing Sydney to Melbourne - it took a month, but they made it, and only had to be rescued at the last minute. This week two sailors are safely on land after having to be rescued by the Coast Guard in Western Port.

Nine-metre wooden sailing boat Bindi, sailed by Calen Tyler and his friend Arthur Della Bosca, had an eventful month-long journey from Sydney, but she seriously began taking on water within sight of her destination at Corinella.

Bindi was finally towed to Western Port Marina by Coast Guard Westernport and search and rescue coxswain Anthony Mayall.

He said the two sailors were lucky the hull did not take on more water and the situation did not worsen.

Calen Tyler bought the boat for $6000 and decided to sail it the 1100km to Corinella and restore it. 'The yacht evidently needed more restoring than I realised,' Mr Tyler commented dryly to Louise Clifton-Evans of the Frankston Standard Leader

Bindi under two
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'There was more water inside the boat than outside. But I wasn’t worried about sinking - the police were very concerned about us - I had to calm them down.'

According to first mate Arthur Della Bosca, Friday’s events were just another mishap on their journey. 'The boom broke, we ran out of power and it was a day later when we started sinking. It was sink or swim - and I didn’t want to do either,' he said.

Mr Tyler said he initially used an electric pump but later resorted to a hand pump to ensure the boat stayed afloat.

'And how anyone can sleep while the boat is sinking - I don’t know,' Mr Tyler said. 'I could hear Arthur snoring while I was out there sloshing water. He only got up when I made a cup of tea for him.'

Mr Tyler realised early Friday morning it was a losing battle and sent a text to the Coast Guard asking for help. The boat is now out of the water awaiting repairs.