SunWare solar panels for motoryachts and sailboats

by SunWare 
Andy Samways: panels are flexible, strong and effective.
© Mike Rose
A range of solar panels so thin and flexible they can mould to the curve of a cabin top and so strong they can safely be walked on is now available in New Zealand.

The SunWare range of 12v and 24v marine solar panels are made in Germany and are now being distributed throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific by Lusty and Blundell Ltd, New Zealand’s leading supplier of top quality marine systems and products.

'The amazing thing about the SunWare range is their efficiency,' says Lusty and Blundell’s Andy Samways. 'Incredibly, they have managed to create a range of solar panels that are both thin and flexible, and strong and non-slip, without compromising their efficiency or output in any way.

'In fact, the SunWare marine solar panel range would have to be among the most powerful and efficient on the market.'

SunWare exclusively use high performance crystalline solar cells and Nowoflon, a special fluoropolymer film.

'Although Nowoflon boasts the same transparency as solar glass and is extremely UV resistant, it is also completely shatter-proof,' says Samways. 'This means a much longer, more reliable life with no dangerous shards of glass and no risk of injury.'

SunWare solar panel modules are also totally salt and sea water resistant. They feature a thick, 1mm mounting plate made from V4A stainless steel. This is white powder-coated and also completely encapsulated in Nowoflon.

For even more protection, the panel’s laminate also extends a full 5mm beyond the mounting plate. This, combined with the module’s rounded corners and extremely flat design, means there are is nothing to trip over and nothing for lines, halyards or sheets to get caught on.

To ensure their solar panels can be safely walked on by even the most unsteady mariner, SunWare have created a slightly structured surface. This means the panels have a strong, anti-slip feel, even when wet. The Nowoflon film is also extremely dirt-resistant with even the most stubborn of material able to be simply washed away by a hose or during the next rainfall.

The SunWare range of marine solar panels is now available exclusively from any Lusty and Blundell branch (Albany, Whangarei and Tauranga) or from any of the company’s nationwide network of leading marine dealers.

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