Stylish result at the Couta Boat Nationals

David Kamer and the crew of, Surprise, got just that with a BFD for the last race. Doh!!!
Adding to the elegance of these graceful craft, Nigel Abbot and the crew of Romy have secured another Couta Boat National Championship with four bullets. A very stylish way to go about your business, indeed! During one of the races, of the four that made up the series, they were a whole leg in front of second place and working back through not only Division Two, but also the tail end of the Division One fleet. Without doubt, Mal Hart's, 2014, was easily the most stylish craft on the water, and they backed that up with a convincing second place. Mal's company, Hart Marine of Mornington, is best known today for the über-distinctive Pilot Vessels they build and sell all over the world, but they have a long list of tremendous ocean racers comprising their history, as well. They include SMB3.5, Limit and Wild Thing. See for all the results.

Water streaming off her decks as Akuna IV gets taken to the salt water wash.
John Curnow ©

The extremely well presented and gloriously bright, 2014.

Division One gets away and then away again and once more after that as the General Recall goes to Black Flag.

Morning Star won Division Two and Joan was second.

Greg Chisholm's Rhapsody, who were fourth.

FDU meeting on board Tony Weeks', Christine.

Rob Martin's, Zephyr, heads back downhill.

Happy times aboard Grant Smith's, Nepean.

Nigel Abbot on the tiller of Romy.