Strictly Sailing

The Marine Industry is gearing up for the Sydney International Boat Show; it starts next Thursday the 3rd in Darling Harbour and runs until Tuesday 8th.

Judging by the exhibitors list…you do need to make sure you go.

This year the Sail-World team has been working with the Boat Show organisers to expand the range of presenters on the Strictly Sailing stage. We have some very exciting presentations and when you see the Sailing media sitting in the audience you will realise there will be some great sailing personalities providing insight on their sailing adventures. We will provide the full package tomorrow.

If you are with plane, train, bus, ferry, monorail, car or foot distance of SIBS 2006 you need to be there.

The Optimist dinghies are considered by many top coaches around the world as the place to look for future Olympian's. Some interesting comments from Steven Bond from Ozi Opti today.

News from Royal Perth, it seems their Governors Cup fleet got the most fun in the States beating the Aussie Easterners.

Bundock, Bethwaite and Veal are in action in Europe, we have reports.

What happened to Ichi Ban in the North American F40's? Brett Filby explains.

Brett, with his broken hand coming out of plaster tomorrow will be navigator on Tow Truck, starting in the Sydney Mooloolaba Mackay race on Saturday. Asked how confident he’ll be nursing a hand just out plaster, he smiled today. ‘Its OK, I’ll be in Fantasy Land.’ OK…on a Mumm 30!! We are looking forward his race form guide tomorrow.

Technology advances continue on Sail-World. Most readers know the Sail-World team is very keen on VOIP, this allows the Sail-World editors around the world to talk to each other every day at a cost of next to nothing.

This week when you visit Sail-World if you have broadband connection, you'll see a Engin VOIP ad, if you have low speed connection, you can't use it so you won't see the add.

As 89% of the Sail-World audience have broadband connections, most of you will see it. If you are not yet using VOIP or you don’t know what it is, have a look.