Star World Champions win 2007 Bacardi Cup

Hamish Pepper and David Giles (Gold Star) on their way to winning the 2007 Bacardi Cup

New Zealand’s Hamish Pepper, the current Star Class World and North American champion, sailing this week with his crew and coach David Giles of Australia, won the 2007 Bacardi Cup Star Class Regatta Friday on the waters of Biscayne Bay, near Miami.

Despite the duo’s seventh place in today’s final race of the six-day series, Pepper and Giles held on to their first place overall to win the coveted Trofeo Bacardi in one of the most prestigious Star Class events in the world.

Sweden’s Fredrik Loof and Anders Ekstrom, reigning Rolex Miami Olympic Class Regatta champions, finished third today and climbed to second in the overall standings.
David Giles (AUS) hard at work down the side of the Southern racing Star, skippered by Hamish pepper (NZL).

German sailors Matthias Miller and crew Manuel Voigt won Friday’s Day Six race, just ahead of their countrymen Marc Pickel and crew Ingo Borkowski who took second place honors. With their Day Six victory, Miller and Voigt edge out Bermuda’s Peter Bromby, a two-time Bacardi Cup champion, and crew Bill McNiven for sixth place in the final standings, while Pickel and Borkowski finish the regatta in fifth overall.

Crew, David Giles (AUS) won the 2007 Bacardi Cup after 18 years of Star sailing.
Poland’s Mateusz Kusznierewicz, the 1996 Olympic gold medalist in the Finn Class, and crew Dominik Zycki finished 11th Friday and drop to third in the final standings, while Australia’s Iain Murray and crew Andrew Palfrey finished fourth Friday and remain in fourth overall.

Kusznierewicz and Zycki failed to pick up an early shift and fell outside the top 10 at the first windward mark; they would not recover. With the Polish duo out of contention, Pepper and Giles followed Loof and Ekstrom closely on the right side of the course, tacking and jibing almost simultaneously on every subsequent leg.

'We were stuck in the middle,' said Kusznierewicz. 'Pepper and Loof got a shift from the right and the other guys got it from the left. It was tough out for us out there today.'

Loof and Ekstrom led at the third mark, followed closely by Pepper and Giles, although both boats would be overtaken by a late charge from the fleet. At the fourth and final mark, five boats separated the overall leaders, but Loof and Ekstrom simply could not put any additional boats between them.

'We couldn’t shake him,' said Loof. '[Pepper] was just counting boats and staying close to us.'

'When [Loof] and I were in the lead, I thought it would be easier, but all of a sudden, the pressure came off and we were swallowed up by a bunch of other guys,' said Pepper. 'That’s when it started getting tricky. It was a tough, long race. To win a Bacardi Cup is special. [Giles] has seen so many other people drink from that cup; now it’s our turn,' he added.
David Giles (AUS) and Hamish pepper (NZL) after winning the Bacardi Cup

The prestigious Trofeo Bacardi was presented to the winners dockside where skipper, crew and Jose 'Tito' Argamasilla Bacardi, the retired former vice president of public relations at Bacardi U.S.A., Inc., drank Bacardi Rum from the Cup in an annual tradition that dates back to the first Bacardi Cup Regatta sailed in Cuba in the 1927.

David Giles was presented with the 'Tito Bacardi' Cup, a special cup that was created last year to honor the crew of the winning team.

Final overall results
1NZL 8187   PEPPER Hamish   Giles David   231162715
2SWE 8256   Loof Fredrik   Ekstrom Anders   822183318
3POL 8170   Kusznierewicz Mateusz   Zycki Dominik   497211123
4AUS 7836   Murray Ian   Palfrey Andrew   656876.0 [OCS] 429
5GER 8213   Pickel Marc   BORKOWSKI Ingo   10488106236
6GER 7991   Miller Matthias   Voight Manuel   77171111137
7BER 8044   Bromby Peter   McNiven Bill   51110576.0 [OCS] 1041
8NOR 8186   Melleby Eivind   Pedersen Petter Morland   12142041076.0 [OCS] 60
9ITA 8281   Modena Luca   Marchesini Michele   111831619660
10SUI 8232   Dannesboe Henrik   HEINONEN Eki   204651451862
11USA 8268   DANE John   Sperry Austin   94130191564
12USA 8195   Maccausland John   Schofield Bob   76.0 [BFD] 6217161767
13USA 8273   Szabo George   Liljedahl Magnus   1515419152168
14AUT 8226   Spitzauer Hans   Nehammer Christian   13.8 [13.8, RDG] 171115123068.8
15SUI 8138   Marazzi Flavio   Hofer Donat   1442776.0 [DNS] 72072
16POR 8145   Domingos Afonso   Santos Bernardo   76.0 [BFD] 2839171673
17USA 8250   Macdonald Andy   Fatih Brian   1769151224876
18USA 8129   Reynolds Mark   Haenel Hal   242124376.0 [DNF] 577
19GER 7971   Stanjek Robert   Kleen Frithjof   376.0 [DNF] 343041283
20CRO 7955   Lovrovic Marin   Mikulicic Sinisa   19121328202387
21USA 8132   Brun Vince   Brophy Doug   31132822141390
22NED 8263   Jorissen Sander   Veldhuizen Erik   332746131314100
23USA 8286   Anderson Karl   Morey Edward   351626201826106
24ARG 7907   MAC GOWAN FABIAN   ENGELHARD Federico   28349242228111
25NZL 8061   Lord Rohan   Addy Miles   223514252624111
26SWE 8238   Lofstedt Tom   Larsson Martin   271047173822114
27USA 8043   Kohlhas Jock   Scott Larry   23144325119119
28CAN 8143   Cramer Brian   Bjorn Tyler   294022212527124
29HUN 8166   Tenke Tibor   Bendicsek Jozsef   25312553839128
30USA 8095   Weissenberger Gunti   Wagner Will   3233182676.0 [DNF] 31140
31UKR 8157   Anosov Arthur   Dolan Mark   341976.0 [DNS] 273132143
32SUI 8009   Gautschi Christoph   Konig Jurg   135755232335149
33UKR 8247   GUREYEV Vasyl   KOROTKOV Volodymyr   166138433229158
34CHI 8181   Zuazola Rodrigo   Fuentes Marcos   1863393476.0 [DNF] 9163
35USA 8072   Smith Doug   Moore Mike   76.0 [BFD] 2237502936174
36GBR 7601   Hicks Michael   Hicks Patrick   415116453346181
37USA 8222   Merriman Rick   Munroe Eric   76.0 [BFD] 4412312176.0 [DNS] 184
38HUN 7900   Forintos Robert   Komm Andras   403052353544184
39SUI 8085   Zimmermann Lorenz   Furer Andreas   262542604747187
40GER 7545   Hampe Alex   Conrads Chris   386729364345191
41ITA 8277   Irrera Renato   Cristaldini Corrado   213245614649193
42GER 7816   Girr Fritz   HASCHE Marko   76.0 [BFD] 2048574425194
43USA 8111   Brethorst Rick   Nielson Chris   392941553748194
44USA 8231   Museler Chris   Lidecis Erik   438644676.0 [OCS] 34195
45ESP 8212   Bermudez Roberto   Arrarte Pablo   76.0 [BFD] 23354945.8 [DNF,AVG] 45.8 [AVG] 198.6
46USA 8059   Hovey Bear   Dayton Lee   3039233376.0 [OCS] 76.0 [DNF] 201
47CAN 6756   Hendershot Will   Vranderick Alain   373833585342203
48USA 7866   Manderson John   Semler Matt   364776.0 [OCS] 414041205
49USA 8215   Allen Bill   Hatfield Bruce   426232592755215
50USA 8245   Zambella Joe   Davidson Jeremy   76.0 [BFD] 5540422857222
51GER 7863   Meyer Klaus   Struve Dirk   76.0 [BFD] 4362404138224
52GER 7865   Lehnert Stefan   Menning Peter   454953443652226
53IRL 8028   O'Connell Maurice   Cooke Ben   1561976.0 [DNS] 76.0 [DNS] 76.0 [DNS] 228
54ITA 7227   Lillia Stefano   Canali Cicio   465436713958233
55ITA 8291   Veggetti Andrea   Coppa Franco   76.0 [BFD] 2476.0 [OCS] 293076.0 [DSQ] 235
56USA 8128   Culberson Bill   Cruthirds Troy   76.0 [BFD] 26504876.0 [OCS] 37237
57SUI 7645   Wyss Daniel   Stegmeier Beat   76.0 [BFD] 6554383451242
58USA 7814   Donald Keith   Carlson Michael   495068546133247
59USA 8083   Chiarella John   Carlson Bob   474259525556252
60CHN 7784   Li Hongquan   Wang He   516860684240261
61USA 7370   Emmet Rob   Avellon Guy   76.0 [BFD] 7049375454264
62USA 81   Bingham Julian   Clark Buddy   76.0 [BFD] 6456474953269
63ITA 8183   Tamburini Antonio   Ricci Renzo   76.0 [BFD] 36433976.0 [DNF] 76.0 [OCS] 270
64USA 7579   Seeling Timothy   Rogers Chris   525865675743275
65USA 8069   Mueller Fritz   Weinstein Bob   76.0 [DNF] 3776.0 [DSQ] 514865277
66USA 8084   Teitge Bob   Koresjka Adam   76.0 [BFD] 5951655250277
67USA 8000   Walker Harry   Jensen Darin   4876.0 [DNS] 58565662280
68USA 7934   Von Schwarz Karl   Wharton Rich   445266706063285
69ARG 8239   Pendola Martin   SIMONET ARIEL   76.0 [BFD] 4576.0 [OCS] 624561289
70USA 8067   Oti Jose   May Henry   76.0 [BFD] 5361635859294
71GER 823   Thomsen Dierk   Thomsen Lars   5066676976.0 [DNF] 60312
72USA 7970   Hopkins Sam   Pytlak John   537269726266322
73USA 7434   Parks Bill   Anderson Clark   76.0 [DNF] 76.0 [DNS] 63645964326
74GER 8016   Rauch Hubert   Schappeler Ingo   76.0 [DSQ] 715776.0 [OCS,ZFP] 5076.0 [DNS] 330
75USA 7567   Buckley Davis   Hardin Chris   76.0 [DNF] 6076.0 [DNF] 6676.0 [DNS] 76.0 [DNS] 354